How to Make Money Raising Rabbits

all righty y'all today I'm gonna be

telling you our plan on how we're

turning these rabbits into cash to be

able to pay for their feed so that we

can have some free rabbit meat but also

a ton ton ton of rabbit manure for our

garden plans and this is how we plan on

making a profit and turning rabbits into

money okay before we start fair warning

there is a whole lot of Finley in this

video it is cute it is humorous I'm

gonna put a meter down here below and

you can just skip forward if you just

only want to talk about money but this

is our life in order for me to get

videos out Finn just got to hang out

with us




so here is what Kelly did with planting

all this awesome stuff on this mountain

I mean this is this mountain is all of

our topsoil right here whenever they did

it with the bulldozer here family you

carry this it's for the rabbits not the

chickens these are not good farm shoes


these are butterfly shoes a butterfly

shoe and an Elsa shoe farm what adorable

this is the fun time with bunnies where

do you want to show them kill my friends


you want me to put them in we're cozy

and comfy and also fluffy right are you

gonna carry them no why can't you carry

them no can't dance okay

you're not strong enough yeah okay you

carry the camera yeah like their paws

like my gentle look how adorable he is

we can never know family hold on

no he's Brody be very gentle there you


can't hold him well all he's ever able

to do that


all right so before we meet these little

baby bunnies here's kind of a history of

our little rabbit tree that we have had

we were given a couple of bunnies just

like this maybe like five weeks old

these are only two weeks old right now

and then we were giving a buck so we had

three dos and one buck the only bad

thing was is he is the sweetest buck Rex

you've seen him on our channel for

several years now he's so sweet so

awesome but he just doesn't put out like

the color that we like we're gonna keep

him forever until he dies of just

natural you know

old days or something but we just don't

ever really get exactly what we want out

of color from so that was whenever we

finally got some different color our

rabbit breeder you can see all her stuff

at cottontail rabbit Tree on Facebook

whenever we moved back she gave us blue

which was bred I don't know what bucks

she bred her with and she ended up

having to really I think like three boys

I'm shooting a video so then what we

were able to do is she had a boy that we

were able to breed back to her and his

name is twitch he's the black one and it

just gave us this cool color that we we

absolutely love now the greatest thing

is it lets us know that we're definitely

going to be able to breed them again and

hopefully get similar similar results

but we were able to get what we've been

wanting is just a

solid bluish or gray color

rabbits this guy I don't know if the boy

or girl yet but we think that it might

be a boy

Olli is calling him sage and he is just

so stinking cool or she I doesn't matter

if she's if it's a she that's even


but just so so cool look good

we love this coloring okay I'll show

yours too so so awesome really cool then

what they were able to do is put out

basically identical little clones really

close to blue herself so this is a very

similar to blue and she has one another

one that is very similar to this one is

basically the closest to rabbits we've

ever had there's like this okay then we

have three black ones which they of

course they're super cute they're very

very cool

honestly like I would rather have one of

these than any of Rex's unfortunately

he's just kind of boring and you just

get a whole lot of brown and but these

black guys these are cool too

so how is this video about making money

with rabbits well I don't know if you

would even be able to make money selling

rabbits for meat because if you're

selling a meat rabbit is yours just

nobody's gonna pay for that and we're in

America and a lot of people don't eat

meat rabbits and you just the market

isn't there but there is definitely a

really good market especially if you

know how to you know do videos and

pictures and stuff like that that you

can sell breeding stock people that want

to raise rabbits for themselves you can

easily get anywhere between you know

sometimes 15 20 we average 25 per rabbit

and that was ones that we weren't so

proud about that came for

our buck Rex now I think they're gonna

be able to get these guys easily 435

probably some 450 dollars per rabbit

especially if we can get them proven

like that's that's the key that's the

big one is if we can get this system set

up to where we can duplicate something

like this and then we could give them

bread pair that someone would buy a buck

and a doe that the dough has been bred

and proven I think I know that you could

get a hundred dollars for those two

rabbits because they're proven and so

they you already know what you're gonna

get out of them so having the proof for

that so having the history for that for

pictures it would be really really

simple to be able to do that you just

want a good so in that case making a

hundred bucks man guys that would pay

for four months of our feed of rabbits

and the fact that rabbits duplicate like

rabbits it is something that you could

make some money doing this and that's

just was being able to get it going

enough that you sell breeding stock then

if you just sell the bunnies themselves

it's possible that if you get your

system set up you could easily be making

anywhere from you know two to maybe five

hundred dollars a month that's not a lot

of money for a lot of people but also if

you're trying to function stack this

that is just one layer of productivity

that you have in addition to that what

you have is you have all of that rabbit

poop all of the rabbit poop that you

could ever want for your garden that is

garden gold it is what you need to be

able to grow vegetables it is the best

fertilizer that you can buy you cannot

buy rabbit poop at the garden store you

just can't do it

and then you can function stack that

even more like you know my video that

I'll put up right here for the six

reason why rabbits should be your first

livestock animal you could do like what

I what I do is start a YouTube channel

and you know if you get to be able to be

monetized for that you make a little bit

because rabbits are cute and everybody

loves rabbits as you can see with Finn

it is just a awesome homeschool project

to be able to teach your kids animal

husbandry and then if you want to go

super heavy on it if you have the space

of course you would have high quality

meat for your family for the rabbits

that don't get sold and I'm not gonna


we're having pot pie taste good ya know

it's weird because you're looking at all

these cute bunnies that were just loving

but it is just a massive matter of life

but in our opinion it's all about

getting the genetics the look that you

want out of bunny so what we're probably

going to try to do is we want to be able

to get something more like the sage look

to where we get less of the black I

would especially with this litter I

would like to try to get it to where we

can get maybe one or two black ones and

more white and more sage ones more of

those that blue color it's not really

safe but more that blue color rabbit

that we would have alright so that is

how we plan on making money with rabbits

is through breeding stock that has a

cool look in the fur whether you're

gonna do anything with the fur or not

it's just something that in our opinion

we feel like selling pretty pets that

have like the good Y in different colors

that that has a better return in terms

of selling the baby bunnies and then

also being able to have for breeding

stock that you can sell to people buying

breeding stock that hey if you have

these pretty rabbits that it's easier to

sell the bunnies as well now of course

what a lot of people do in terms of

trying to make money with rabbits is

just straight breeding for meat

and having big fat Bunnings like New

Zealand white sand in Californians

silver-fox all these which is totally

fine it's just in my opinion that's kind

of going more of like a one route type

of animal breed because you're just

going straight for meat production and

not really able like those the the New

Zealand's with the white ones with the

red eyes you're not selling those

bunnies I'm sorry you're just not

nobody's gonna want to buy a pet bunny

with big red eyes not say anything

against the breed you're just it's gonna

be harder for you to sell creepy red eye

rabbit to a kid that's what we're

planning on doing and we're really

excited that we have these bunnies

because they are gorgeous and I cannot

wait to breed blue again we're probably

going to do it after these bunnies are

weaned so hopefully we'll get at least

six good breeding a year from her you

could push that to get more production

what are you wearing you're just gonna

interrupt my video all day today huh I

don't even know what that word is I

can't even put it up on the screen cuz I

don't know what you're saying you're

shooting that's not a word