How to Sell a Put Option on the thinkorswim Mobile App

Hi everybody.

Today we're talking about how to sell a put option on the thinkorswim Mobile app.

Now, I'm using an iPhone today, so if you're using an Android device or a tablet, it's

going to look a little bit different.

The first thing you need to do if you're going to sell a put option is to bring up the symbol

of the underlying stock.

You can either do that by clicking on Quick Quote at the top of the page and entering

the symbol there, or you can click on one of the symbols on your watch list.

In this case, I'm going to click on CAT for Caterpillar.

And it brings up information about caterpillar, but we're going to go to options here, so

I'm going to click on Options.

The Options page will bring up different options possibilities.

You can see that expiration dates listed down the page.

In this case, I'm going to go to December 27, so I'll tap on December 27 and it will

show the strike prices down the middle of the page to the left, or the calls, and to

the right of the puts.

Since we're selling a put, I'm going to look to the right side of the page.

I'm going to locate the strike price I want to sell.

For this example, we use the 143 strike, and I'm gonna click on the bid price for that

strike because that's what I want to sell.

So, I'm gonna click on 254, which is the bid price for the 143 strike.

Now, it's going to load up an order.

It's showing that I want to sell a put option.

It gives me the possibility of changing different fields.

I can change from limit to market.

I can change the quantity.

I can change the limit price, or if it's a stop order, I can change the stop price.

In this case, I'm going to choose to sell two contracts, so I'm going to click on the

minus sign just to the left of the minus one, and we'll change the quantity.

I'll leave it as a limit order, and I'll leave the limit price right where it's at.

Once I have the order to my satisfaction, I'm going to click on Confirm in the upper

portion of the page.

It will give me the order details, and if those look appropriate, then I click on Send.

And it will notify me that the order was sent.

That's how you sell a put option on the thinkorswim Mobile app.

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