How to Sell Something on Craigslist Fast

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hey guys welcome back to the channel

today i'm back with yet another tutorial

video on app guide and in today's video

i'll show you how you can create a post

to sell an item on craigslist

so you're sitting down in the living

room sipping a cup of coffee and you

look around and you see an old bookshelf

that you don't use and you wish to sell

it on craigslist

but there's a problem you go to

craigslist official site you log into

your account but you can't figure out

how you can create a post to sell that

bookshelf or any other thing that you

want to sell

today i'll show you exactly how you can

do it in very easy steps so watch this

video till the end and you'll do it in

no time

so in order to do that the first thing

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