One of the most profitable ways to sell your quail eggs!!! Quail for profit by Myshire Farm

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hey everybody it's zach from myshire

farm and i am back again with another

video to help you on your journey with

katonix quail and becoming more

self-sufficient in this video we are

going to continue our discussions on

quail for profit we are doing a playlist

of this on our youtube channel my shire

farm you can go to the channel and

there's a tab called playlist

there's a playlist called

you guessed it quail for profit you can

watch those and that is to help educate

encourage and enthuse you to start or

continue your quail business and make

some side money which is fantastic for

everyone we also have a ton of other

playlists on there that you will want to

check out new to quail and what i need

to know the hatching process papa the

builder and so many more so make sure

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