Best Website to Sell Puppies Online

hey its jono store websites and in this

video I'm going to talk about how we

built our puppy sites websites where our

clients are selling their puppies and

why I feel this is the best way to sell

puppies online so a couple things that's

what I point out first first of all we

think we believe that having your own

website allows you to go direct to get

your puppy directly from your home to

the home where they're going to spend

hopefully the rest of their lives right

you're eliminating the middleman even if

you still list your puppies on other

sites that sell for you you have you can

usually link back to your own website

and you can kind of build a little brand

around your own puppy business your own

puppy have your own puppy business

so-called business name and all that

good stuff so that's a great benefit

generally speaking you can get more

money for those puppies if you go direct

and you have your own website a couple

things we were we were looking for and

our clients were looking for when we

were designing these puppy sites is

obviously a professional look on the

outside you know and high quality

pictures definitely makes a huge

difference there so do your always do

your best get the best quality pictures

you can get and second of all ease of

use easy for you to manage your own

puppy listings now you don't have

internet or you don't know how to do

that we make it easy so anybody that

knows how to upload a picture on a

computer can basically manage the

listings of puppies on your website okay

so if you don't know how many you have a

friend or family member that can do it

for you that way you don't have to pay

top dollar to have a professional

company manage the puppy listings for

you if you don't want to

now if you want to that's fine but if

you don't want to you know you've got a

little bit of computer knowledge or have

a friend or family that does family

remember the best they can do it for you

and probably save you a lot of money so

let's head over to a puppy site I have

my little computer here and I'm gonna

show you how we have done it and how

we've set it up so this is a site that

we just built very very recently in fact

it's the site that I gave away for my

birthday I had a birthday giveaway the

end of March my birthday was and the

winner was Willis

Miller and this is the site that we

built for him he has not put any puppies

on it yet so everything you see here on

the site is test listings okay now

another thing most puppy

you know sellers what are usually when

they sell them they have deposits so

somebody can reserve a puppy by leaving

a deposit most times 150 to 200 dollars

and that reserves their puppy until they

come pick it up and then they pay the

balance that's how most people do it and

that's how the sites are set up that we

built so far you can have that deposit

any price you want but that's what the

this one's set to two hundred dollars

okay so we're building this puppy site

on WordPress and WooCommerce and then we

are adding a few premium plugins meaning

we have to buy them to make it do what

it does okay to give it the the puppy

features that we need first thing we buy

is the deposit plugin which allows

people to leave the deposit to reserve

their puppy and yet you can display the

full price of the puppy and it'll show

on the checkout page it will show them

what the balances that they have to pay

on the second payment or when they come

to pick up their puppy so that's one of

the things we we we do second thing is

you want it easy for you to

add your puppies to your site so for

that I'm gonna head over to this site

gold star family poodles another site

we've done and if you scroll to the

bottom it's there's a link here that

says add a new puppy now you also have

to have a login in order to do this I

have my own login so I'm going to log in

and the easy way to get there to the

form is just click on add new puppy

again and here is a nice easy to fill

out form that lets you add your puppies

here you would give it the name let's

say this is I don't know let's just call

him Rover okay

here is where you add your main picture

the picture that's gonna be at the top

the main one you just click on it select

your file upload it from your computer

might obviously have to have that on

your computer first and I believe you

can even do this from a phone I'm not

100% sure but I think you can do this

from a phone a smart phone if you have a

good smartphone you should be able to do

this even from your phone click on this

other box down here you can add

additional pictures and I believe you

can add you know numerous you obviously

put the price in here sale price if you

have a run in a discount or a special

short description main description and

these you can also link if you know how

to do hyperlinks you can link things in

here if you need to categories that

would be the breed of the puppies that's

you can have as many as you want or

change at any time and then down here

the cool thing about setting it up this

way is you click this manage stock and

mark mark the stock of each puppy is one

and now as soon as somebody loved a

deposit for that puppy it automatically

will mark it sold or reserved it will no

longer be available for another person

to reserve it you don't have to worry

about duplicate orders for the same


you don't have to worry about logging in

as soon as you have a deposit and

updating the site and marking that puppy

is sold or something like that so it

does all of that for you and you have it

all here in a very nice easy to manage

form here you've got a lot more options

yet you can run reports you'll see your

customers your can create coupons if you

have if you're giving somebody a

discount where they can enter a coupon

code as to your orders all that good

stuff and it's all very very easy and

simple easy to use now obviously when we

build our websites for our clients you

get to choose the color scheme the type

of puppies the breed the the general

layout you have say so if you have a

site that you you know or layout that

you like site that you like a layout of


we'll build that for you you know and

you know all that good stuff

but as far as ease of use I don't think

you will find something that is easier

to use than this right here it's super

simple if you basically I think if you

know how to run a computer upload an

image to from a camera to your computer

you can probably upload it from there to

the website it's very super super simple

obviously here's a add new button if you

add another one oh and also you can have

a save it as a draft and if you're not

ready to have it live on the site right

at that moment you can save it out of

the draft it's all there and you can

publish it at any time or obviously if

you hit submit it will be live on the

site at that very moment so that's how

we build our websites for puppies and I

think it's a very easy super simple way

to do it if you guys are looking for a

site to sell to have your own website to

sell your own puppies give us a shout

and we'll get you set up you can

check out our website Troy or websites

dot-com or check us out on Facebook

obviously to our website there as well

and we will get you all taken care of if

that's what we can do for you

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