Crystals Have Made Me $100,000 Richer | How To Get Rich

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oh my god check that out crystal honey

has made me 100 000

richer and here's how i did it my tick

tock blew up

last year oh my gosh i had one video

that hit

over 100 million views wow that is crazy

adrenaline rush dopamine hit i get

oxytocin i'm in love with these crystals

my guest bedroom looks a lot like a

museum i have

two 20 000 clusters just sitting on the


i think this one's going to be really

really nice we are in arkansas

today we'll be pulling some clear quartz

hopefully we'll find some nice clusters

hunt crystals for a living if there's a

crystal that i have in mind i will pick

general region uh contact some friends

we'll go dig see if we can get lucky i'm