Quiltonomics: Should I Sell Quilts? | SEWING REPORT

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everybody jennifer moore here with the sewing report i'm working on a quilt

right now and I really wanted to take a few minutes to talk about an issue that

i know people who sew and quilt deal with all the time and that's being asked

constantly if they sell things

now I've been sewing and quilting for about three years and at least once or

twice a week

someone who is unfamiliar with so your quilting asks either if i'm going to

open up an etsy shop or if i sell quilt for some reason people assume that if

you quilt

you must sell them right and i'm here to tell you the answer is definitely not

I've never sold a quilt in my life I don't have an etsy shop

I don't plan to open an etsy shop and i really only sold something I've someone

ones and to be completely honest with you I really felt quite uncomfortable

about it and it was not the best experience for me so I want to talk a

little bit about pricing handmade items and also just the time it takes to make

something like this

this quilt is probably going to take me months to complete

I've got some interesting plans for the quilting while the top didn't take me

very long

I think the quilting is gonna take me months again i only have like a few

hours a day is so maybe so