Joining People Or Selling Products in QNET?

if you think that you earn money from

unit just by joining people you are

completely wrong you don't earn money

for joining people unit pace you through

its compensation plan when there's a

product or service is being sold so you

make money for the movement of products

and services hey guys I thought of

making a video to explain you that our

company unit never pays you money for

joining people in the organization by

joining people you can't make money if

in any company if you can make money by

joining people it is a complete scam so

for those who are misunderstood that the

way to make money from qunit is by

joining people I want to explain you

very clearly that you don't make money

for joining people you make money by

selling products and services to

customers and there's a chance you can

make a customer a distributor and

through that distributor you can sell

more and more products and services to

more customers and you actually we can

make them also distributors in our

organization so qunit pays you not for

people joining unit pays you for the

movement of products and services so

that is a legitimate way of moving

products and services to consumers I

hope you understood this simple message

and if you think somebody's

misunderstood that unit is a platform

where you are just toying people and

make money right please send this

message and help me talk to him through

this video


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