How To Photograph Your Quilling for Social media or to sell them

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Coming to today's topic remember i am not a pro

i have put my ideas that i  have learnt in my experience

to photograph your quilling, the first  thing to consider is your camera

in today's world it is not that  necessary to have an expensive camera

as you can use your smartphone

most smartphones have good  features to their camera

next is lighting

natural light is more effective

take your quilling to be photographed to  an open window which gives plenty of light

but make sure you are not  putting it in direct sunlight

as it gives harsh shadows

the other thing to consider is background

for a better background i prefer  using a small photo studio

i shared a video last week on how to make this  at home

you can put pattern papers, when you want to change the background

now coming to the  actual photographing

take picture in different angles

take overhead shots

side angle shots

and 45 degree shots

here are some examples of overhead shots

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