How To Make And Sell Printable Quotes On Etsy

hey guys it's alicia here i wanted to

talk about making printable quotes on

etsy and how you can make and sell them

and easily done so you know a lot of

people they just don't want to do it

themselves either at home it's not that

making quotes are that hard you know but

some people may not want to do this at

home now

what I'm gonna make is going to be the

laundry room wall art that's wash dry

fold repeat okay and those are usually

in a square they have become very

popular and they're usually in a square

so is what I would do when you're making

your Etsy listing I would offer it in an

8 by 8 and 9 by 9 a 10 by 10 11 by 11 12

by 12 because you don't know what size

you know that they are going to need and

you can make these as an instant

download okay so I am on this site here

it's called ninja units and this

converts inches to pixels and it also

converts pixels to inches if you want to

do it that way so if you want to see

what it pixel you need for 300 dpi you

just put 300 there and 300 here so let's

say that we're going to make this 10

inches that tells me it needs to be 3000

by 3000 okay so we're going to go over

here to a pickie and we're going to

create a design and we're going to do

that 3000 by 3000 and we're going to

make a perfect square

okay so right here this is where we're

gonna put three thousand by three

thousand and we're gonna click create

and here is our perfect square okay so

we are just going to type all these out

this is really easy to do

wash and we're going to make these

separate for each one and then I'm going

to change my font

and you can also make these different

colors if you want the standard color

for these is usually it's usually black

okay so this one says wash but some

people have warmer tones in their home

so you could also offer this like you

know in a sort of like a tan or a beige

in my case I'm going to actually make

this just a little bit of a darker grey

not such a harsh black and I'm going to

fade it to about 20% okay so here is our

first one let's just make sure we have

this centered correctly and I'm going to

go ahead and save this to my computer

okay and then we are going to return

back and we're just going to change the

word on that to dry and some of these

fonts you have to actually pull and

stretch on these little boxes for some

reason some of them do not want some of

them are just a little bit cantankerous

okay so wash dry and then we're going to

save this one as well okay and I'm going

to return back and we're going to type

fold and actually I already like the

size of that one so we're just going to

save this one

and then we just need one more which is

repeat and I'm going to have to probably

fix the size on this one

make sure that you have it centered

correctly and then we're going to save

this one

okay the next thing that we need to do

is we need to put this into a mock-up

photo and I do have where I had bought a

lot of frame mock-ups a while back I do

have one actually had several that were

four in a row like or four in a square

so I'm going to go ahead and upload that

template right here okay so we're going

to click right here or actually we're

going to switch to the editor and we can

discard that because we already have it

saved okay and then we're going to click

on our photo library and we are going to

edit this image right here this is our

mock-up photo and this is the first

image that your SE customers are going

to see so now we're going to click on

our layering tool and I am going to

upload from the desktop all of those

images that we just created okay so all

we have to do now is put them in these

boxes or in these frames

and I probably should have made this dry

a little bit smaller and you can

actually do like see what size that they

are and then make the other one you know

the correct size but then again you're

also dealing with a different number of


now one thing that I did forget to do is

I forgot to take that down to 20% to

make it a dark gray

I did it on one of them not all of them

okay so there we go we have wash dry

fold and repeat and I would say that you

could probably sell these on Etsy as an

instant download for probably about

seven dollars seven or eight dollars

because it comes in the set of four so I

do hope that you enjoyed this video and

if you have any questions or comments

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hope everyone has a great day