How to sell more raffle tickets using a simple trick that leaves guests smiling.

hello I'm Cheri truly the founder and

one of the lead auctioneers at red apple

auctions a charity auction firm and

today I'm going to give you a little tip

as it relates to raffles I'm a big

believer in using visual identifiers at

your benefit auctions and here's why

let's imagine you're set up you've got

five hundred people in your benefit

auction and you've got a team of three

volunteers three teams of volunteers

we're going to go sell $100 raffle

ticket for the Lexus that's parked

outside so your first team of two comes

into the benefit auction and they see

mr. Smith mr. Smith let me tell you

about this great raffle hundred dollars

for a ticket and you could win the

Alexus that's parked outside

mr. Smith says sure sign me up and he

buys a raffle ticket team number two

then comes through

mr. Smith we've got this great raffle I

know he says I just bought a ticket okay

thanks for buying now team two moves on

now your third team of volunteers comes

in to the benefit hall guess what they

see mr. Smith mr. Smith would you I've

already bought my raffle ticket mr.

Smith says he's starting to go a lil

annoyed at this point that didn't need

to happen if he would have had a visual

identifier if you have a visual

identifier on your people that have

purchased the tickets your guests don't

get annoyed because they aren't being

constantly asked if they purchased

number two your volunteers know who has

and who hasn't purchased so they can

focus on making new sales to people who

haven't purchased and third it alerts

other guests that there's actually a

raffle taking place mr. Jones who might

be talking to mr. Smith will say hey

where'd you get that blinky necklace

mr. Smith says I bought a raffle ticket

Jimmy Jones is like oh my gosh my kids

would love that so now he's more

interested in the raffle as well easier

to sell because of guerilla marketing

now here's three ways that you can use a

visual identifier three examples that

I've seen in auctions number one is a

simple metal pin this is very easy to

put around a lapel it's got a fold over

on the back that you would just use to

secure it easy to use simple metal pin

number two bracelets bracelets are very

common here we have one it's cloth it's

got slipped

so it will adjust the size of the wrist

that is going it's going around this one

it was an expandable rubber necklace I

broke it when I was playing around with

it earlier but that's the same concept

and then also you'll see a lot of these

as well here we've got a whole roll of

raffle tickets that it can be easily

pulled off this has a sticky on one side

of it that you put up put that around

your wrist you secure it and boom you've

got your identifier right there very

easy to use the final way is to use

blinky lights I mentioned earlier about

blinky necklaces I believe so here's one

example of a blinky necklace easy to put

around someone's someone's neck and then

the on and off device is on the back

this one the battery is dead or else I'd

show you what it look like these some

simple ones too you can order these in

all types of forms and shapes this one

was I believe a Mardi Gras theme this

one and they were trying to sell a

thousand tickets for the car and again

when you purchase these they'll be a

piece of paper between the battery and

the actual the front of the pin you just

remove that in order to allow the

connection to take place and you can

have a nice flashy item right there

very simple tricks and worth the

investment in time because you're going

to be able to sell more raffle tickets

at your benefit auction gala for more

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