How To Sell Puppies! A Proven Marketing Strategy that Works!

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How to sell puppies to pet stores?

Step 1: Make sure your puppies are healthy with proper vaccinations and medical records.
Step 2: Contact pet stores in your area and inquire about their puppy sourcing process and requirements.
Step 3: Provide pet stores with information about your puppies, including breed, age, temperament, and price.
Step 4: Negotiate with the pet store on the price and commission they will take from the sale.
Step 5: Deliver the puppies to the pet store and provide them with any additional information or materials they may need.
Step 6: Follow up with the pet store to ensure the puppies are selling well and address any concerns or issues that arise.


hello everyone welcome back to the

channel must love labs my name is alan

on this channel we talk about tools and

tips for how to raise breed and sell

labrador retrievers as quality family


in today's video we're going to talk

about developing a marketing strategy

for selling puppies

so if you're new here you might consider



okay the first thing i want to talk to

you about is where to list your puppies

now folks everyone is online these days

people used to put ads in newspapers and

put up postings on public message boards

in the supermarket that kind of thing

but those days are gone

everybody's online i there's a lot of

different ways to do this