My Process To Create and Make Money Selling Python Applications to Real Customers

hey everyone stefan here from be a

python dev this is the second time i'm

making this video because the first time

my microphone switched

hopefully this time around it'll go a

little smoother in this presentation i'm

going to talk about how to make money by

selling your python applications and the

process of doing this

and this video idea came to me because i

am going to be creating a

youtube application that will hopefully

help people

be able to manage multiple channels and

automate the process

of uploading to multiple channels and

while thinking about how i'm going to do

this i came up with the process that i'm

going to follow and i thought about

sharing that to you all

this will allow you to think through the

process of

creating a application that can be sold

the important parts around doing this

and how you can create and distribute

this application to create a passive

income stream

uh the first thing that's involved in

creating a python application that you

can sell

is actually coming up with an idea that

sells to be able to do this you should


an intimate knowledge of a workflow that

you can identify what can be coded

meaning something with a lot of manual

work involved in doing it

such as uploading videos to multiple

youtube channels

if you're doing that using the youtube

ui you have to click back and forth a


you have to upload things in multiple

tabs and write out a bunch of things and

it gets kind of tedious

with the application idea i have it will

definitely save people time and simplify

the process of uploading to multiple

channels at once

as long as the code that you're writing

takes less time to make the program than

it does to repeatedly do this manual


then you should do it and if it's

something that a lot of other people are

doing as well

then it makes sense to make it an

application that you can sell and then

find a way to distribute that so people

can find your application

and buy it and get the same value that

you're getting

such as with my case where lots of

people are uploading videos

and creating content creation plans

if i find a way to create a program that

works for me

i can then additionally think about the

customer's use cases

slightly modify my code to be more

generic to other customers needs

and then that should allow me to sell it

for their use cases as well

as i was just mentioning simplify your

customers pain points as well

to create an application that you can

actually sell if it's only something

that just applies to you if it's very

specific to you

other people aren't going to buy it

meaning you need to think about the use

cases that other customers are doing

and how to create code around that that

will simplify things for them as well

ultimately for this program to sell it's

going to need to create value for the

potential customers that you're


initially i'm trying to simplify how i

interact with youtube

meaning that i am my own customer and

because of that i can think through

things that would apply to me

that might also apply to other streamers


content creators and deliberately think

through their use cases in addition to

my own

so that while i'm creating the design to

my application i can

extend it a little bigger in scope this

way the more value

that my program creates the higher

target price i can sell

uh the better feedback i'll get from


and the more i can actually grow this

into a potential like

larger application and maybe even a

bigger business around it if i can

genericize it to

apply to other platforms as well as

other like

content creation ultimately though think


think if this application can scale

bigger if it can if it can apply to a

lot of

different customers use cases then that

is a good sign that this is an

application that can

sell and is worth investing time into

which brings me back to another point if

this is a very small application

that would take hundreds of hours to

create and it only applies to like

one very kind of small niche it might

not really be worth doing then

if that is the situation then you need

to think how you can broaden the scope

or how you can reduce the time to

actually solve that problem for yourself

and the other maybe hundreds of people

that you sell it to

again if you can create this application

in 20 hours and depending on how you

value your time if you do sell it to 100


if that one use case is so specialized

that you can put a high price point on

it then it might still be

an advantageous application to create

and sell

after you've thought through the ideas

how you can grow the application and

scale it to

potential other use cases and customers

and you've thought through

the customer's needs ultimately then

you'll go through the process of

developing the application

so you will design out those use cases

think through

the code that will be needed for that

again having a good upfront design

will allow you to save time in the

actual development process and you'll

likely come out with a more


application while you're going through

that design

ensure that the customers will

understand how to use your program

meaning what kind of documentation will

be around this use case

what kind of help messages will there be

within the application as far as a cli

or a ui

if there is a ui how will customers

interact with the components

in the ui like what will the buttons

look like when you click on a button how

will the

application change to let the user know

that something's happening

and also make sure that you code it in a

way that you give

immediate feedback of what the

application is doing so

if they did something and the


did something right then let them know

with like a big clear

green text box success this worked or a

big like red

pop-up or something or a big red text

line in the cli that

this didn't work this is why it didn't

work these are the steps that you can

take to fix the action such as if the

api failed because the network was down

then tell them to check their network

if the api failed because the

credentials were incorrect in a certain

file then tell them to double check the


in their credential.json file or


make sure the customer has a good user

experience when they're interacting with

the application

that way they're less likely to ask for

refunds they're more likely to refer

your application to other people

and overall it'll just give you a good

brand recognition you get good reviews

and that will help you

potentially market your application more

in the future

as you're writing the code make sure you

use like private source code control

to track the changes try starting with

just a git repository locally and then

you can extend that to a private

repository or aws

code repository i think is what they

call it

that way you can revert changes if you

commit something that was bad and breaks


application to a point where you don't

know how to fix it

and as your application scales up and

you get another developer or two working

on it you can share them the private

repository and then you can

create features in parallel in a nice

way that you're not stepping on each

other's toes

once you have all the code written and

tested everything's documented you're

sure the user experience is good that

people will leave good reviews and not

ask for refunds

you want to think through how you're

going to distribute your code

you could ship the raw code like you

could just check it into a public

python package or a python like git

repository and then you can tell people

go to the git repository and feel free

to download it

and you can use like a an open source


where potentially you like sell support

of your application or you just grow it

as a big community because you like

making code

but again like i said earlier if this

has a business justification to make and

could be sold

then i would just sell it because

as a developer my time is kind of

limited if you create an application

that saves me time

like if i go from uploading youtube

videos from

six hours a month to only doing it 30


you know you save me five and a half

hours that time is worth

anywhere between 150 to 450 to me

therefore i would pay up to 150 for that

application if it had a good user


uh everything was well documented all

the things that i talked about earlier

uh you probably don't want to put 150

for something that's a cli

so if you put like a 20 price point on

it and i'm spending twenty dollars to

get 150 or more worth of value

even more over the course of using this

for a year i'm definitely gonna buy that

and it's worth

something to distribute so

as i just as i just pointed out if your

application that you're working on that

you're watching this video for

is something that is likely to appeal to

me you know leave something in the

comments let me know

feel free to use that to talk about your

application and just share something

among other developers

back to what i was talking about once

you've written your code

and everything is good and you'd be

confident shipping this to a customer

you want to compile it so that you

protect your source code

you can use pi2exe for that or pi


personally i don't know which one's

better i'm most likely gonna just

dig into both of them and do my software

engineering process where

i look at the pros and cons of both

packages uh try downloading

one or two of them and making an exe

with both of them

figure out which one is actually simpler

for the customer to use

because ultimately you're making this

for an end user

and you want them to have a good

experience with your application that's

the most important thing when you're

like selling something to a customer

is that they have a good

is that they have a good time using it


and then once i've created one of those

bundles i've downloaded it i know that

it works well for me

then i'll go on to the next step of the

process here and lastly you know

you've came up with your idea you've

written the code

you've documented the code and you've

bundled your code in a way that

it can't be easily reverse engineered

and stolen

you want to market and sell your

application actually i want to take a

step back from something that i just


having your code stolen when you're

shipping your code

you'll be bundling in potentially api

keys or some other

way for people to interact with the code

and once they download it there's

nothing necessarily to stop them from

copying and pasting it

to all their friends in an email or

whatever if that's something you really

want to avoid because this is

a very like specialized application that

you put in a lot of work into

you can think about other layers of


such as shipping api keys on your own

and creating a database in the back end

to store those api keys

like once two people try to register an

api key then it disables and then they

can no longer interact with the app

like for instance if your app starts up

it connects to a

remote server to verify that the app is

legal and if it isn't then shutting down

the functionality

that's something you can look into on

future iterations once your app has a

bigger user base and you're more

concerned with protecting the

integrity of your app like if it's

something that a lot of people would

use you don't want everyone to just use

it for free

unless of course you do want everyone to

use it for free that's

your decision to make but that is a


where if someone's getting like an exe

compiled version of your application

that they can just

upload it to a website on their own and

sell it on their own if you want to stop

them from doing that you'll need to


more of a backend server and kind of

database layers to check

the ownership of the application

all right so now that we've talked a

little bit about the distributions and

the security

the next step is marketing and selling

your application

first you'll want a sales page to be

able to sell your app on

this will allow you to upload your app

behind like a gate

the sales page can tell the user what

value this provides to them

and convince them a little bit more like

why they want this

and you just saw lightning flicker in

the back kind of have a storm going on

right now

hopefully uh i don't know if it's a good

or a bad idea to record during a storm

but i'm doing it anyways

and again the sales page can also serve

as like a digital

storefront to allow people to purchase

your page

even while you're sleeping so that

creates that passive income stream

if you have a following on social media

then definitely let them know about your


even like even further along in the

process than when it's available for

sale so you can build up hype around it

like you can send out a tweet or

something like hey just have this great

idea for an application

it's going to knock your socks off and

save you five hours a week

checking your emails or going through

all of your your sales funnels or all

that stuff

and as you keep sending out these tweets

kind of every day you know

you'll get a little bit more interest

from your people following and as long

as it doesn't feel like it's a hard sale

if it's just like

kind of you're excited about sharing

this and you are confident

that it does provide value then your

user base will respond to you probably

pretty well and you'll get some dms like

hey put me on a pre-sale list or

whatever if you don't have a large

social media following like

me since i don't really have that much

time to tweet and facebook as much

as i wish i did for trying to build my

python brand uh you can create a

facebook business page for your


and what this facebook business page

will allow you to do is create ads

for your product and you can create like

an intro video

that explains what your application is

what it does how it will benefit the


and then once you have that post on the

page you can then

boost it or promote that share

and with that promotion you are able to

target specific people

so like in my case where my application

is going to be towards people that

upload youtube videos to multiple


i can target it to content creators

between like 25 and 35

i don't necessarily want to promote this

to 16 year olds because they're likely

not gonna have the money to purchase it

but maybe they are if they're big

youtubers again that's kind of what my

niche is is

like selling it to establish youtubers

to save them time

and running their channel then

maybe just like everyone that is a

content creator could potentially be my


if you're creating a youtube ad you

might even be able to go further and

say like only present this ad to content

creators that have more than 1 000

subscribers so people that are monetized

people that are likely to see the value

in this and purchase this

if your product is something that

automates something for skateboarding i

don't know what it is i'm just pulling

this out of my head

then you can target people that are

interested in skateboarding

facebook normally has a pretty good idea

of what you're in

based on like what groups you're in what

your shares are about

they do a lot of tracking which a lot of

people are scared of but

i don't mind it because it makes my life


generally and as someone creating an

application in the product you can use

that to your advantage as well to make

sure the people that will get value from

your application

are the ones that see it and then you

can have them link through to your sales


and then they can click through and buy

it and again you can do this all while

you're sleeping so it's more passive

if it does have a good community

response like a lot of people are kind

of buying it you know you're getting


sales then you can send out like a


or whatever or collect an email list of

the people that buy it

send out an email to get their feedback

and like hey how's everyone enjoying the


do you have any kind of feedback for me


probably if you have a hundred people

maybe only one out of 100 people will

respond but that one person's feedback


super valuable and it will allow you to

come up with more ideas to improve the


and as you add more value into it and

you get more recognition to your page

and your service you can scale the

application indefinitely

as long as it's like a broad niche this

is the process that i'm going to be

using for creating my application

and also selling it and marketing it


i'll let you all know how that goes in

an update video

and i hope you guys can apply this to

the way that you think about

creating python applications for you to


and if you do find value in this please

do like and subscribe

and leave a comment kind of how you're

going to use this

process what your application is and how

it's going for you

thank you have a good day bye