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they'll got me crazy

hi Pixies my name is Gigi welcome or

welcome back to my channel last week I

filmed a big huge closet clean-out and

this week I'm filming how to get rid of

that stuff through deep hot tea pop is

an amazing way because you can make some

money you're being sustainable you're

helping other people thrift and it's

just really good so I'm gonna show you

the ins and outs and how I sell on deep

pop I am selling like one to three

things a week so mighty pop is growing

like a little bit but the amazing thing

about deep pop is you don't need to be

like deep pop famous or like an

influencer to sell anyone can sell on

deep pop so yeah that's what we're gonna

be doing today I hope you love this

video and it's helpful and let's just

jump right into it okay so here's my

setup just my toxin tape and I just like

taped it onto this mirror thing and then

also onto my wall over here

extremely crafty hand Manship but I just

got this backdrop from also yes let's

just look at it now there's one nail

holding on let's just not talk about it

okay okay it's got this white backdrop

from Amazon for I think like sixteen

dollars I'll leave a link down below

this definitely isn't necessary and you

could use a sheet but it is nice to just

have something that's like meant for

photography you could also just use like

a plain wall or like an aesthetically

pleasing wall also it's not completely

necessary but it definitely does help to

have a ring light this one I'll leave

another link for it below this is

actually Brandon's he let me borrow it

Thank You Brandon this is a monster this

light I highly recommend it so if you're

looking for a ring light it's a little

bit on the pricier side and my opinion

is worth it so


down here I'm actually just sorting

things out into piles of t-shirts normal

shirts these are all pants right here

I have accessories those are all dresses

and I still have all of this to sort

over here do you want to be changing as

little as possible which is why I'm

sorting everything out right now ahead

of time so that way I can just wear like

one pair of pants and then try on all

the shirts and then wear one shirt and

try on all the pants you don't have to

be changing like your entire outfit

every single time I'm also gonna be

sorting all of this kind of seasonally

so that way if I have like priority of

where I'm gonna post I'm gonna post what

I know people will be buying like right

now so for example it's winter right now

at least where I live so I'm going to

post in my warmer things first priority

and then from there moving it down

through the ranks to the summery items


so as you can see because of how I hung

this up I have this like nice like

little cave to get stuff out of the way

here and just kind of you know make me

feel a little bit more sane I'm gonna

move all that stuff on the floor back

here so that when I'm out here taking

pictures it's out of the way that way I

can stay in denial about what a mess my

room is

I just like retouch my makeup a little

bit you should take one picture kind of

with my like face in it sometimes kind

of just to like emote the outfit I guess

if that makes any sense at all but it's

definitely not necessary you don't need

to have your face in the pictures at all

I just do it because I feel like it kind

of brings the picture to life but again

not necessary you could totally take

these pictures on an actual camera like

this but since I only have one camera

and I want to be able to film this

process for you guys I'm gonna take it

on my phone but I actually think that's

good you don't need to have like a super

nice camera and you don't need to be

like depop famous it's not like

Instagram influencers anyone can sell on

depop that is the T okay if I can do it

you can do it I'm going to do here very

important D pop post pictures in a

square so you're gonna take your

pictures in square so that you don't

need to go back in later and clop every

single picture what you're gonna do is

you're good then I'm gonna put it on

self timer I have mine two three seconds

right now but depending on how much time

yes so you're aware button to camera has

worse quality than the back camera

quality so if you're really worried

about your photo quality and you are

sacrificing it like and start up using a

nice camera like this you would probably

want to flip the phone and take it the

other way that's just really tricky

because you have to keep running back

around and clicking it every single time

which gets really exhausting if you only

have like a couple things to post okay

but if you have like a ton of stuff it

just doesn't seem worth it clothes just

need to be visible and look good but

they don't need to it doesn't need to be

like these high h.q whatever quality

photographs okay I'm gonna take like a

couple angles of each one as well I'm

gonna do one kind of active one where

you can see my face so it just feels a

little bit more dynamic and get some

inspiration and feel more like excited

to buy it because I know that it looks

cute on you and then I'm going to take a

picture from the back and

I'm gonna do a super up-close one so

they can see the fabric and the details

of the piece that you're shooting last

time at least it's also very important

if there are damages on whatever you're

selling like a stain or rip literally

anything I promise you taking a picture

of it and posting it along with your

pictures is going to save you time and

money it's really important to be

transparent with customers about stains

and damages a lot of the times people

don't care like I've bought things with

a little staying here and there or even

a little rip it's just really important

to be transparent about those so that

you don't like have to like open any

deep up disputes and stuff so that's

important just be honest and caring

everybody okay okay so I just took

pictures of everything

well actually it's daytime now and it

took me to like 1:30 in the morning so

but I finished let's just sleep when

we're dead

I already started uploading some this

morning and I just wanted to show you

the upload process on epub to optimize

your sales so this one I actually only

need really felt like I needed to upload

two pictures so that's what I did and

then in the description I always like to

start off with like something that will

really catch their attention so often

times I put in capital letters and then

I just try to describe the item in like

a cute way that would like excite

someone about buying it I don't know

kind of like a marketing type of idea at

least that's what's going on my head I

don't know

in marketing but for this one I was like

baddie little guest ha I go on to

describe the top so I said this hot pink

crop top is sure to turn heads so soft

and comfy this top is so flattering it

is guess the pink color is so cute it

makes the perfect casual bit or it can

be dolled up for a flirty night out I

think it's really smart in your

description to tell them a some way that

you think it would look nice styles this

would look adorable with the jean jacket

and like your favorite pair of shoes and

then you also give them an occasion to

wear it too so for a casual day or a

flirty night out kind of just makes the

customer while they're reading envision

themselves this is just my thought

process who really knows if that

actually works but uh that's where I'm


that's what I'm going for and then I

like to describe the size just in a

little bit more detail and I always try

and make sure that I also tell them that

I'm a true extra small so I say I think

this could fit an actual small or small

just depending on how crop do you want

it to be remember that the model is a

size extra small and then deep hop gives

you five hashtags that you can use I've

gotten in trouble from depop before by

using hashtags of like just brand names

because people you should do that a lot

to like kind of get like attention to

their products and it does work but

depop obviously doesn't want you doing

that because it's like a big false

advertisement which makes sense so you

can't just use brand names for like

attention the Styles like crop tops

sweater sweatshirt then the color pink

blue etc you guys know your colors 2020

we'll learn our colors it's cool brand

if it's like a brand so that I know

people will search and then anything

else if the shirt has butterflies on it

for example you'll want to write

butterfly these are all things that

someone might search when they're

shopping on depop so if you like grow

butterfly and your thing has butterflies

when someone searches butterfly just

because they're in the mood to get

something butterfly related then a ton

of stuff is going to come up and yours

is going to be included


so I try and choose the most dynamic

picture that I think would catch

attention for the first one and then I

also try and pick kind of a more

full-body one so then I'm gonna write my

description I said you'll be the baddest

fatty at the event in this top so cute

and flattering see I'm really just

trying to hype up the product this is a

brandy melville top so it's super soft

and comfy I always like to say something

about the quality of the shirt cropped

little cardigan with cheetah print

shrimp and then I say something about

how it can be worn this can be dressed

up or down depending on your occasion

and it's so freakin cute perfect for a

night out but would also make the cutest

off-duty model look with your favorite

pair of jeans and some layered gold

jewelry and now we have five hashtag so

I'm gonna start with brandy melville if

you have a big brand like brandy

melville it will get traction make sure

you use that to your advantage then I'm

gonna say cheetah print and I'm gonna

say cardigan crop top and I'm gonna say

one more and I'm gonna say cropped

cardigan pricing is probably the hardest

part for me um this shirt specifically

is in like perfect condition and I

probably bought it for like $20 but

here's the thing

from my ears on depop once I started

pricing my off my pieces lower I sold

more but if you're selling more things

at lower prices in the end you're gonna

make more money you know so it's good to

err on the lower side because trust me

they will sell faster if they're lower

but you can also kind of start a little

bit high and say like accepting offers

in your bio and then people can like

actually just send you offers but at

least you have like a chance of getting

that hot air price I must say this is

gonna be $18.00 and see how that goes

just because this is a really nice top


shipping okay let's look at the pop

shipping together here is the D pop

shipping and D pop shipping mm-hmm

it's probably the easiest way to ship

because all you have to do is click one

of these and then literally it just does

it for you and it gives you the thing to

print off and you just stick it to your

package and you're good to go but D pop

shipping is kind of actually very

overpriced I have found that people

really don't like these shipping costs

especially since they've gone up so it's

like literally it's like nine dollars

for a t-shirt like twelve dollars for a

jacket like it's just like very

expensive shipping if you do want to

take this easy route I would highly

highly highly highly suggest getting a

little we're from Amazon I was ajust

doing this either way you're gonna want

to weigh your item before choosing one

of these prices here's the thing this

says socks makeup and jewelry are for 75

and it says t-shirts phone sweatshirt

jeans are all nine dollars but then if

you look into the fine print it says

like the actual weight if this makes

sense they can't exactly tell you like

how much you are t-shirt weighs your

t-shirt may weigh half a pound not an

entire two pounds because the medium

option for a t-shirt is two pounds and

most t-shirts don't weigh two pounds so

a lot of my shirts especially like the

little like spring and summer ones weigh

enough for the cheapest price

however it still is pricey even for

those cheaper cheaper things so what I

would suggest and what I have been doing

recently is using PayPal shipping that

shipping usually comes out from the

majority of things to be about three

dollars maybe four dollars so what I've

been doing is I've just been going

straight to arrange my own shipping you

can enter zero dollars and then just

include the shipping price in your cost

for you can enter what I've done is just

three dollars hi what's up so I was so

confusing when I was explaining this so

that's why I'm here now so basically

this is what you should do you should

just charge for three dollars shipping

four shirts five dollars shipping four

pants or like heavier stuff but I don't

think you'll have to charge any more

expensive than five dollars unless

something's like really heavy you can go

through and kind of like estimate

yourself on PayPal shipping you can put

in a different couple weights to kind of

get some estimates on shipping costs of

that then in deep hop you can put that

estimate in and just charge for that and

just charge for that cost for example I

estimate that the majority of my shirts

are going to be at most three dollars

shipping so I'm just gonna go through my

entire depop and just in the arrange

shipping I'm just gonna put a flat rate

for every single shirt of three dollars

and that way I know a I might make a

dollar in there but I won't lose money

if I charge it at three dollars you

could if you wanted to literally go

through and calculate every single

shipping cost on PayPal before putting

it into depop but that's just super

time-consuming I think you're totally

fine just estimating that's super

confusing and I hope it made sense cuz

it I editing this I was I was like this

this this was an accurate representation

of how I felt and I was editing so

okay I love you back to the video like

multi orders shipping kind of like

hidden in the PayPal website but just

search up like multi order shipping this

is really nice because PayPal is

actually linked to your deep up so that

orders that you've made will already be

loaded in once they come in and then you

just click Add I'm shipping this thing

this lovely uh fine to a customer

anytime you get a package

save it save your packages you would

lose a lot more money if you were buying

these every single time you need it to

ship it would also be so much less

sustainable and stuff I know some depop

sellers like get like like customized

ones of these but honestly I feel like

that's just such a waste and just really

unsustainable and not cool so I'm gonna

pop this baby in here here's my scale on

the very first thing I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna weigh it


PayPal unfortunately it does not take

decimals so you just have to round up so

the six point three ounces is three

dollars and 22 cents which is pretty

good so now I'm just gonna press review

and pay then you have your tracking ID

so I like to copy paste the tracking ID

right from there and then text it to

myself so that I can copy paste it into

Depot so I'm gonna go print this label

and I will be right back I've printed my

shipping label put it on like so now I

have my package my shipping leave I have

my package my shipping label is attached

on the other side when I get depop

packages my favorite sellers and the

ones I like leave the best reviews for

are the ones who like write little

customized notes or even put in

something fun like stickers or something

so what I like to do is I just have like

patterned paper that I keep in my eat

pop area use my scissors to like cut out

a little

and then on the other side I just write

something then I have all of these clips

that I never wear so recently I've been

including like a clip or two in their

bundle it's just cute and will really

like brighten their day and just really

give your shop a good reputation and as

you're growing your deep pop shop you

want to like have a good reputation I'm

just gonna seal it up now and it's ready

to go

I really just quickly wanted to show you

all like my pops area in my room I think

especially if you start growing your

deep pop shop and you're getting like

continuous orders like every single week

you probably want to start like having

an area for your stuff so this entire

box right here it's like comes up to my

hips you can see how big it is has all

my deep pop clothing in it that has been

listed and now I need to keep until it

gets sold

if stock doesn't sell like after like

six and a half months I'll just take it

out of this box and donate it because if

it hasn't sold yet it probably won't on

this shelf right here I have X shoes and

like accessories like bags and stuff

belts up there is just like an extra

thing of clothes that couldn't fit down

there this shelf is up top has nothing

to do with my deep up but this one is

pretty important so I have some this is

still like only a fraction of shipping

items I keep my where here it's

important you keep tape I have scissors

and a pen in here and I have the paper

for the little notes in here as well I

have the bag of whatever look I have the

bag of like whatever I'm

handing out at the moment at the moment

it's these clips but in the past it's

been like butterfly clips I've done

stickers before another really good

thing to have is a measuring tape this

one I just randomly found around my

house but that's super important because

often times people will message you

questions about measurements is this

like a construction one I have like a

one that you can wrap around somewhere

but I don't know where it is but that is

the optimal choice and and that's this

area alright everyone so I'm gonna go

mail this package now it's time for me

to bounce like a bunny I love you guys

thank you so much for watching this

video I hope this is helpful I love you

Pixies have an amazing rest of your day

go outside more and I'll see you next