Selling Radio Advertising - How to sell ads on a radio show

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how to sell ads on your radio show so I

got a great question for my YouTube

viewers love you guys our B radio show

who wrote in with a question to say good

video I had the real brother radio show

and I do have video ads that I've run as

commercials on my show I want to know

how to sell more ads this is a great

question and I have a radio show and I

have YouTube channel and I have a

website that had ads before so I know a

lot about selling ads here's the thing

okay here's my two tips

my two best nuggets of advice for you

number one stand for something it has to

be really clear what you stand for and

who you're selling to right so for me if

you look at my channel you look at

anything I do you can tell that I

believe in entrepreneurs so if you are

selling something that relates to