How to sell more raffle tickets using a simple trick that leaves guests smiling.

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hello I'm Cheri truly the founder and

one of the lead auctioneers at red apple

auctions a charity auction firm and

today I'm going to give you a little tip

as it relates to raffles I'm a big

believer in using visual identifiers at

your benefit auctions and here's why

let's imagine you're set up you've got

five hundred people in your benefit

auction and you've got a team of three

volunteers three teams of volunteers

we're going to go sell $100 raffle

ticket for the Lexus that's parked

outside so your first team of two comes

into the benefit auction and they see

mr. Smith mr. Smith let me tell you

about this great raffle hundred dollars

for a ticket and you could win the

Alexus that's parked outside

mr. Smith says sure sign me up and he

buys a raffle ticket team number two