How to sell your surplus quail eggs

are your coil producing more eggs than

you can consume or give away in this

video I'll give you some ideas on how to

get rid of those extra eggs and possibly

put a few bucks in your pocket hello my

name is cherry and welcome to pattern x

corner so you've got a refrigerator full

of eggs and your family and friends

haven't used up the last batch of giving

but your quail continued to produce more

eggs one solution is to sell them online

probably one of the easiest place to

sell the eggs online would be Facebook

or Craigslist the Facebook marketplace

allows you to sell eggs or an hatching

egg but they do not allow live animal

sales so just kind of watch that when

you post Craigslist doesn't have a

problem with it they will they have a

regular farm and garden section that

they allow any kind of farm animals and

farm products so you'll be fine on

Facebook another place you can check

would be flea markets or farm markets

Asian markets seem to do pretty well in

Florida there is a limited egg and

poultry permit required to sell surplus

surplus eggs to consumers and businesses

like restaurants and farm stores they do

a limit the amount of eggs that you can

sell in a month but the statue's applied

to chickens and I don't know if it

applies to quail or not so I'm not sure

that these limitations apply you can go

online and I'll post a link down below

for the egg laws for each state so okay

let me go ahead and take you over and

show you my egg refrigerator and my

packaging and whatnot and get these

things put up okay here's my

refrigerator it's just a small dorm

fridge but it's plenty big enough for

the eggs that I use for selling after I

collect the eggs I place them down here

in these tubs and as they're needed I

will package them up in these

little 12 count plastic egg curtains

which makes it really nice the customers

seemed to like the fact that I put them

in curtains

I've seen people at market selling them

just in a little ziplock plastic bag

they'll put 50 of them in a bag and sell

them like that but I think this looks a

little bit more professional and it

keeps the customers coming back another

thing you could do with your surplus

eggs if they're fertile is seldom as

hatching eggs selling them locally would

be great you wouldn't have to worry

about shipping and shipping supplies and

and the foam inserts for the boxes and

everything if you are going to ship I

would keep it within your state because

once you cross state lines and you need

to be NPI P certified which is national

poultry Improvement Plan and if you are

interested in that you could go to

poultry improvement org and all the

information there is online for what you

need to do to get certified so if your

girls are producing more eggs and you

can consume consider offering them to

the public and maybe offset some cost of

feed or materials for your quail I want

to thank you for stopping by if you have

any questions or comments post them down

below hit that subscribe button thanks

for joining us today and good luck with

all your egg sales