Sims 4 How to SELL and ADOPT OUT out pets by Shillianth the chick with the aussie accent

so your pets have had puppies or kittens

your house is being overrun you need to

clear out some pets to make room or you

want to sell them how do you do that

well this video will help you before we

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questions feel free to ask them in the

comment section to sell your pets they

need to be puppies or kittens otherwise

you need to put them up for adoption you

can manage this by clicking on the

computer household and then select the

option you're after to sell or put them

up for adoption this will bring up a

menu that will show you all of the

available pets select the one you want

and then click the tick tick and home

someone will come to your house to

collect your pet shortly thereafter

using a pet carrier beware that your

Sims and your other pets may get a sad

mood look from having a pet taken away

or a positive one if they're not a fan

of cats or dogs depending on their

traits and that's it

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