How I Bring In Up To $55K A Week Selling Vintage Bags | On The Side

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Nica Yusay: This one is $429. And then I'll show you guys this


Last night, we sold $55,000 in sales. Just being able to save

$55,000 in a matter of two minutes, blows my mind. Like I

still don't believe this is real life.

Quick run through. $599...

When my business started making six figures, that's when I was

like, oh, okay, maybe we should rethink this and see if I should

pursue this full time

I'm Nica Yusay, I am a small business owner. And I cater to

vintage designer. Everything has always been very curated based

on my style, and my love for fashion, every bag that I pick

out every single one, if I don't love it, I'm not going to sell

it. Because, one, there's risk involved if I don't sell it,

then I have to keep it. And if I don't love it, I'm not going to

use it. And to at the end of the day, me going on live, me going

on Instagram, on social media, showing these bags if it's not

100% authentic, people are gonna see right through you.

Like I always think that like, oh, maybe my website glitched,

because everything is sold out. But like, you guys are really

just so freaking fast. Is everything sold out?