How to sell designer bags online |Tips on how to sell for higher price

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so many of you asked me where i've sold

my designer bags after watching designer

bags i've sold

and why so today i'm gonna share a few

different ways you can sell your

designer bags online i will also talk

about the pros and cons with these

different methods

in the end i'm going to talk about how

you can sell

a little bit of higher price for your

designer bags without any further ado

let's just get started

so in the u.s there are a lot of website

that does consignment

what it does is that you take pictures

of your bag and they will

send you a quote if you're good with the

quote then you can send it back to them

and they will sell the bag for you they

will take the picture for you

right up the description and they

usually charge 30

of the fee the higher price your bag is

the less fee they charge

so you get to keep more when your bag is

more expensive when the bag is sold that

they will

mail you a check or they will direct

deposit to your bank well those online


are like fashion file they usually

charge 30

of the service fee if the bag is over 3

000 they charge fifteen percent real

real full back less than five thousand

they charge thirty percent four bags

more than five thousand they charge

twenty percent

there's definitely pros and cons i sold

the different bags with the real real

the pros are really hassle hassle-free

you don't have to take pictures of your


you don't have to write up description

it just saves a lot of time

but the cons of course being like such a

hobby that they charge every time they

sell a bag for you

other things that you might not like is

sometimes that it really depends on the

back they could give you a quote

that is really low there are quite a few

times when they give me a quote i was


what this is like impossible it feels

like my bag is almost free

the other thing that i wasn't notified

when i was selling with the real real

is that after 30 days if your bag does

not get sold they will actually

discount it further which i totally

didn't know

and i had a few bags like alexandra

mcqueen told

that i was telling you guys about it was

over 1800

when i sold it the bag was like 600


nobody wants that bag so after 30 days


heavily discounted this bag which i was

not notified at the beginning this is

also something to keep in mind

if you want to do online consignment

that you might want to check with them

hey what happens if the bag doesn't sold

within certain period of time are you

going to further discount it will i use

these consignment services again i might

in the future if i want to save some

time but

generally speaking i do feel that their


is a little bit high my bag's gonna

heavily discounted

the second type is the easy apps like

poshmark and i personally have sold

with poshmark you have to take pictures

yourself and

write up descriptions yourself and then

you mail the bag

if it's over 500 they will authenticate

the bag and then they will mail it to

the buyer if it's less than 500

you can just mail it to the buyer so

they take 20

of whatever you sell which is okay

i feel so they give you a label for

shipping so you don't have to

worry about or buying a shipping label

the nice thing about it is the 20

actually takes care of the shipping you

have total control of

the price that you wanted to sell so you

can price it higher or lower

it's totally up to you the console you

still have to take pictures

spend time writing up descriptions they

still take 20

of the selling price

ebay is actually probably one of my

personal favorites the reason is because

ebay charged 10 so you get to keep 90

of your bag there's a small paypal fee


associated with when the buyer pays you

is probably about three to four percent

it's not that significant if you try to


the the middleman ebay is probably a

place that you can get

the most out of it it's really nice you

get to keep majority part of your bag

right when you sell on ebay

and i always try to price it very

reasonably i'll search for the same

bag on ebay i'll look at what other


sold the bag at what kind of price and

also what condition

is the bag and then i will compare their

condition with my condition

and then try to come up with the like

reasonable price when you price it

at a reasonable price your bags tend to

sell faster so

of course ebay you get the highest the

return right but the downside is that

you're gonna have to be really careful

about the scam

for me i personally i always pay

attention to

when any buyer give me an offer i look


the buyer's review and the reading it

happened to me

many times then when a buyer give me an


that offer is ridiculously hot it's

higher than my asking price

when i click on the details of the buyer

the buyer literally just registered

their account the day

i listed on my bag so i know it's a scam

and i usually accept the offer from

people that

are has been on ebay for a while and

also have like 100 positive review

and it shows that they have some

transaction history majority of the


uh most people with good review are good

but then

there's still a few times that people

have good review they still don't want

to pay you

so in this case you have to open a case

with ebay they will credit you

back whatever they charge you but it is

very time consuming it's a lot of hassle

that you have to deal with it yourself

so this one is actually inspired by you

guys if any of you are interested in


i'm thinking i may be doing a vlog sale

on my channel sell some of my designer

bags to you directly definitely leave a

comment down below let me know if this

is something that you're interested

first thing is of course still buying

those bags that don't hold the value you

know that they're gonna lose money i

know it's really hard to do a hundred

percent but at least try to it's super

important to

keep the packaging and dust bag or boxes

or whatever comes with the bag and save

it just in case if you want to sell it


when i was selling with the real real

they even said to me if you have box or

anything we can price it a little bit

higher so it does make a difference

that if you save all the packaging and

dust bag it just makes the bag

looks nicer and make the purchase more

pleasant so the last tip

if you want to sell higher price of

course you're gonna have

to take care of your bag put your bag in

room temperature

not too hot not too cold avoid a direct


exposure use leather conditioner to

clean your bag contain it

and take the bags out from your dust bag

around time to time so that they can get

some air as well

that's it for today and definitely leave

a comment down below where is your

favorite place to sell your designer

bags don't forget to like my video and

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and i'll see you guys soon bye