How to make a living selling your passion - healing crystals / Fossils and Gemstones

oh there's Danny here from this gems

rock shop doctor at UK and little gems

TV today we've come to our warehouse

which is just outside program and the

purpose is to talk a little bit about

how you can make money on crystals of

gemstones or fossils going back quite a

few years obviously that's what done

myself because it's been a passion since

or to child and I spent several years

with teens

hominin harness to whether anyone else

be interested on crystals before my

following around were far too late I

mean mid early 30s and then I

established the wasn't just me I had

fashioned that it's other people too

luckily now we've um opened up a

warehouse selling also crystals to the

tried we supply shops visit similar

schools museums around the country but

some I've always had a great passion for

theater star a um because of course

being himself and the concept also I

would like to think this is from small

icons they go to describe we sell

crystals obviously in bulk quantities

one bag etc to try them please inquire

on the links below on a mango

talk a little bit about the ideas of way

consultants tools I think one really

important thing marelize is to embrace

social media doesn't matter what size

you have been that you're going to be

sewing crystals is whether it's a

warehouse open dialog being up here or

whether it's of a party gear home

important thing is to get the word out

that you're there and what you sell and

to actually get conversations about it

going on social media just to stimulate

people's idea about actually coming to

your then social media course is also a

great place to promote your website

which is another key key part of growing

your business but also to many people

early in the commerce a key place to

sell the product don't like to come up

to the word personal

but ultimately when we talk myself is so

obviously you can have a website

actually sell so gemstones or fossils or

kala stones on that is so the thing is

many of many of our items are so unique

and one of the powerful things like

polish stones and standard amethyst

clusters many of these pieces are quite

worn off pieces and I'd like to try to

program as a lot of piece and sell them

individually as the case because the

character of a particular piece or the

energy of the piece can be very


so if you look on our website a little

gem drop shop will see this lady a

thousand lines quite often on listed

online but a big percentage of those

maybe 60% on one-off pieces

because it the slight disadvantage to

selling online as fact that many of

these are so tactile so the closer are

pictures we can get

the more angles you can show your piece

at the better chance you got selling it

you can sell obviously as well as on

your own website you can sell on eBay

another postponement we've had several

customers or sold exclusively

but I do not feel that if you have got a

website this is very important to

promote it

not just on social media but to actually

back up your website by going out to

other people are to go to to

mind/body/spirit vents craft shows

markets wherever it might be to actually

say to people this is us where we sell

our product the types of venue can sell

out of course over the years we've tried

quite a few different many different

styles of event so the first policy said

as you can and obviously sound crystals

in your home or brings home as a party

plan type of principle so you can have

daily Gardens smooth coffee Moon Bay

incorporate crystals and jewelry into it

instead of that way you can sell to to

to make money groups of people so for

instance so there are a lot of people so

bristles of psychic aprons isn't it time

one key group of people which i think

which actually laughs Christmas the

children so I've always Bank that the

school face etc also really good

favorite place to sell crystals and

possums as well and tends to be the boys

tend to love fossils little bit sexist

crap tends to be slightly in image which

children are attracted to crystals

apostles and I found actually that from

experience but genius girls tend to be

five by far much better places because

that's that's where there's a real real

passion a real hunger for information


principles it's also covered quite a bit

in the syllabus and it tends to be the

faith's etc which occur during the

daytime when both the parents and the

children rank which which we've always

had more success at than evenings pamper

evenings etc later on in the day but

that's just my personal experience of

course the other thing which we actually

started out doing was to sell crystals

at craft fairs country fairs mind body

and spirit events

it's a little bit hit-and-miss in the

first few years of start new business up

is to know which events are going to

work well which means on some events

unfortunately aren't advertised at well

and other events are advertised well but

but cost a fortune or table so as I said

that there's different target audiences

and I'll make this as a beginning to

identify which of those who want to go

for so children was one target audience

obviously another target audience is

this farik's or here inside of interest

in in crystals there's also the

aesthetic side for people to use a

fruity redesign you want to distend

again something aesthetically looks nice

in the home and then of course there's

bone mineral bottle collectors as well

so there's kind of best for target

audiences fair and this obviously

Poseidon which do you want to home in on

but but initially it could be trust

trying to find what is the best in your

area so obviously children's one even

was another one so over here inside of

course it could be the new course

appearance enters tissues hairdressers a

new area which don't sell crystals and

it could be very Pro crystals in there

um both being interested in taking a cup

so if you've offered them a commissioner

some twenty

very Center for teams and if if they

sell your crystals so that's another

potential place the cell crystals

obviously obviously have a higher invest

there's obviously a shock and it gets to

a point that if you're doing craft fairs

etc you'll probably get to a point where

if you are hopefully make enough money

you actually won't sell in one spot like

it replace the price but often I think

obviously but risking install a shop

stray a ride can be quite big so just to

test your market initially trying all

those different avenues is it kind of

good place to start

the important thing I feel sometimes in

life is to make a leap and sometimes the

first step before you do it can seem a

bit intimidating a bit frightened but if

you make that leap if you make that step

the longest journey the journey of a

thousand mile

start with single step until you

actually test our mark out until you

actually buy that first batch of

crystals and I remember going back 15 16

17 years ago we initial a lie has gone

to the first wholesaler after that

collected my first batch of crystals

myself on the beach isn't that sold

buying crystals will be I'm Salem at

first seemed a bit daunting until he

made that leap and of course you don't

know how long the turn is going to be

but certainly in terms of if you want to

obtain gemstones minerals crystals

fossils in parts Dylan CDs then

obviously we're here to help so please

contact us

I've been roughly that's all I've got to

say today some the details of the low

and if we loved it to here for me thank

you for