How To Get Your eBay Listings To Sell Fast - Make Money & Run A Successful Store (EBAY SELLER GUIDE)

if you want to sell your eBay products fast all you have to do is...

what is going on everybody welcome back to modern entrepreneur my name is Holden and in

this video I will be teaching you guys how to sell your eBay items fast and how

you can get the best price for these items I've personally been selling on

eBay for over 4 years now and I've picked up a lot of tips and secrets that

would have been very helpful to know when I started selling eBay products I'm

sharing these strategies with you because as of right now there's almost

30 million active eBay sellers on the site but lucky for you there's also 183

million monthly users on the site that are looking for products that they want

to buy with this in mind you need to stand out in some way from the rest of

the pack because more likely than not you'll be selling an item that someone

else already has a listing for on eBay however you should not be discouraged

because by the end of this video you will become an eBay selling pro and make

sure you stick around until the end because I have a little extra bonus tip

which I've used to sell a lot of my listings on eBay

ok so the first strategy to selling your eBay listings fast is all about

optimizing your listing eBay runs on an algorithm which scans your listing for

keywords and so it knows when to have your listing pop up when people search a

certain set of words with this knowledge it is very important to include as many

of those keywords on your post the most important spot to include them is in

your title you want to fill this title space with as many characters as

possible I almost always max out my title length because I know it will have a

better chance of popping up on the eBay search in this title you want to include

a very brief description of what your item is make sure to include any sizes

coloring and if you have space include a model number because some people will

just search a model number into eBay instead of describing the product and if

you have that model number in your title you are likely one of the first listings

to pop up this same idea of keywords also goes into your post description you

want to fill this with as many descriptive keywords as possible you do

not want to just put a few sentences in there because the algorithm will not

like that as it will not understand what your product really is instead make sure

you include your title in your description and then from there describe

your product in as much detail as possible even include the random details

that you don't think buyers will care because quite frankly they might not but

the eBay algorithm might and so it is only to your benefit to fill this post

description with as many keywords as possible if you want to go above and

beyond you can even put your photos in your description as well so there's even

more content for the buyers to look at and process you need to realize that

these buyers are buying from someone who they don't know if they are able to

trust they could be buying products off of Amazon or Walmart or other big-name

corporations but instead they're on eBay buying from you because you have a very

specific item however with that you need to portray trust and reliability with

your account and your listings people do not want to buy a listing if it looks

shady in the slightest because they are scared that they will get scammed so

instead be very attentive to your description and make sure you encourage

the buyers to send you offers or to ask you questions about the product this

will create a better connection between you and the buyers and so they will have

more trust in buying your product another extra tip for your post

description is to actually promote your other listings on that description an

example of this is by saying if you enjoy this product make sure you look at

the other listings on our store because we will be happy to combine items and

save you on shipping costs this is a win win because the buyer will receive the

items faster as they are shipped together and you will be clearing out

your inventory much quicker as this will be free advertising for your other

listings now that we have covered the SEO basics for eBay we can get into how

to sell your item so there are two main ways that you can sell your item on eBay

you can either put it up for a Buy It Now price or you can sell it on an

auction now personally I have found that both of these methods have different

pros and cons the auction setting will allow your products to sell much quicker

than if you just put up a Buy It Now price however you will often receive

less money from an auction than if you waited for that buyer who is willing to

pay that buy a now price so what I personally do is have all my items at a

Buy It Now price but include a best offer option so that buyers can still

send me offers and I can negotiate with them this way I'm still looking for that

premium buyer to pay at that high price but if it's been sitting there for a

while and someone sends me a decent offer

maybe I'll counter with a bit higher and we can find a middle point and get a

deal done I recommend having a to offer option on all of your

buy-it-now listings because you never really know if the buyer would just buy

that product if it was five dollars cheaper if you do not have this option

so make sure to turn that on when you're creating your listing another tip for

buy-it-now listings is by starting your product at a very high price one that

you will not expect anyone to pay for but but few minutes after you publish

your listing go back into the listing and knock that price down by a

substantial margin this could be anywhere from twenty to fifty percent

then when people click on your listing they will see that your price got

reduced drastically and they will feel like they were getting a better deal

even though they're paying the price that you're originally wanting for that

item this is a little psychological trick to sell your eBay items faster and

you need to know that selling on eBay is a lot about psychology the whole bidding

system and having your product stand out is all about what appeals to buyers and

what they feel like they can trust a perfect example of this is when you sell

items using an auction feature this feature is very beneficial for those who

are looking to clear out their inventory faster and cannot afford to hold on to a

product as long and don't worry you can still get a great price from auctions

but I actually recommend starting your auctions at a very low price instead of

a mid-range price this may sound counterintuitive but it has been shown

that if you start an option at a lower price you will get more variety of

people bidding on your item and this is where the endowment effect comes into

play the endowment effect is a psychological process where people tend

to over value the items that they already possess

and while these bidders do not own your item already they are already

visualizing what they are do if they own that item so this simple method of

bidding on an item already tricks the buyers brain into wanting that item and

picturing having that item and with that they will overvalue what it's actually

worth and will keep bidding to try to secure this product in my experience

I've had many listings that I have started on an auction at a low price

actually end up selling at a higher price than my original buy it now asking

price this is because many buyers get excited when bidding on an item and

really just get caught up in the bidding process just trying to outbid their

competition and don't actually look at what the product is worth if they really

want the product they will keep bidding to try to secure the item at all

costs another trick to clearing out your inventory fast and getting sales on eBay

is by offering free shipping personally I have free shipping on every single one

of my products as I have found that people really do not like to pay an

extra fee to have the item delivered to them they would rather pay a higher

price with free shipping than a lower price but also have to pay shipping so

make sure you include free shipping on all of your products even if it means

you have to bump up your initial asking price by a little bit because trust me

you will see more sales in this way I know you all clicked on this video to

learn how to sell your eBay items fast but with the strategies I am telling you

of including all these keywords and all this description you may think that

actually uploading this product to eBay is going to take a ton of time and that

may be true if you were starting a listing from scratch however I can't

even remember the last time I started a listing from scratch instead I search

for the item that I am selling and find an item that has sold or is active that

is very similar or exactly the same as my product then I will scroll down and

click sell one like this that way it will copy all that original data on to

your listing and then you can edit this info so it better corresponds with your

item but you should note that the person that you just use this data from is your

competition because they are selling the exact same product so do not stop there

make sure you one up your competition and add even more description and even

more keywords and maybe a little bit better title and then you will stand out

from them who are already doing a good job at optimizing their search

engine results this will save you a ton of time and I highly recommend that you

only sell items like this do not start a listings from scratch as you will waste

a ton of time and get very frustrated by the long process that it takes before we

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selling on eBay I'm really curious to know when all of you started selling

items on eBay and really how far your store has progressed throughout the

years or months or maybe even days if you're a brand new seller I'm just very

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platform now shout out to you guys for not clicking off of this big

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SEO if people are watching through my video so if you're still watching I love

you guys so much thank you so much for supporting the channel and I'm gonna

reward you with my secret bonus tip that I've sold a lot of items with now when

you're selling something on eBay many people are just targeted around one item

however that is what everyone is doing you need to stand out in some way and

with that I like to include a little extra item of value inside my listings

for example I've sold many baseball bats throughout my years on eBay and I have

found that if I sell my bat by itself I can get a decent price but if I include

a batting grip alongside that bat in the listing I can receive a much higher

price for that item a price that's substantially higher in fact they'll

actually cover my cost of buying that extra grip tape and provide some extra

profit on top of that people love to think that they're getting a good deal

by providing a little extra value onto the listing so this can be implemented

with almost any type of listing so for example if you're selling shoes you

could include a separate set of laces brand new laces along with the shoes and

I guarantee you those shoes will sell a lot faster than your competition who is

not including those bonus set of laces people love to see that they're getting

a free item when buying a product because it feels like they are getting a

good deal for the price that they are paying another example of my personal

experience is from reselling supreme if you've watched my other videos you know

that I've been reselling supreme for years and have made a lot of money doing

it however when I list my item I do not list them just by themselves

I actually include a free bonus sticker alongside that order now when I get

these supreme items shipped to me these stickers come free in the mail with that

package so I'm not paying any extra money to acquire these stickers

however just by adding those free stickers onto the listing I can ask a

price that is five to ten dollars above my competition and still get sales

because people feel like they're getting a deal by receiving that free item this

strategy can be used for pretty much any item you're selling on eBay and the only

thing I couldn't think of a good example for is clothes

it will be tough to provide a little extra incentive when you're just selling

an item that's really just a standalone piece however you could always bundle

your items on different listings and see if that works

better for you I have found that bundling items actually result in more

sales but I think it really depends on what category of goods you're selling on

so you should experiment for yourself I really hope you found something of value

in this video and now you know how to sell eBay listings fast and get the best

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