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hey what's up you seen those silly

quotes you see those motivational quotes

funny quotes and I'm gonna share with

you how you can make $100 per day making

simple quote so welcome it's kind of

sound silly but I'm gonna show you so

this is not on Fiverr where you're gonna

waste all your time I'm gonna show you

how you can make these quote and make

$100 per day very simple very easy while

you're at it and this is your first time

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make $100 per day making simple quotes I

know some of you probably wondered that

this is a clickbait and it will not work

but I'm gonna share with you so the

cycle of how it's gonna work

we're gonna go to different platforms

and we're gonna find these things so

this is what the cycle look like you're

gonna create the design

you're gonna upload it you're gonna

click on add you can put it on Amazon

eBay and also Etsy now wait stay with me

all the way to the end because I'm gonna

go into more details so the first thing

we have to do we're gonna find exactly

what type of quote do we want to use

there is funny quotes there is

motivational there's inspirational

there's so many different ones that you

can find so the first thing we have to

do we just gotta have to search all of

it and then to find him one place you

can go you can go to Google you can type

in catchy phrase alright you can type in

catchy phrase there's a lot of different

catchy phrase now you look at this one

216 best quotes and catchy phrase this

just take me over to Pinterest so if you

come on here you can never run out of


because there's people creating these

things all over time and time again

you've seen quote obscene quote it's all

over the Internet and we do like him at

some point whether there are Instagram

Facebook or they on Pinterest we see

them and we love them so you can search

you can find them if you want to search

for some funny ones you could type in

funny phrase or quote whichever one you

could type in so if you come on here

there's 50 short funny sands these are

some funny ones and you can never run

out of ideas you can never run out you

got dad jokes you got funny riddles

you got blind jokes you got funny points

people love these things and though this

is a forever green leash and I wanted to

share it with you now where are we gonna

do and how we gonna get these things on

these platforms so people buy as I

mentioned you know Amazon you have Etsy

and you can sell them on eBay there's a

website that is called gear bubble and

what gear bubble is it's a large ecome

brand that you can set up you could set

up your own store and you could start to

sell your own brand on these stores for

example if you want to sell t-shirts if

you go on a cruise let's pick out some

cruise ones so if I come on here and I

type in cruise because people always

want to go cruise ship phrase people

always want to go on cruises funny

cruise ship phrases right I'm gonna

click on this and you could see

let's get shipped face like that is

hilarious and look at this people

already selling these brands v 559 it's

another it's another pirate looking for

some boo they hey these are some funny

ones that you can use so you can come

over here and you can take these quotes

and you can set up your own gear so if

you want to set this up this is what it

looks like you can just come down here

you can set it up they take

the sales from Amazon they do all the

ship and they fulfill the order they

sent out the tracking number and all

that stuff

so all you have to do is just create the

design you upload it you can put it on a

mug you can put it on a t-shirt you

upload the gear you click on add to

Amazon Etsy or

eBay and then once you set it up on here

it's gonna be automated so once people

buy it then it's gonna go directly to

the person that will take care of the

shipping so gear bubble is growing they

have over two hundred million eight

hundred and fifty plus product shipped

already so how gear bubble work they get

sell on Amazon as I say you sell on eBay

you gets on Etsy so if you want to

become a seller you can click on here

and once you click on here you're gonna

create your name sort of create an

account put your name put your email put

your password in created whatever

password put your address in whatever

country you could set it up for whatever

country that you are located so this can

be done all over the world whatever

state of being you are you gonna

creating so this is a 14-day trial after

that you have to pay for this because

the good thing about this

once you create this store for example

if you created a store in the shop let

me click on animals so if I click on

animals these are some of the example of

what people will be buying so as I

mentioned before you're gonna be making

a hundred dollars per day making simple

easy fun quotes funny quotes and you

come on here you could just set this up

your light and cat you have t-shirts

that you can put on you have hoodie you

got a tank top people always bind these

things they're binding for friends

they're burning for family right so

picture the picture could go there and

they can put like their cat name on it

so you can even customize you could set

it up where people can set up their own

customized thing and once they buy it

there it's gonna be shipped out you

don't have to deal with any inventory or

anything because this company takes care

of everything that's how cool it is so

all you can do to find these things is

you can come on Pinterest once you come

on Pinterest there's so

many different ones that you can find

these are some cruise ship ones that I

was looking at because I love cruises

and I used to work on cruise ships like

way back in the days and if you come on

here you can see the different quotes so

these are some evergreen niche that not

many people are tapped into so you could

come on here find some really cool ideas

using some people of it dad shirts mom

you got dad quote let me find some dad

quote dad quote you have mom quote

auntie you got Graham car you got

grandma there's so many different things

just by making these simple quotes can

make you a lot of money you can make

$100 per day just by doing that so this

is the particular website that you need

to go to you just come on here and you

just sign them so go to bubble gear comm

gear bubble sorry gear bubble comm and

you can find a different things that you

can sign up for so there's if you want

to type in family if you go into the

family shop you see all these - my

beautiful wife I ask God all these

jewelry that you like look at this 39.95

so imagine you have five or ten sales of

this because people always find stuff

for their wives kids so I'm just giving

you these ideas so then you can run with

it you know think about these quotes

that you can put up and you could design

maybe you could design these cups these

mugs these are 1995 for a month my

goodness people are buying these things

they're flying off the show so I hope

this helps I really didn't want to make

this video too long but it's just an

idea that I come up with and I see these

quotes all the time they're on Instagram

and I even post them too I love them

because they're motivational stuff so if

you can make $100 per day just by doing

this once you sign up for gear but with

the 14-day trial you sign up for it of

course you're gonna have to pay a

monthly membership and just try it out

see if it works see if this is something

that's gonna bring you some money

I always make these videos to motivate

you and help you and find different ways

and ideas so that

you could take it and you can run with

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