don't be afraid to charge top price at

your farmers market or farm gate you

want to sell it you're gonna grow it

they're gonna buy it believe me

stay tuned and I'll explain okay so a

very serious conversation today I have

people saying that they can't charge top

price because people won't buy it when

you grow stuff for your farmers market

or for your even farm gate sales you

want to put a table out at the end of

your road to sell your product do it

people will buy quality product and when

you start it the first year yeah okay

things might go a little slow but those

people will remember great product and

they will continue to come back year

after year and buy more and more so

please don't be afraid

I'm just gonna show you something in

today of what we do at for our market we

also do sell stuff here at the farm for

people that don't make it to the market

I'm gonna give you a few more tips on

what to grow for your farmers market or

farm gate sales which is very in it's

inexpensive and it sells like crazy so

stay tuned I'll be right back

okay so I have my herb bowl filled with

soil and more I had wet it and then I

had it's more soil so what we do we have

these square containers that we grow

some of our herbs in sometimes we grow

them in around four and a half inch hmm

excuse me these ones we keep until they

start getting really ratty and then we

throw them out but otherwise we reuse

everything so what we do we sell these

each individual herb gets sold for $3 at

market with our herb bowls we charge $25

so you have your

your bowl these came from jbk which I'll

put the link down below but I mean you

can source them out anywhere you don't

have to use this exact container use

whatever you want do you find anything

you can go to the dollar store and get

the round bowls just put some drainage

holes in the bottom

I don't know use your imagination if you

don't have access to these kind of pots

for now this is what I'm using so less

than two dollars for the ball just over

$1 for the soil and the plants we retail

at $3 I'm going to put 5 in the herb

bowl what I do is I take the tallest one

which would be the parsley once it's

once it's completely grown these are a

little smaller but I'm just in the ER

bowls we don't necessarily put the

chives because they do spread but some

people do like them so we'll we'll mix

it up a little bit today I'm not going

to put the chives in but I'm gonna show

you what I'm gonna do with the chives in

a minute so we take my parsley which is

the tallest and I put that right dead

center that's gonna grow nice and tall

then I'll take my time you don't have to

do it in this order either and I just

kind of loosen this loosen off the soil

and put that in at the side around the

edge then my oregano so like I said

we're gonna put five and five in these

ones and we do keep our tags in here

fortunately I have some tags we don't

have enough to do them all but I'll use

them up while I can and then I'll just

use them we have white little marking

tags they're plastic and I just write on

them so my oregano

and then I'm gonna take my rosemary oops

and it's good to keep them tagged

because a lot of people you'd be

surprised don't know which herb is which

it's a good learning experience for them

and then my basil tagging

like I said I'm not gentle at all and

then of course I will give it some more


just to settle the soil like that and

then we'll make sure before they go to

market the the container will be dry and

we'll just give it a good clean off so

there you have it this is 25 dollars at

market people buy these like crazy

Mother's Day Father's Day you name it

they buy it and then a lot of people

will actually buy them as hostess gifts

when they're going to visit people going

over for barbecues it's just a great

great gift and people will pay it so

don't be afraid to charge so I'm going

to show you what else we do if you don't

have access to these bowls and it'll

take a lot less soil I went and filled

this with soil but I should thinking so

this is what's nice about when we use

the square plots we just take this our

six pack plunk these out and these fit

perfectly in to the six pack so we will

transfer this in to oops into our six

pack and this is where we do put the

chives in

my thought and you just continue to put

all six and these sell for $20 so

there's $18 for the plant and you're

reusing the soil that they came in now

the odd one I'll have to add because

there wasn't as much soil so how messy

is that and that'll all perk up so

there's a $20 herb mixture that people

can plant into their very own gardens or

do their own pot or whatever so a lot of

people like to play in the dirt and like

to plant themselves but they don't have

access to place to grow and they just

like to buy their own little tray like

this and plant them into whatever so $20

for this $25 for this because you have

the bowl you've taken your time to play

set do not be afraid to charge so there

are two very easy ways to sell your

herbs you could do this with if you

wanted to do this with even a vegetable

garden you could do a tomato plant you

could do onions you could do radish you

could do anything and use your

imagination we don't we don't have the

space or the time for that because we

have so many other things going on but

just use your imagination and charge for

what you do so there we go

okay another herb Bowl actually this is

going to be a lettuce Bowl we charge $15

for our lettuce bowls and this is how

easy it is so you get yourself of a

container some soil doesn't have to be

this exact container get something big


let me show you what I do so I use the

five star greenhouse lettuce and this is

just a lettuce mix so there's different

types of lettuce in here this is 35 day

germination I are to finish I think no

I'm just going to show you just take a

very small amount like that in your hand

and we just sprinkle it over actually

that was even a little bit too much and

then we take a little bit of soil

sprinkle that over like that water give

it a water slightly and that's it you

can then sell this once it's germinated

once it's the lettuce will grow I don't

know but like that and then you cut it

just to about an inch and you just

continue cutting it all summer long so

for fifteen dollars they can eat lettuce

all summer that is not expensive at all

and here's one that I planted last

Friday and it's starting to germinate so

just to give you an idea

so this one costs you basically next to

nothing to choose Twp less than $2 for

the pod $1 something for the soil and

nets and nothing for the seat because do

you just use so little so in probably

about I don't know three weeks time this

will be ready to go again

I'll have it nice and cleaned up and

these are lettuce bowls people really

really love these okay so here I have

some of my heirloom tomatoes I've been

planting these out into bigger

containers these are my ox heart and

I've still got a transplant these but

I'm gonna show you what I've done so

these ones in the six-packs are all my

heirlooms to go into the beds in the

greenhouses so I'm gonna let these take

root for maybe another week or two and

then I'm gonna transplant them into the

raised beds so these are ours and we'll

continue picking our tomatoes off these

and bringing them to the market putting

them in our CSA so these were the ones

that I did the other day that I

mentioned we sell for six dollars each

and these sell like crazy but what I

decided to do with my heirlooms instead

of putting them into the six inch to use

smaller pots and less soil I will bring

you over and show you I decided to put

these into our little four and a half

inch pots with these we are going to

sell them for four dollars each these

are all heirlooms people will gobble

these up I mean people want heirloom

tomatoes they're looking you can see

they're a little yellow right now that's

because I just started stocking the

fertilizer to them so they're starting

to green up already anyhow that's not

what I'm talking about

so with all these they will sell like

crazy $4 a piece some people might think

oh my goodness $4 for one tomato plant

well they'll come to the market

and they'll spend 350 or $4.00 on for

tomatoes this way they get the whole

entire plant in the garden they stake it

and they get a lot of tomatoes and they

can save the seed and grow their own

next year if they want but there are

going to be people that complain we all

know that and the people that really

want good quality produce and what's the

gain your trust they will be back year

after year and they'll be asking for

stuff the same as the strawberry hanging

baskets and the tomato hanging baskets

anything different the rhubarb plants we

can put that into a patio pot and people

just love to have their own rhubarb on

their on their deck or the veranda where

when they don't have a space for a

garden or whatever so just remember it's

really important to not worry about what

people are gonna think or are gonna be

people that complain regardless but the

majority of the people will want to buy

your product so make up some lettuce

bowls and herbals and little tomato pots

like this and put them out at your yard

if you're not in a farmers market or you

don't have a farm but you have the space

to grow a little bit of this even if you

put out ten pots a day or whatever

people will buy and they will if the

product is good they will tell people

and people therefore people will be

following them and coming to your farm

your house whatever and purchasing them

so charge top dollar otherwise it's not

going to be worth it there's a lot of

time put into it you have your seed you

have your soil you have your hard goods

you have your time you're babying them

it's not like like box stores and I'm

not knocking box stores but the majority

of people that oh my arms get sore the

majority of people that work in the

bigger stores the box store

they aren't gardeners they have no

interest in it it's a job to them and

they you know they'll water or they

might not water I've seen that before

they're not looking after them whereas

when it's your own stuff you're you are

looking after them and you have to

charge for your your labor and your time

and your product so anyhow I vented have

a great day bye