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today is going to be another video about

Poshmark and I did one of these videos

before I have a lot more tips and kind

of also beginner tips on there I'll link

that down below and have it linked above

for you guys to check out so I would say

that's like a part one and this is going

to be part two and I'm gonna share with

you even more tips that I have learned

on how to make more sales on Poshmark

I actually started in my Poshmark closet

a little under a year and I absolutely

loved it and it's a really great second

source of income and I recommend it to

anyone I'm not being sponsored at all

but I just wanted to share a few more

tips and tricks on how to get more sales

if you guys don't know what Poshmark is

which I'm sure a lot of you guys know

about it but it is just a app that you

can sell use gently used or a brand new

fashion whether it's men's fashion

women's kids fashion and also you can

sell things like home decor so there's a

ton of things that you can sell

personally for myself I have been

selling just items from my own closet

because I kind of want to get rid of

those things first

but Poshmark has become a full-time

income for many many people and a lot of

people by their clothing from thrift

stores and flip it so they resell it for

a profit and I think that is so amazing

if you guys don't know my store is just

Nicoletta XO I will have a link down

below and if you guys sign up right now

and download the app and use my referral

code Nicoletta egg so you will get $15

Canadian or $10 American depending on

where you're from right when you sign up

if you use my referral code so just

wanted to throw that out there I will

have everything in the description box

like I said it's always great to get a

few extra bucks let's just jump right

into the tip my first tip that I just

want to share right from the beginning

because it's going to be extremely

useful especially when it comes to like

your packaging I wanted to share

you a website that I use when it comes

to any shopping that I do online and

general so even if you find some of your

clothing online I definitely recommend

using this and that is Rakatan I'm not

being sponsored it's generally a website

that I just use and Rakatan pretty much

is a cash back site you can shop through

so many different stories on Rakatan

they have like Walmart Amazon Sephora

they have everything pretty much you can

think of and every time you're going to

order anything online I definitely

recommend using Rakatan to make some

cash from back so I will leave my

referral link down below to sign up

right now also lets you know if there's

any deals going on in that store it's

really great when it comes to saving


I also recommend it because when it

comes to my packaging I like to use a

racquet in because I get cash back

whenever I have to order packaging to

wrap up my orders for Poshmark but I

will get into more details when it comes

to what I use and all of that good stuff

tip number one is to use the data to

review what's selling in your Poshmark

closet Poshmark gives sellers access to

their sales report and I totally

recommend looking at that and really

analyzing the report by looking at that

you can determine all of your data

what's selling fast what's not selling

and what did well for you during this

specific period what didn't do well and

it just really allows you to see what

your customers want tip number two is to

know your brand's you have to know what

your customers want and you also have to

know which brands are on high demand

I've noticed there's certain brands in

my closet for example that sells so much

faster than other brands I'm gonna share

with you a few brands that I found sold

pretty quick for me when it came to my


Lululemon is really great for selling

for me uggs are really great as well as

every lane key and fabletics so those

brands I found sold pretty quickly for

me while some brands I noticed weren't

really selling and they're still kind of

just sitting there are more basic brands

like everyday bands that you can pick up

right away so things such as like H&M

forever 21 kind of those like


I find don't sell really quick for me I

find more of the actual designers that

are a little bit more high-end sell

better on my closet that is something

that I really take into consideration

and especially if you're someone that is

purchasing certain things at thrift

stores and reselling them for profit you

really want to try and find those brands

and sell them because you're going to be

able to sell them faster for a profit so

you really just want to know what brands

are in keeping up with the trends and

seeing what people are buying and I'd

guarantee you those things are gonna

sell a lot faster tip number three is to

use the right keywords think of every

title and every description as an

opportunity to make a sale use the title

and as well as description to adds as

many keywords as possible that you can

so make it very descriptive this is

going to make it easier for people to

find your listings as well I'm gonna

give you guys an example so let's say

you're selling a little black dress you

want to list the brand the style the

size the fabric or material and as well

as you want to list any measurements you

may have I find when it comes to things

such as dresses or jeans people want to

know the exact measurements of course

people aren't senior items and they're

not physically there to see if it's

gonna fit them so people are relying on

your descriptions and how detailed it is

to make sure that it will fit them when

they receive your product it's better to

be more descriptive than to lack

description so try to actually add

everything in people want to know what

they're about to buy and they don't want

to be shocked when they receive it and

that leads me to the next tip which is

to re list if your item is sitting there

for way too long I recommend taking it

down and just re listing the item all

over again as brand new once you delete

it and you relist it go on searching

that brand or searching an item yours is

going to be right at the top as opposed

to the bottom that's really great to do

is always real listing your items if

it's just sitting there for way too long

so don't be scared to do that and as

well you may feel like oh you have too

many likes on the item you don't

delete it but at the end of the day if

people are just liking and not buying it

then you don't really need those

people's likes anyways because they're

obviously just liking it but they're not

willing to purchase your items so I just

recommend deleting it completely and

then re posting it and that leads me to

tip number five which is to display

quality photos like I've said before in

my previous video I use my phone to take

photos I have the iPhone and honestly

the camera is such good quality that you

don't even need to use like a digital

camera or anything like that so just

using your phone but making sure you

have amazing lighting you don't want it

to be dark you don't want to use yellow

lighting I usually like to natural


I just find it makes your photos the

best quality and you can really pick up

the true colors of your items and I

recommend kind of having a theme as well

because personally I notice certain

people's closets a lot faster when all

their photos always look the same and I

kind of just remember that closet just

because they have a very signature look

so whether you're taking your photos as

like a flatland having a little setup

for the items or you're going to try

every piece on and take your photos that

way I personally like to just do like

flat lace and hanging up I don't try any

of my items on and also I do like to

sometimes add stock images so that

people can get an idea of what it looked

like on the model and how it should look

and I find that actually really does

help but you need to also make sure

you're adding all of your photos and

you're getting different angles and

you're showing a post details they give

you a limit of how many photos you can

upload and I always reach that limit

when I first started I uploaded like the

front and back of a clothing and that

didn't do well and that doesn't where

people want to make sure that they can

see the item fully they want to make

sure there's no flaws on it if there is

pause you want to make sure you're

honest about it and you state it in your

description people just don't want to be

surprised when they receive it and it

looks nothing like your photo my next

clip is how to close a deal if you get a

lowball deal which you will you

definitely will get

a lot of lowball deals instead of

declining it which I know when you first

see that lowball deal you just wanted to

kind it completely I recommend always

counter offering if you decline it

you're automatically declining a

potential customer always counter back

and it will be their choice if they want

to decline or go forth with your

counteroffer I just find it's better to

at least shoot your shot than to

completely shut it down right away

and that leads me to the next step which

is to know what to actually take an

offer if the offer is fair and maybe you

want a few extra bucks

it is not worth those few extra bucks I

recommend just taking the sale and also

that gives you a new customer and once

you start getting customers and actually

purchasing your items and you're

shipping to them they may be a returning

customer for you

I know for myself now I have had

returning customers I've had one

customer that I have bought like five of

my items on different occasions so it's

great to make sure that you try to also

get those customers and you're not too

greedy with a few bucks here and there

of course if the offer is just a

complete lowball I definitely recommend

counter offering and not just accepting

it you yourself are gonna lose money and

you do also you know how to package it

up pay for your materials and all that

stuff so you want to make sure you are

getting a good profit but if it comes to

a few bucks and accepting a sale I would

recommend accepting the sale and that

leads me to be consistent and stay

active Poshmark

is a social app it does really well when

you're reshoring you're sharing your

closet get a lot more traction on your

Poshmark closet than when you do nothing

and what I'm active I'm constantly

getting notifications all throughout my

day I'm getting sales quicker also when

you reshare your items on your own

Poshmark closet it goes back up to the

top of the search so someone searching

Lululemon shorts and Yuri shared it

yours will go near the top the less that

you're sharing your items it's gonna go

down and down and down so that when

someone searching up Lululemon shorts

it's gonna be maybe even impossible to

find yours because so many other people

posted theirs

there's our closer up to the top so

they're more likely to buy that then go

all the way down to the bottom so it's

important that you are being active and

you are being social on the app and

you're going to notice a big difference

when you are active and you're going to

get a lot more sales and not these me to

the next tip which is packaging and

presentation so like I said I definitely

recommend using the rocket and cash back

site I do know they have Amazon on there

that is where I buy my items for the

most part I also buy items from Walmart

like I said I will have my link down

below for you guys to sign up today it

is free there's no strings attached I

use this all the time even for like

Christmas gifts birthday gifts I use

this website I think the presentation

and packaging is really important

because I really think that if you have

good presentation and packaging people

are more likely to come back to your

closet and shop your items again I

actually got these Polly mailers from

Amazon they are just white and they have

a thank you and cursive and black and I

just love the simplicity of this I think

it's super cute and once I finish these

I'm definitely going to get other Polly

mailers because they have a ton of cute

auctions on Amazon and you can get a

bunch of these first super cheap so for

the most part I ship in Polly mailers

when it comes to like t-shirts and pants

and Shores it will fit completely in

this and something else I like to do is

I actually got me is kind of like

plastic polymerase on Amazon as well

because I like to put my clothing in

this before putting it into my bigger

Polly mailer just because I don't want

water or anything to get through and

damage my item so I will typically wrap

it in tissue put it into here and then

I'll go ahead and put it into my Thank

You Polly Miller something I personally

like to do is I always like to write in

little thank-you cards so I know that if

you're a reseller and you're constantly

selling so many I would recommend

getting things that are all pre-made and

shipped slipping it into each order but

personally for me I am not there yet

where I have so many customers

can't take the time to write alone no I

just have these Hallmark thank-you cards

it's just a marble and gold her said

that says thank you holy my aesthetic as

you guys can tell by my room and my

obsession with marble but I actually got

these from Walmart and it came with a

bunch of them I had other cards but I

ran out of those so these are the cards

I'm using currently right now and you

can get cards at Walmart you can get at

the dollar store but I recommend Walmart

because they have honestly a better deal

with a lot more and their cards are a

lot cuter and better quality if I sell

something that's bigger I would

typically use boxes of course but I

always like to make sure that I am

stuffing it properly with either bubble

wrap if it's something that's more

breakable or tissue to kind of give it

some padding so I always like to make

sure that I wrap it up all nice you

don't want to wrap it up and then by the

time it gets to them it's completely

ruined or broken so I spend a lot of

time on my packaging making sure

everything's okay I have gotten really

great compliments on my packaging those

are all my tips on how to make more

sales on Poshmark

I hope this was useful I'm definitely by

no means some pro or something but I

have definitely learned a lot through

the last few months of being on that and

I absolutely love it like I said I will

link my Poshmark closet down below as

well as my referral code and be Rakatan

referral coats definitely go check them

up sign up it is such a great way to

make extra income even as a little

part-time gig or side gig let me know if

you guys are on Poshmark

too I would love to know and see your

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