How to sell items QUICKLY on Craigslist and LetGo

what is going on everybody I wanted to

quickly touch base on a couple of

announcements I know I haven't published

any content on the channel

scootch is been working a lot and I have

been preoccupied with a couple different

projects so I wanted to do a quick

update so for everybody out there that's

been asking on social media we are

actually moving so we are moving from

our home here in San Mateo California to

Tampa Florida we're very excited to

relocate but that comes with a lot of

new and adventurous things so the first

update is that we are relocating

super-excited so thank you all for

asking all of your questions about that

over the past couple months and the next

bit that I wanted to cover here was

selling products on let go as well as

Craigslist and some quick tips that we

have learned through the process of

selling things as we're going through

the moving process of getting a moving

company along and loading the moving

company and whatnot so the first thing

that we quickly noticed was a lot of

people say that these new apps that have

come out are you know better than

Craigslist but ultimately Craigslist is

in my opinion the gold standard for

selling products hyper locally and the

first thing that we did with our

Craigslist listings was you go into your

account dashboard and you have you know

the option to add your location you have

the option to add the dimensions the the

products the brand that makes a product

as well as the model and the pictures so

first and foremost pictures are

definitely way way WAY important on

Craigslist like they are the night and

day difference between products getting

sold and not so we ran some tests on our

products as we were selling because we

have about a month left before we leave

and for Tampa and one of the most

important things was the quality of the

pictures so for example I took pictures

on my phone of the products we were

selling so we were selling the couch the

one that I'm actually sitting on right

now this Pottery Barn couch we're

selling a TV and ottoman table and

chairs a monitor an office chair like

just selling basic furniture and when

people are looking around on Craigslist

if they want to see an image right away

like a thumbnail on YouTube it's almost

like that's the reason that they're

there getting involved is because they

know that there's a picture and they

know that there's something there

there's some substance there to look at

as they're shopping on Craigslist so the

picture is number one that's the most

important piece to selling items on

Craigslist the number two piece is the

quality in the actual photo

so when Airbnb started a fun story is

that they were trying to figure out why

certain properties were getting booked

more than others and they found that it

was all about the quality of the photos

on the good properties that were being

booked more so they hired a bunch of

photographers sent them out to the all

their properties took higher-quality

pictures and then they had that hockey

stick growth that they have today where

they have high quality photos that you

go on and when you go on Airbnb you'll

see that they're mostly the most booked

products or their most booked properties

are the ones with the best photos so

that is the second component to really

really fast sales on Craigslist as a

high quality photo with good lighting

and if you don't have a lighting kit you

can just use basic natural lighting I'm

not using a lighting kit right now and

this is just natural light but this was

perfect for our items of getting things

sold so after you have your picture you

have your story like tell a quick story

say for example my wife and I are moving

from California to Florida

we need to lighten our load because

we're working with a moving

company that's gonna be coming to pick

up all of our all of our items from our

apartment and what you need to do is

just tell a quick story why you're

selling because everybody's gonna be

asking is it broken what's the deal here

so once you have your story down pat you

can just copy and paste that across your

different listings and once you have

your story make sure that you add in

only serious enquiries at the bottom

always add in the brand and the model

that helps dimensions help a lot

they help almost as much as the brand

and the model at least from what we've

found because people are going on there

with measurements in mind especially if

they've just moved into a new house or

apartment these measurements are gonna

be key so those are the first three most

important pieces to listing on

Craigslist and also if you don't sell

within the first let's say 48 hours of

the posting each one is 7 days and it's

live on Craigslist but if you don't sell

within the first 48 hours go in lower

the price and renew your posting because

on weekends you'll see a spike of a

pretty drastic amount of enquiries

compared to the weekdays so definitely

prepare for your weekends like for

example today is Friday and I'm renewed

the listings that did not sell

immediately and we've lowered the price

and with the renewal and the lowered

price it helps a lot because it boosts

up the the ranking on Craigslist as far

as the Let Go app Sarah she has been

managing that and that one was pretty

interesting we got a hit within 20

minutes of you know listing products on

there and it is a pretty new app and I

think that there is another one called

offer up and we have been experimenting

around with that to see how that works

but overall Craigslist is the the

supreme option

for selling furniture selling home goods

and just selling items to people in your

local area and we have had more success

on that probably five or six x what we

have had success on with the other

applications so when it comes to

Craigslist we have our photo making sure

that's on there we have the high quality

of the photos whether it's just regular

natural lighting or just a high quality

camera that you're using your iPhone and

whatnot and then we have the story so be

sure that you're telling a quick story

about what what you're doing why you're

selling it because everybody asks you

know why why are you selling your goods

are they broken what's the deal and you

know run tests on the different

platforms so you know run it on let go

London run it on offer up front on

facebook running on the different

websites you need and to get your items

out there so we've been really lucky and

and excited to get rid of a lot of

products that we had around the house

especially ones we've reviewed on the

channel that you've seen on videos here

and craigslist has has been the best for

that so overall it's been a pretty

successful sale usually 50% what you

purchased it for on Craigslist may be

even lower than that people are always

gonna be haggling and that's that's the

gist of it that's how to sell products

really quickly is follow those three

guidelines and you should be getting a

lot of enquiries pretty quickly

don't put your phone number on there

don't put your email address on there

you let Craigslist do their anonymous

messaging and don't allow people to you

know take your information on Craigslist

like don't don't publicly post any

information about yourself on the

Craigslist posting because people scrape

that all the time and you don't want to

do that and part of the reason that I

brought up Airbnb as a final note is

that they actually used Craigslist to

get off the ground when they were first

starting they scraped everything all of

the apartments for

off of Craigslist and all the people

associated with them and spammed

everyone and it was like this is urban

legend here in Silicon Valley and they

blamed it on a rogue intern and everyone

always kind of commented on how you can

manipulate broken systems but Craigslist

by no means is broken but they were

manipulating the fact that back then you

could get people's information much

easier scrape it and send out these

emails so that was how I was tying the

two together Craigslist and and Airbnb

so that's it that's how you guys can

quickly sell on Craigslist let me know

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