Selling Radio Advertising - How to sell ads on a radio show

how to sell ads on your radio show so I

got a great question for my YouTube

viewers love you guys our B radio show

who wrote in with a question to say good

video I had the real brother radio show

and I do have video ads that I've run as

commercials on my show I want to know

how to sell more ads this is a great

question and I have a radio show and I

have YouTube channel and I have a

website that had ads before so I know a

lot about selling ads here's the thing

okay here's my two tips

my two best nuggets of advice for you

number one stand for something it has to

be really clear what you stand for and

who you're selling to right so for me if

you look at my channel you look at

anything I do you can tell that I

believe in entrepreneurs so if you are

selling something that relates to

entrepreneurs and you want to connect

with somebody who knows entrepreneurs

I'm the guy to talk to

I'm one of the best people in the world

to talk to if you're gonna sell anything

else I'm not the guy to talk to right

there's only a there's only a handful of

companies if you look at how many

companies there are in the world there's

only a small percentage who care about

entrepreneurs and those guys come to me

because they know that I help

entrepreneurs if you're selling plants

if you're selling makeup if you're

selling statues if you're selling cars

all this other stuff I can't help you

and I'll tell that to people like if you

are not selling to entrepreneurs there's

no point in working together because I'm

not gonna get results for you so it has

to be really clear who you're helping

who is your target market right and if

you're pitching somebody or if you are

even writing to me right you're telling

me about your show what is the real

brother show all about who do you serve

who's your audience right that

moves out of everything that you do make

it super clear so then I can even talk

about you and I can refer somebody to

you if I know you're looking for a

certain market and I run across somebody

I can say hey you got a listen to this

show that's a great show check it out

right make it easy for people to talk

about you so that's number one stand for

something and

two is a little tougher to swallow

number two is make your show better

here's the thing okay I never go out and

sell anything I don't sell any

advertiser on anything and yet I've

worked with the biggest brands in the

industry for my industry I work with

American Express and Google and

Microsoft and Dell and major banks and

major telcos I've worked with all of

these companies but I've never reached

out to get a sale here's the reason why

okay this is really important it's their

job to know what's happening in the

markets that they're selling so if I'm

working with American Express there are

people who are at American Express whose

job it is to know what's happening in

the entrepreneurial market right they

are actively looking for people who are

influencers who are getting an audience

who are building traction that happens

when you build a great show you have to

have people coming away from your show

saying that was the greatest show I ever


that show was for me I can't wait to

listen in next week and tell all my

friends about it right if somebody's

listened to my show I want them to say

that was a great show and anytime I meet

an entrepreneur I'm gonna tell them

about that show right that's what

happens with some of these videos right

you like the videos you comment you

share it it builds traction at this

moment and that's how people find me I

just came back from speaking in Malaysia

I had a keynote speech was about social

media for entrepreneurs I don't know

anybody in Malaysia I have no

connections there I've never been there

how did it happen they found my videos

on YouTube and said wow we need to bring

this guy to our event that's how it

happens because my videos now are good

enough my show is pretty good I'm still

working on it I like it there's still

things to improve on it right so your

show has to be better your show has to

be at the point where people can't wait

to call in can't wait to listen to the

show next week can't wait to tell their

friends about tuning into this thing and

if you get that you get that momentum


then the advertisers will come and you

don't have to worry about selling them

on anything because they're pre-sold to

say this is the guy who you have to go

to to reach this certain community your

shows not there yet and that's okay but

here you are you're gonna be investing

your time your energy your resources

your thought process into doing

something that you love hopefully which

is making your show better and making it

have a stronger impact with people

versus going out and doing something

that you don't love which is selling

advertising I've never had you think

about it I'm gonna go on a little bit of

rant about sales now you think about

sales right you're thinking about

following up with people and you're

calling people and following up and

following up and fall I don't do that

okay I don't follow up with anybody

people write to me I'll write back to

them I'll give them a proposal they need

it but I never follow up after that

because the people who you have to

follow up with they're never gonna be

good customers for you think about the

people who keep following up with you

write some goodies trying to get you to

buy a car or insurance or whatever it is

and they follow up and they follow up

and they follow up and they follow up

are you ever happy with that person no

right like the guys there Derek they're

gonna be companies who love what you do

who say this guy is the best of what he

does he's an expert he helps me reach my

audience I need to work with him and

they can be other companies who just

don't quite get what you do and you have

to sell them and convince them and

follow up with them who's gonna be a

better customer and who's gonna take

more of your time talking to right so

instead of wasting your time when the

guys who don't get it who you have to

followup with constantly spend it on the

guys who love what you do and create a

product create a service create a show

that people can fall in love with make

your show better and you'll get a bigger

audience you'll feel more fulfilled and


advertised notice to follow belief those

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