Mercari Tutorial: How To Sell Fast On Mercari (2020 Review)

first sale and 24 hours with mercury so

in today's video I'm gonna share with

you why mercury is the number one place

to be for shopping apps in 2020 I'm

going to share with you what I sold in

my first 24 hours of selling on the app

and give you some really great tips as

far as utilizing this platform to make


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make money so let's jump into this video

today about mercury and let's get you

cashing in with this shopping app so

first and foremost you want to click

that link in my description box below so

you get ten dollars when you sign up to

Macari through my link and then you're

going to be able to use that on any

items that you want to purchase if you

want to buy stuff on Macari and this

video is going to be more geared towards

selling but free money is always good

right so once you download that you're

gonna see how super simple this is I

would say it's comparable to Poshmark

I'm also on Poshmark but I'm not doing

too much with it because what I have

found is posh marks been around and

popular for quite a while in the

competition on there is really steep I'm

in some Poshmark groups and I see what

these girls do to get sales like they

are hustling all day long on their

sharing following like they're making

this their full-time job selling on


okay I like things that are a little

more passive and automated I know that

Macari is a little less use than

Poshmark so the competition isn't as

high so your chances I'm getting a sale

are a lot better alright so I'm gonna

share with you what I actually sold and

why I decided to hop on here with

selling in 2020 alright so I actually


something from mercury last year and I

thought yeah this is a pretty cool app I

might add some things on here and start

selling but I never did okay and then in

some of the Poshmark groups that I'm in

some of the girls were saying in this

group that their sales were a lot better

on Mercury and then I had someone on my

facebook newsfeed saying hey you know if

you're on Poshmark or ebay then you

really need to check out mercury because

I listed something and it's sold within

24 hours so being the money motivated

person that I am I decided to just see

what I had to sell listed on Macari and

see what happens

okay so I did make my first sale in 24

hours I'm going to show you exactly what

I sold here I ordered some clothes for

myself never wore them right I got them

at wholesale pricing and never wore them

so I decided to list those for double

what I paid and see how it goes okay so

here is one of the shirts that I'm about

to ship out today this is a long-sleeve

leopard and sequins shirt I know all

things leopard and sequins are super

trending right now so this went really

really fast now if someone were to buy

this at one of these luxury boutiques

they would be paying probably anywhere

between 35 and 29 dollars right anywhere

between 29 and 35 dollars so I knew if I

listed this at $17.99 this was gonna go

fast okay and I only paid $7.99 for it


okay so this is a great quality shirt

and this is getting shipped out today

okay now on Mercury

they take 10% of your selling price okay

so they took about a dollar 70 on this

item and then

you can choose to do offer free shipping

to the buyer or you can pay for shipping

yourself okay

now I'm gonna switch over to a screen

share of my phone and walk you through

this app okay guys so let's go ahead and

pop over to mercury and once this loads

up you can see there is my item that's

sold within 24 hours of listing you can

come over here see what else I'm selling

if you would like I'm gonna list

something here live with you so I have

any Casio baby-g watch okay

now I purchased this watch in a

liquidation box and it costs me about

two dollars and fifty cents and the

retail tag is still on there for $89

okay if you want to know about where you

can get liquidation boxes for these kind

of prices definitely comment below and

let me know if that's something you're

interested in and I can make another

video for you all about that so I'm

gonna type in here Casio baby G watch

and you can look at what's for sale now

and what price or you can look at what

has sold so I'm definitely wanting to

look at what has sold and at what price

point so as you can see one sold for $30

one sold in the last 15 hours for $29

this one sold for 56 one sold for 80 so

there's a good range of price points

here but I think about forty dollars is

a good price point to list as that to

get a fast sale so what I'm gonna do at

the very bottom you can see that little

orange circle with the camera it says

sell so I'm just gonna click that and

then my watch is gonna come up here so

I'm going to try to get a really good

picture of it it is in perfect working


now by the time I put this video up this

will probably have sold but we shall see

so that one is uploaded I'm going to

take some more and I'm just going to

show all sides of the watch and also the

retail tag that is still on it

okay I'm gonna use that and I already

put a title in there g-shock watch I'm

gonna put baby baby G with tags done and

then it says describe your item so I'm

gonna put the same thing G Shock watch

baby G kids watch with tags like new if

there are any flaws on your item you

would definitely want to point those out

and list it so people can't say it was

not as described and chargeback okay so

we're gonna put our tags here so this is

what people will use to search for your

item I'm gonna put G shock baby G and

watch condition I'm going to put it new

with tags because it is I see no flaws

in this whatsoever it is working

perfectly the tags are still attached I

put like new so I'm gonna put new okay

and then you have an option here to have

the customer pay for shipping or you can

pay for shipping out of your profits so

it says they recommend free shipping to

increase sales I'm gonna do that you

don't have to but it's totally up to you

set your price I would like a fast sale

so I'm gonna put it out $40 and I'm also

gonna add flexible pricing so this is

what I really really love about Macari

is that they have smart pricing set it

and forget it you guys know if you watch

my videos I love automation and that's

why I hate posh

mark because on Poshmark you have to

login constantly be changing your prices

refreshing your item you have to be

following people you have to be sharing

stuff like that is way too much work way

too time-consuming for me so on Macari

they have smart pricing so they will

gradually adjust the price for you based

on demand but no lower than your floor

price okay so I'm gonna leave it at what

they recommend at $34 boom this is

awesome you guys this is so awesome

okay I'm gonna click list and it is live

see how easy that that was so you can

see it is live right here I might go

back and edit the photos to make them

look a little bit better but it is there

so I will expect to see some views

coming in on that some likes coming in

on that and by the time this video is

live hopefully it will have sold I'm not

sure but we shall definitely see so I

definitely think McCarty is where it's

at in 2020 for selling online whether

it's your own personal items from your

home thrifted items from the thrift

store or liquidations liquidation boxes

like I got I hope you guys have enjoyed

these tips and I hope you get some

things listed and make some sales really

really quickly

they have sat on the app that popular

items will sell within 72 hours okay so

if your listing good stuff you're going

to know because it is going to sell very

very quickly okay so I am gonna pop off

of the screen share here and then I'm

going to show you some shipping supplies

that I recommend using alright so now

that you know how to list an item what

comes next right you sell the item and

then you have to ship it so what I

recommend doing before you even sell

anything is going to I'm going

to link this exact link in the

description box below it's not an

affiliate link but it's just a recommend

for you guys I ordered these mailing

packets so these are Priority Mail

bubble envelopes okay so you can put

your item in here these are a hundred

percent free from USPS okay I've been in

other groups and people are saying that

they get their their mailing supplies

like from Amazon and they get he's like

really pretty pink or purple like

mailers who do not need to spend money

on that stuff okay most people who don't

really care about what the packaging is

they care about the item that they're

getting so pick these up for free you

can order them online and have them

shipped directly to your house okay and

then once you get your shipping label

from Macari you're just gonna print that

out right I have a printer at home I

print the shipping label and I just tape

it right here to see this is that the

label goes right here you just tape it

right on here with packing tape close it

up you can even schedule pick up on so that you don't even have to

go to the post office how amazing is

that I'm a homebody I don't like leaving

the house though this is perfect for me

okay so get yourself some shipping

supplies and you will be ready for when

that first order comes in I hope you

enjoyed these tips for getting set up

too so on Macari and this year I really

look forward to your success be sure to

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