10 Practical Strategies and Tactics for Making & Selling Your Own Greeting Cards

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hi this is Cathy from easy Sunday Club

and today I'm doing a solo video on the

10 things I learned from selling

greeting cards I want to provide super

practical tips that you can take away

with at the end of the video and act on

right away these might be things that

you can only get from paid courses but I

just I feel compelled to help creatives

out there who may be struggling at the

beginning stage of their greeting card

design business and yeah let's get right

into it we have a lot to talk about so

I'm not gonna drag it out with a long

intro so the first tip is birthday cards

sell the most when I read online I found

out that about half of all greeting

cards are birthday cards and that makes

sense right because you know all your

friends and family have birthdays sure