The Top 3 Sales Tips I Learned Selling Quilts

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please that's right okay just so you

know we're gonna talk about sales in the

top three tips I learned and selling

quilts for many years here's how that

went down after I practice law for five

years a lot of my family members we're

in the quilt business which seems kind

of funny we're not real quilty or real

crafty particularly so these were

primarily imported quilts just uses

bedding think home decor basically so I

said you know I went home to East Texas

and my mom she'll be on a little pick

clipboard she goes you're a lawyer and I

make more money and you do and all she

had was a little shop on the side of the

road and she showed me her books and she

was right she's like there's something

wrong about this and she was able to get

out and about during the day she had

some folks helping her run the shop so

she pretty quickly convinced me that

this was the life I wanted life of the

entrepreneur I've never regretted it

never looked back

so for 20 years we have sweets

until the end of 2015 a matter of fact

but you know what I've learned is sales

is sales is sales and the reason I say

we're all in sales if you're a teacher

you're selling to that parent that's

upset with you at that moment that you

really have their their child's best

interests at heart if you are in the

hospital working and you're needing a

promotion you're selling your boss on

your value so sales is important in life

no matter what you do I really believe

that if you're a lawyer I promise you

you're in sales I learned that you are

selling that jury on accepting your side

the facts as to the other side so it's

very important that we learn to sell at

the very best level possible and I was

very fortunate to come from a family of

salesmen my mother and my brother are

great salesmen those of you who saw my

tom ferry talk we have heard the story

about easy money and my brother in his

convenience stores he is such a natural

salesman and so is my mom so here's the

tips I have learned by observing because

truly I was the shy child of this group

but you know you can't really survive in

a real outgoing family lets you just get

on the boards that's what I did okay

lesson number one lower the barrier to

shopping lower the barrier how many

times have you gone in the store and

they say can I help you may I help you

what do you say No thank you I'm just

okay that's what everyone says it's very

rare to have someone come in and say yep

I'm here about a queen-size oh no two

shams they don't that's not how it

worked everyday everyday I had people

leave when I was in there selling saying

man I sure didn't think I was gonna bike

well today and I said if we only sell

quills to people that thought they were

gonna buy a quilt today we'd be hungry

let me tell you it's all impulse buy

none of us need anything but when you

find someone who can make the process

enjoyable understandable and you feel

like you're getting the right product

you're in right and certainly this comes

as two add-ons to the sell we'll get

there later so lower the barriers to

entry to making a purchase what do I

mean by that my mom taught me she said

okay when somebody's walked through the

quilt show room and they've touched more

than one quilt or they've gone back with

that quilt hanging on the wall two or

three times they just touched it she

goes they're interested in it they may

or may not be able to buy but let's get

the conversation going so what she would

tell me not to say is she said do not

ask them would you like to see this

quilt the answer will still be 80% of

the time no thank you I'm just looking

because they feel pressure they feel if

you get it out and open it there's gonna

be pressure so she told us she said if

thank you she said if they have touched

it more than once thank you sir have a

good one she said if they have touched

it more than once they want to see it

just go pick it up and open it don't ask

him take the guilt

and the pressure off just open it okay

so how you do this we would go pick up

the quilt and open it put it on the bed

and I would say either something to the

effect of I haven't seen this one in a

while all right I'm gonna take a look at

this one or we need to refold it anyway

it's good for the quilts so what we were

saying all of which was true you know

you don't get creases in the same place

but think about it what we're doing is

taking the pressure off oh gosh she's

gonna open something after by I haven't

seen this one you know what or Jane come

in here look at this I don't think

you've seen this new pattern whatever

took the pressure off to get the

conversation started and get the quilt

open then they didn't feel pressured

they were enjoying seeing it because

they clearly wanted to see it and then

the conversation would start to go

something along the lines of oh yeah I

do like that one here's kind of similar

did you look at it I go yeah you know I

was kind of eyeballing that one then you

get that out I always said if I could

get two quilts on the bed I had better

than 50% of chance that I was gonna sell

them a quilt and they had no intention

to buy because at that point it becomes

well should we keep this one in the yes

pile or the maybe pile

yes or no I got a maybe I don't like

that one as well so I was like let's get

this thing out it's just gonna confuse

us so we'd either toss it aside or

depending on time we might fold it up

cuz the point we wanted to make once you

get them invested in the language of I

like this one better than that one then

something I think in our brain just

starts to change that starts to become

which one do you like I like this one

okay well I like that part of this one

and now they're in the process they're

relaxed and they're enjoying the

shopping and that's what we all wanted

to do Lucy's point number one in sales

is lower the barrier make it easy no

pressure where they don't feel like if

you start the conversation they have to

buy just start a very casual enjoyable


not gonna work out point number two is

Owen I learned the hard way

point out distinctions in the quilts the

properties the dresses the makeup line

whatever it is point out differences

without making judgments by this I mean

at one point I'll never forget having

two beautiful quilts laid out and one of

them had this border that went like this

it's called a sawtooth border it's much

more difficult to make it's a lot of

effort it's more expensive generally and

I made the mistake of say I said you

know what um this one has this beautiful

sawtooth border it gets a lot of work to

do this whereas this one has a plain

border I used the word plain and I saw

her face change instantly and her answer

is Hills um I kind of liked that one and

I was like killing sales that was always

our famous nine men to kill themselves

so you got to watch your wording so from

then on I never did that again from then

on it became this one has this very

intricate sawtooth border there's so

much work goes into this but this one

has a very clean line and some people

like a real modern clean okay so see now

they're both positive they're just

different so I wasn't being my judgment

on the product I was pointing out

positive attributes of both and letting

them lead me the direction I also

learned that we don't all speak the same

language I remember asking a gentleman

one time what do you think you're

looking for he goes I'm gonna Southwest

will I said well I've learned the hard

way that people mean a lot of different

things by that so what does the

Southwest will mean to you because you

know red white blue blue all right let's

go do that cuz I'm thinking you mean

back in the day in the 90s when you'd

have like an orange and purple coyote

wearing a kerchief on something that was

that was Southwest with dreamcatchers

everywhere because you know red white

and blue so make sure you're using the

same terminology and make sure the

terminology is all positive this poor

18-wheelers has so much trouble making

that turn all people make it he's gonna

make it okay we

okay so number one we're gonna lower the

barriers we're gonna put no pressure on

and we're not gonna ask do they want to

see something we're just gonna start

showing it just because we want to the

pressures off they can just come along

for the ride

number two we're gonna point out

positive distinctions without putting

any of our judgments on it and number

three perhaps most important my momma

taught me

she said you don't ever stop selling

till they say whoa Hilo I don't know

what well Hilo is maybe it's a boy scout

term it seems like it but she said until

they say whoa Hilo you keep selling so

in our first shop and post she taught me

this lesson she was in there with me and

we'd sell this woman I want to Saturday

$800 worth of betting and she checked

out she'd done her whole purchase but

mom knew it she said she said this

woman's on a roll she is enjoying this

whole process we're gonna sell her some

more so she she took she told the ladies

she goes now I'm gonna show you one more

thing and I knows not gonna be for today

but you have got to see it she went and

got out our secret weapon the red

postage stamp quilt the pieces were

literally the size of a postage stamp

she held this $300 thing up the lady

said I've gotta have it I gotta have it

goes back after the car gets her purse

comes back in and checks out again she

goes you were gonna leave money on the

table you quit before she had said whoa

he looked I can't buy any more and

that's the point of what you stopped I

would also use this when it came to

accessories because with quilts smooth

its own

we did either so Donna sharp quilt let's

say for 300 bucks or we would sell $1

sharp it's a quilt with all of the

goodies assess threes and I cooked her


for 800 bucks I like the second one lot

better so we learned real quickly to

sell them the shams of the euros the

euro stuffers the dust ruffle and

usually a solid color quilt to put with

it and how do you do that without

selling pushing well here's how I did it

I would show them and they block well we

don't need the euros just the ones in

front I said okay you know what that's


and I'm gonna sell you as much as the

budget allows and so today it may not

allow it but let me do this let me show

you now what it's gonna look like when

you get home and make sure you're cool

with that that it's still what you want

because otherwise I haven't really

helped you if I don't show you so I

would go remove the euros and I suddenly

the regular shams at all it's kind of

flat it doesn't look at all like what

they saw and at least 50% of the time

they feel like yeah you're right it kind

of we need the whole thing and they

would take the whole set or sometimes I

would tell them the budget may not allow

today but I need you to at least have

seen everything available and I've done

my job and you tell me where the budget

draws the line that's where we'll stop

but let me show you everything and more

often than not we could go from three to

eight hundred dollars by upselling what

I knew they actually needed if they had

the money they actually needed it or

their bed wasn't going to look like the

show bed so belief in the product you're

selling whether it's yourself your

services whatever it is and know that by

selling to them you're actually serving

them you're actually helping them get

what they need I'll never forget my

girls dad berry saying one time and it

was a great point you know he said

before we had married in the past he

because you know I went in one time

looking for cowboy boots and I told the

guy I wanted a lifetime boot and he

found a pair of boots he liked to go

that's a lifetime but yes a lifetime

boot right there

and he goes you know I realized later

they know lifetime boots not $400 for

certainly and he goes but you know deep

down all I really wanted was the guy to

tell me I was making a great choice he

wanted me to reconfirm that what I liked

was a good choice a good

and I was smart and capable and choosing

a great loot and I think a lot of time

that's what people really want sometimes

we over advocate by showing every little

nook and cranny negative thing we can

dig up versus saying they're enjoying

this process nothing wants perfect

we're not misrepresenting anything but

they're wanting to enjoy it they're

wanting to feel good about what they're

buying so be positive believe in

yourself believe in your service believe

in the product you're selling and all

will be well so I look forward to

talking to you guys tomorrow we're

supposed to have caravan I hope there's

blue skies cuz I see some gray clouds

and they will cancel so uh let's talk