Poshmark SEO Tips That Helped These Sell Fast

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Hey guys, it's Vicky. Welcome back to my channel. So in today's video, I want to be sharing

with you some tips on Poshmark keywords. That'll help you sell really fast on the Poshmark

app. So I have been testing some things out over the last couple of weeks, and I'm noticing

some really amazing things. So I'd like to share that with you today. I'm going to be

using an example of an item that sold last week, as soon as I listed it. So let's go

ahead and get started with the video. So the week before last, I had purchased a pair of

LL bean bean boots, and these are like a duck boot waterproof type of boot. And I've been

looking for these boots just to sell it for a long time, because I noticed that the sole

coms for LL bean boots were really high compared to any other item that sold for LL bean on


So that was always something that was at the top of my list of source whenever I went out

sourcing. So I did find a pair and they were a smaller size. They were a size seven, which

isn't too small, but it's not an ideal size, uh, based off of what the majority of women

wear, which is like a size eight to eight and a half. So I took a chance with them.

I decided to try out some keywords. So I use a Chrome extension called keywords everywhere.

Basically I pay them $10 for a hundred thousand keyword searches. So what that app does is

it shows you how many people are searching for that keyword every single month. There

are free ways that you can find that same information by using, um, Google keyword planner

or, uh, Google trends, stuff like that. But I prefer this already done for you.

And it's just really simple just to type it into the search and it shows, so I've been

trying different keywords out in my Google search to see what people are searching for.