Puppies for Sale | Sims 4 Rags to Riches Ep.3 "The Sims 4 Lets Play"

what is up everyone mr. ray meter here

bringing you another episode of The Sims

for rags to riches here on a Muller

Games and you guys last time we left off

we kind of upgraded our house here just

a little bit it says it's not really a

house and we kind of upgraded our or

camping site is that a better word for

it this is our camping site it doesn't

make it sound so sad if we call it a

camping site instead of our house but

it's actually looking pretty dope right

now we got a couple of vegetarians

squares over here or known as gardening

plots a woodworking station and then a

full kitchen bathroom and dining room

with a bed room little nook is pretty

nice and I'm pretty pretty proud of how

far we've come but guys before we get

into this episode of The Sims 4 trachs

Ridge is where we're gonna try to breed

cocoa and sell her puppies that sounds

so wrong we're gonna try and do it

because this is a race registries and we

need the money but before we get into

the series I want to motivate you guys I

want to motivate you not to be a dodj

sitting right there right now saying

they're like duh you know doing nothing

with your life I want you guys to be

doers and the first thing I want you to

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comment down below hashtag doer and let

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don't be a duh be a doer okay okay so

let's get started the first thing I want

to do is a lot of you guys were telling

me dude work more on the workbench

furniture pays a lot do that so that's

what we're gonna do we're gonna make a

wall shelf we're gonna cross all sorts

of furniture in today's episode before

we breed Coco because my hopes are that

we actually I don't know kids start to

make money I would love to have walls

one day walls would be nice we haven't

had walls ever walls would be really

cool so we're gonna see how that that's

gonna be our goal we're gonna see if we

can get walls that's that's definitely

the goal today because you know

christmas is coming the holidays are

here it would be nice to have walls and

a Christmas tree and that kind of stuff

think Coco could it be in living inside

and Coco wants a play we're gonna play

with Coco but I want to build at least

three pieces of furniture because we

have to work on her hand enos skill and

focus does help us so maybe we will buy


get slammed too because it'll help us

improve our handiness scale really fast

some of you guys said you could get

books and try to improve your skill that

way but what books say they're expensive

they're really expensive so let's go to

lighting and see if we can find that

little focusing lamp so I know it's one

of these lights right here and it should

be is it the purple one inspiring decor

should be one hmm

yeah there should be one that's focusing

in here it is I don't know if this is

too far away so I think I'm just gonna

plop this bad boy right here

and I mean we could just use it that was

110 dollars though so let's enable this

aura okay so hopefully it keeps us

focusing now we're focused we're really

feeling it so hopefully we'll just

improve our skills for furnishing that

much faster we're gonna let young little

Logan over here a Logan Grylls berry eat

his breakfast and kind of get started

with his day I know like right away we

were kind of just getting into work and

that's probably not right we should

probably let Logan eat some meals let's

see does he have to go potty

dude just eat your food like focus on

one task at a time okay okay then wash

the dishes use the toilet let's maybe a

pet Coco let's praise cocoa because coke

is pretty great we're gonna definitely

let's feel the love with cocoa we're

gonna definitely try to get cocoa bread

today yeah I just sound so Roland we're

gonna breathe her and sell her puppies

let's give her a kiss we gotta give Coco

a nice little loving kiss and then I

really do want to craft some furniture

let's do a mirror we did him here last

time and it sold for $87 and that's what

we paid to build it so we just made

eighty-seven dollars to build this

little bench too and it's worth a

hundred thirty-five

oh that's almost a hundred our profit

and you know not quite as lucrative as

paintings but it's getting better life

is good if we could just afford two

walls and kind of corner this in and

make it appear to be a house that's what

I'd be down to do

that's what I'd really be down to do

just make it look like we have a house

we don't actually need a house okay

let's build this mirror dude weird let's

be really focused try to get our hanging

a skill up what is our handiness skill

right now it's a four so is that our

highest skill no it's not even higher

skill fishing their highest skill but

you guys said fishings not worth wasting

my time over why can I not catch any a

super rare expensive fish okay so the

mere especially I want to build one more

thing before we begin our journey today

so let's go with an end table we haven't

done one of those we could even keep

this on tables we really want but I'd

rather have money so we'll see how that

all cells oh no the Mail's here

are we gonna have bills ninety-three

dollars we don't even have a house we

live outside how our bills ninety three

dollars the government's people I tell

you the government they're taking my

money's okay so whoa whoa 300 $50 room

here really paying eighty seven dollars

to make that and $105 that man what do

we pay 50 bucks for that oh my god

we have almost $700 in the bank guys

hold on let's make one more mirror okay

three or $50 that's a lot of money can

we get that every single time that would

be pretty great so just just print off

that cash please just free just print

off that money for me keep the puppies

we can't we can't keep the puppies guys

it's alright so we just series were


maybe we'll keep one puppy I don't know

any puppy she's gonna have like if she

has like a hundred puppies we can keep

one and sell all the rest but I don't

know how many she's gonna have but oh my

god we're getting three or $50 a mere

right now so let's uh let's let's let's

uh let's a little pet care let's go on a

walk let's go on a long walk with Coco

here and let's go let's find another dog

cuz we can encourage her to breed with

other dogs these are cats Thank You aunt

Gert agree with cat I said the dog yours

that yeah that's a dog is a tiny dog

though let's give a friendly

introduction so let's go this way are we

gonna go this way no way let's dig this

up so we're we're on a lock notification

waffle okay so we got one minnow that's

worthless that's worthless is there

anything else over here that's not gonna

be worthless let's go over here let's

dig this up are we taking cocoa with us

do we just give up on Coco's walk who's

this that's a cat okay so we can't have

a breed with cats that just doesn't work

we got to find other dogs that she can

breed with are you dating making plays


me and making plays live together we're

dating we're very happy okay so this Oh

God as you can see this looks yeah it's

different than the other rocks

uh how much name is don't worry about

that because anything you did miss

because that was a video later on so

you'll be able to see hmm anything you


okay so let's dig this up we dig up a

capsule and it looks like she's partying

and pooping so this is perfect trying to

find another dog that we can like

encourage her to breed with let's try to

capture two frogs too cuz you guys said

we can breed frogs and stuff all that

nonsense since we're gonna try to do

some of that ah let's maybe harvest

these strawberries too it's that dog

that's a cat are these both cats man it

would be really easy to breed cats right

now there's cats everywhere where are

all the dogs is this a dog no it's cat

why are all these cats out here there's

like a thousand cats on you let's go dig

up all this I thought this dog breeding

game was gonna be easy but it's not a

time capsule a limestone okay so do I

see any dogs can i click on this dog and

give a friendly introduction I know we

owe this dog is in in heat did you see


wait does she take her dog she's like

this guy's trying to breed with my dog

I'm not trying to breed with my dog's

trying to be with your dog god dang it

we had to find a stray dog where are the

stray dogs at I know they're on the

beach I know the stray dogs are on the

beach and that's where we got to find

them I think we got to find the ones

with no home you convinced them to breed

with Coco I'm like looking everywhere

and I don't see anything there's no

stray dogs running around what happened

old stray dogs this world used to be

made of stray dogs well let's go use

this and take a bath real quick because

it's been a long day let's try to get

some leftovers ok so let's see what we

can sell here so we can sell these time

capsules $210 if we don't open them

that's good money we can sell this

minnow for probably literally nothing 5


we'll keep the Frog because I'm curious

now what's this do called geo council

about sample send to geo council let's

do that maybe that'll give us something

for a sell this fossil because I haven't

had luck excavating the fossils so the


gonna send that into the Geo console

we're gonna see how that all goes we

have to pay our bills too so let's do

that let's pay the 93 dollars we have

over a thousand dollars in the bank guys

this is pretty crazy not gonna lie we

got way richer than I thought we'd ever

be but guys hold on now I just looked at

some we have 800 people watching but

only 386 and likes be a doer right now

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people watching that only makes sense do

it and make it happen a sample has been

sent to the National Sims II on a

geological Council for elemental

isolation expect your isolated elements

to be mailed to you in the next day or

so okay good so I don't know if that's

gonna become worth more money or what

but let's water all these let's water

all of our plants we didn't have to

plant these trees I guess in the

planters but you know what you know we

live life we just like to go be extra

that's what we like to do love your

channel thank you so much Josephine

you're a rocking person I hope you hit

the like button if you hit the like

button let me know I might talk to you

in the comments can I feed him now I

can't feed him I can't even name them I

wish I could name the frogs okay let's

craft another mirror cuz I'm feeling it

I'm really feeling this mere crafting

let's uh let's a set color and intensity

for this light let's go with like this

there we go that's fun okay so we're

almost to level five in the handiness

skill I really want to perfect the

Santina skill I really think it's gonna

be some good money in the future and I

and the mirrors are becoming worth a lot

of money like God if we get another 3 or

3 bucks we're gonna be out almost at

$1,400 in years oh my god we just gotta

do one more thing let's do a wall shelf

one more time just because there we go

level 5 in the handiness skill Logans

chance of electrocution while we're

pairing is now lower you can also

perform basic upgrades on kitchen

objects so we're gonna try to keep some

of our upgrade parts I don't think you

can buy upgrade parts anywhere I don't

think let's trash all these

notifications clear that wall so we have

more room for them okay yeah let's see

what happens we're feeling very focused

Logan's loving it maybe we'll whistle

back Oh a 2-pound super Jeff from mega

Matt there was an option on cocoa to

give birth what well i whistled their

home so we'll see

wait where'd she go Kobo do you have to

give birth I think use miss so give bath

probably do say how think I could just

decide to be like you know what it's

time to give birth yeah I think it's

just give bath you gotta be excited

though yeah it's just give bath yeah

well you got me excitement thanks for

the tube I'm super jatt okay so let's

see what can we sell here so this is

worth a hundred seventy-five bucks now

350 bucks so the mirrors are clearly

worth the most so it's kind of like a

little life back here but what would you

do though it is 11 p.m. let's go to bed

we're gonna try this breeding stuff

again in the morning I hope for the best

hopefully in the morning we do have some

luck find some stray dogs running around

maybe we can go to the beach because I

know I saw stray dogs there in my other

let's play cats and dogs so maybe led to

the beach and see what kind of dogs we

can find to encourage Coco to breed with

and if Coco gets pregnant then we could

see what's selling the puppies and

everything's all about why are we awake

out whorl week because Coco's been

waking us up let's scold her for that

okay so she's now learned not to wake up

Sims good Coco because because we got

asleep it's too early to pour all of

that okay so what wait till like 6:00

only in the morning let's tell our guy

to get me go potty eat some leftovers

and sit here as he eats those leftovers

and then go to potty because you didn't

go potty yet so let's do that and then

we can go we gotta get another frog cuz

we gotta try this frog breeding game

that you're all talking about we really

got to see what all these this frog

breeding is all about that's that's what

we're into right now okay so let's open

is she poop in' she pee an amp open

let's give her a bath she looks

disgusting she's gonna go out and breed

today we gotta give her baths make sure

she's cleaned up and not all smelly like

cuz smelly dogs don't have puppies or

maybe they do but not in this world so

we got to make her presentable so all

the male puppies will want to be with

Coco oh my god

death will come aviator well that's

great doesn't death come for everybody

dad dad daddy countin cons in town maybe

we should go to VidCon should we we went

to that comedy con right I mean we don't

really have a gaming system we game on

our maybe I could program

I should learn programming cuz that's

something we could do when we get

written up for a PC we could sell

plugins and stuff so that might not be a

half bad idea to go there huh fine I'll

it's that's gonna go potty and then

let's fill this bad boy up okay so there

we go she's good to go now what's head

off to geekcon so let's change our

outfits let's go to this and I want to

go to geekcon we're gonna leave you here

Coco will will definitely will

definitely let Coco breed later but we

gotta we gotta go to this key con I

really want to work on my programming

Coco you got to stay home cuz geekcon in

the city that's no place for a puppy go

to the dog park okay we could definitely

do that we'll do that that's how we'll

try to get a Coco pregnant that's a

great idea

thanks for the heads up thanks for the

idea let me have a drink of coke ah okay

make a diner well we don't have enough

money for that we don't even have enough

money for walls yet exact hope you a

Megan are happy well thank you so much

we are very happy okay go to the beach

first no no no see late we're already

here I can't go back now

I want a program mmm-hmm can I kick some

of these people off the computers let's

practice programming get out here hey I

have priority so we're gonna try to

acquire as much programming skills we

can cuz like it's literally like five

times during this event so I really want

to just practice programming practice

programming practice programming and

just make the best out of this

participate in hackathon hackathon is

started let's try it let's participate

in it we're not very good at programming

but we'll see it's gonna help our

programming skill we're feeling really

tense we need to play some game so we'll

probably play some games when we're here

to that Coco it's vanilla coke it's

pretty good you're in Alaska right now

that's awesome short unicorn I hope

you're having a good time I hope it's

not too cold oh my god what level is he

in programming cuz we can make plugins

and stuff guys if the money's right so

we're almost level two so nothing too

insane I thought this were supposed to

make you really focused in like hyper

gain these skills but I just don't feel

like we're really gaining these skills

that fast we can build this rocket for

rocket science but there's just not a

lot of need for that and then we can do

the ultimate gaming test

that'll give us some fun Megaman thank

you so much for the sponsor Megaman I

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five dollars a month and you get access

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Megaman thank you so much for the

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your stuff done okay so should I just go

play games now like are all the gaming

events done they are done let's go play

Blakelock let's just go relax

what is this ultimate gaming test well

we can't play in that anymore cuz we're

too slow the hackathon was supposed to

be a lot quicker than that but let's go

see how our fun is doing I want to get

our fun all the way up because we just

had a really stressful time programming

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like button that can be the first thing

you do you our funds all the way up now

we can head home we gained a few

programming skills some gaming skill

it's been a good day and then in the

morning we can take cocoa to the dog

park let's see if we can breeder let's

go try to see if we can get get a frog

to and when we get home just because

it's only 5:00 p.m. there's plenty of

time left in the day so let's go over

here and dig this hole up we got to make

our rounds guys let's go dig this one so

we found a limestone that's worth fifty

bucks not bad

another limestone that's not 50 bucks we

could dig then we could X excavate the

limestone but that's a chance of it not

being with a lot oh my god three

limestone two uncommon upgrade parts

okay and that's not bad not a bad day

and then what's this over here let's dig

this up and then I also want to try to

see if we can get another frog look fo

Toby some limestone there should be a

fossil inside okay good good good guy we

found so much limestone looking to have

of a capsule okay that's great now let's

go over this

that's like for frogs and we got a dirt

frog now we can see if we could breed

fish with bait oh my god I can fish with

the dirt frog let's just go fishing I

can use these frogs I could barter it

isn't frogs the fish that would make me

feel bad okay Logan just caught a $26

fish not a bad day not a bad day let's

extract the fossils here we're gonna

extract all four fossils just because I

really want to see how that goes

let's toss this in here for 70 bucks I'm

calming upgrades I don't think they're

worth that much let's toss in all these

twenty six dollars for that fish and

then what else i watch is this one worth

oh we pulled up a toy llama what is that

eighty five bucks

nice and then we have another fish for

eighty seven dollars it's been a pretty

good day fishing not gonna lie and what

is this minnow seven dollar minnow oh

and then an angelfish for 12 bucks

nothing too crazy but hey we're still

making money and we're having a little

bit of fun fishing too and our fishing

skills getting closer and closer we got

some strawberries too well two bucks

okay let's stop fishing and we caught a

$59 fish read the end broken fossils

those are worthless let's extract this

let's extract this let's extract this

okay so we have what appears to be a

fifty dollar piece of garbage $10 broken

fossil and then let's see what's this

fish worth $59 and then we have these

let's see what these were worth two of

them for 140 bucks not bad I'm gonna

keep the uncommon parts because I do

want to upgrade some of our stuff so

let's just do all this had ourselves

home let's try to see if we can breed

these frogs because you guys said we

could breed frogs and I listened so they

better be able to breed these frogs

and it to be the same kind of frog how

do I mean how do I breathe the frogs

do you guys know to breed these frogs I

do that to be the same type of frog

because they're two different frogs

right now and that might be an issue

okay so let's see it looks like we're

kind of hungry dude dude oh you went to

the bathroom and I stepped it in this is

all great okay let's take a bath okay so

there we go we're gonna rinse off we got

we were full of dog poop dog poops never

a great thing to be full of that we

could get some leftovers and eat it's

already almost one o'clock in the

morning we were up all day fishing and

messing around we have to take cocoa to

the dog park tomorrow spend some time

with her and try to see if anyone wants

to breed with her so we have a big day

ahead of us so we got to make sure we

get some sleep get some food in our

belly okay so there we go there's that I

kind of want to just you know I'm not

gonna do that put them in your inventory

okay so let's see how that works put you

in there put you in there and then brie

frog with dart frog breed frog way okay

now I can't do a brief write with frog

breeding is tiring try again later okay

so we have a spotted leaf frog okay and

then another spotted leaf frog it's very

common so we should have kept the rare

frogs and been trying to breed those

that would have been pretty good so

we're pretty drained out so let's go to


let's catch some Z's as soon as we're

done eating

looks like Coco wants to eat off our

plate but Coco you can't you got your

own dog food it's a really good dog we

let's toss this in this thing

there we go sleep it off till morning

what probably like 11:00 in the morning

have a big day in a morning in I should

say because we're going to the dog park

that's where we almost have no fronting

where I feel like comfortable that we

can build some decent walls

let's water our trees though so it's

water both of our trees or wide-awake

it's a great morning it's a wonderful


let's go bathroom these trees are

looking great I'm not gonna lie can I

breed these frogs too again let's I

think they're both probably

worthless but breed frog with dart frog

okay so we've got another dirt frog so

we literally have another set of each of

these which is great because then we can

sell the others or can we just keep

breeding I think you can only do like

one time every once in a while so

basically since we have two of the same

breed we'll just keep selling their

offspring which isn't a lot of money but

it's a decent amount of money so let's

take a quick bath with soaks no no no

let's take a quick bubble bath try to

like de-stress a little bit clean up and

then we're gonna take Coco to the dog

park so let's go travel and travel with

Coco as soon as we're done showering up

and it looks like Coco's munch down some

food so that's great that is really good

so now we're gonna head to the dog park

and try to breed with Coco so we live

over here we look close to the dog park

already this one's dog friendly so this

is dog friendly too right I don't know I

just feel like there's a lot of dogs

over there but let's just travel to the

park see what happens

there's knighthood autumn autumn says

there's nine or thirteen of y'all there

should be nine or 13 legs I like your

thinking autumn you guys said they're

watching for free hit that like button

be a doer don't be a dud don't be just

sitting there to hit that like button be

a doer you'll like it it feels great

okay so let's see can we encourage her

to breed with anybody let's uh command

Coco to use run out to go of course with

Coco let's do that let's try to get her

to run this obstacle course cuz we're

learning in the pet training skill now

this is gonna be I'm just I'm assuming

horrible because Coco has no obedience

whatsoever oh my god there's a lot of

dogs here mm-hmm let's go give a

friendly introduction because we have to

get to know the other dog I think

okay not bad okay so she got silver okay

let's see offer friendship let's do that

what's this give treat no I went offer

my friendship to this other dog

oh no he's like now thanks no thanks


I'm good I don't need your friendship

let's get to know this dog okay maybe we

need to be friends with him so we need

to be friends with the other dog that

they breed with pet let's uh give treat

let's do that let's give a treat he's

feeling it and then let's praise and

let's talk to you Coco got sprayed by a

skunk that's not good let's get to know

this dog again we're just really trying

to become friends with this dog let's

offer friendship at the end of all of

this we're really trying man we really

want to be friends of this dog be my

friend dog okay so did he accept it Oh

Coco Coco can we breed with them let's

see he gets now off for friendship now

back here I don't know okay let me talk

to Coco Coco let's go to friendly be

friendly too oh no no no no no no no

no no no do it breath let's feel the

love with Coco maybe we can convince her

oh go go oh can we choose you do man

let's pet you she just not feeling it

right now

so wait put them in your Vettori okay I

did that already for the frogs okay so I

mean she's feeling the love man she is

ready to go let's ask her to go potty

and then if I pet her okay like I don't

know like I used to like with Luna I

could tell her to let go BRE with

anybody but Coco I'm having a hard time

right now let's go maybe pet care send

home asking a potty change outfit no no

no friendly no no no no no no no no I

don't see anything let's go back to

friendly and brush her out though

because she is stinky she got sprayed by

a skunk so we won't want her to be

filled with all that disgusting skunky

of Filth yeah oh my guys like dude she

stinks my dog stinks dude let's go home

let's go home with Coco and blue yes

it's under mean why would it be a blue

as a girl dog how is it no well okay

might be a female that might be why

let's find out let's have her over blue

let's go to our friends here mmm-hmm

okay so blue why aren't you on this list

below is that only people oh there we go

dogs okay

female crap blue go home go home blue uh

we get it we got to find out okay let's

let's clearly give Koko bath cuz she's

skunky and disgusting right now and then

we're gonna go take her to the beach

because there's a chance that there

might be a male dog over there uh the

dog park was a wash guys that did

nothing for us that was not good not a

good experience sound dog running

instruction we're gonna go see if this

is another dog this might be a boy dog

so ought to see we're just gonna bathe

Coco as much as possible and then we're

gonna clean this tub as soon as we're

done actually we'll clean the tub later

let's go and talk to this another dog

it's got a pink collar on but I'm not

gonna assume let's uh let's pet her or

him let's see uh Rosie is a female dog

crap Rosie you wasting my time

sorry Rosie only a time for so many dogs

we need to meet a male dog uh where is

the male dog at where is the male dogs

at let's go here to the Frog tree real

quick see if we can find another frog

maybe like a rare frog or something

we're not in common frog striked

eggplant ragout that sounds rare how

rare is that

and I'm common but still worth only ten

bucks so nothing too crazy okay so I

don't see any dogs over here or over

there or in this backyard area I don't

see any back here so there's like

literally no dogs over here we're gonna

do like rely on going to the museum or

something hmm can I tell her to go home

hey can you go home can you go what's

wrong leash get mad that's a go buddy

yes go and walk now can you just like go

home wait let's clean this up real quick

okay look we got it we got some cleaning

to do blues hungry you love blue you're

not our dog so sorry dude and you just

peed on my yard okay so there we go

let's pull out the the frogs here let's

let's test out a new breeding way okay

so lets breed with a spotted leaf frog

so we have two of these and they're only

worth like I don't know

only worth 10 bucks a piece so well

spotted leapfrog okay so we have three

unique frogs we're gonna keep them all

because we can crossbreed crossbreed ah

god that's that's a redneck

okay so let's use the toilet and then

let's get some leftovers and maow down

we just became friends with blue that's

great blue should leave the house though

blue should leave there is a bench yeah

there's a bench but what does that do is

that those are cats those are cats those

are more cats a lot of cats I don't see

a lot of stray dogs right here which is

really surprising because I thought this

area would be riddled with stray dogs

but they're just not let's go sit here

let's sit down relax eat some amazing

food and then let's go to crap furniture

is there anything that we haven't

crafted yet wall hanging a wall hanging

okay what is that what is that I don't

know oh my god Coco needs to breed we'll

take her to the beach maybe at night

maybe that's where the chance of

breeding is at night I want to get a

shower slash bathtub so we can shower

Cory think it's bath tub baths I feel

like take so long so maybe you'll end up

doing that do we need some upgrades we

have 1800 bucks just finished it would

it work okay so yeah let's see what this

is worth I mean not as much as a mirror

but not bad like let's see let's see

quickly let's go here so what I can do

ah Emily trying to figure out how far

back I need to go I mean we could just

have like this big wall like this it's

like oh look at us getting close to

having an actual house ha ha ha right

like 1,100 bucks like what's this

biggest square I could make let's move

all this in to move all this in just

because I'm very curious I really just

want to see uh-huh and that looks good

and then we can move this bad boy in and

then like we're almost close to having a

full square here so we're out we're no

longer gonna live in the elements which

is crazy let's just put all of our

little frogs and stuff in here it's like

such a weird a weird thing we got here

okay so we have walls I mean we can

shrink all of these down I don't know

let me let me see you let me I'm just

trying to move all of this around


uh-huh and then move all this back okay

and then we can even grab these bad boys

and place them over here so like we

actually have kind of like a little area

like a little house kind of we need a

door there needs to be a front door

otherwise we can't get in and out of our

house but now we're kind of safe from

the elements which is nice um 175 bucks

not too bad let's see oh wait we got to

move all this stuff around so let's put

this this refrigerator here the oven can

go next to the refrigerator counter

space and then this counter space and

then I'm trying to figure out like where

does everything go we have a decent

space for a house now which is great

like I can put this here and we can put

this awesome lamp over here you know

lights up the area a bit and then let's

move all this uh-huh put that over there

let's put the bathtub in the corner so

let's get rid of the pet bed bathtub

goes here because this will eventually

be a bathroom I could see it being a

bathroom this would be nice and then we

have some pet food we can put the fet

food up over here it's got some little

space its own little spot its own little

area put the work light right over here

so take a little nightly for our dog as

well and then we let's put some cheap

wallpaper and some cheap flooring down

just so we have something huh so what

should the outside of our house look

like if we were to go with something

like this and then so I don't know it's

not it's not too nice like let's go was

siding maybe signing our wood paneling

what's cheaper what is cheaper what's

the cheapest way to go I mean I don't

know let's just see how this looks I did

just try to be frugal and then

we can go like this wait where did that

one door go I was just looking at a

really nice door and I was really

enjoying this door uh I mean like I

could place like a door like right there

like that's not a half-bad door there's

like dog piddle there so we got to clean

that up let's get rid of this big rug so

88 bucks there

huh let's see we can slowly start to

plot this or we could just flop like

would like Bert Bert Bert Bert oh we

can't even afford to fill this whole

room so that's not good

uh what about something cheap four bucks

can we afford that

no okay hmm oh yeah we can I don't know

why it was being so difficult

hello yes go look at us go I mean not

bad and then let's get rid of some of

these lights and get lights that are

from the ceiling right ceiling lights

those are better we can go with these

really cheap looking ones

Oh how much are these this is a room and

this is a room are they judging our

house for not being a room I really feel

like they are I feel really betrayed

right now because our house is a room

it's a home

okay so there we go that's done whoa way

now and why did it do the outside let's

put a roof on this because maybe that's

really where the the heck what the heck

is going on here what is this what is

this why why why are they saying this is

not a room this is a room and then I can

put can I put this down

oh there we go

I can even make this a little higher not

bad we can do something like this

ain't no with like it'll like graze

that's fun

there so why can't I put a roof on

what's going on with this roof why why

hey what am I doing wrong you need a

roof board to work a roof I got it I get

a ceiling well how do I get a ceiling

am I missing out

am I missing out on how to get a ceiling

am I missing out on how to get a ceiling

you need a roof I know that yeah but for

some reason it doesn't recognize this as

a room and that's where I've getting

problems okay go up a level I'm up all

the way see but Boop

go down a floor if I go down a floor

let's see where we're at let's go see

we're on the ground level

yep ground level upper level yep nothing

nothing use box tool where's the box

tool this and this what's the box tool

what is the box do what can i grab on

this and once move house tool required

Oh what the heck

okay now does it recognize it as house

no it doesn't I didn't build it

correctly when I drag the wall okay now

let's okay we're out of there now so

let's try this boom boom boom

so the items were all moved to our

household inventory so there we go that

recognizes it as a house then we can put

this little roof on and we can just

reorganize the items so something with

like leaving the items or something it

was just was not enjoying that so now we

have this let's go here do we have a

door and to keep our door what happened

to our door oh I deleted that okay so we

sold our door so let's go down a floor

so here's our house we need to put the

kitchen stuff in here the oven the

counter space we can do a nice little

kitchen sink and then for the bathroom

this is gonna be the bathroom area the

future bathroom area maybe two and then

we have a bedroom no it's at least it's

inside and that's that's all that

matters and then we can put the little

bowl there and then we can even do we

can do a workstation here I would love

to move Coco around but we can't really

she's in the way and then we'll put this

by the workstation and then I'm trying

to figure out where we're gonna we need

doors okay we need a door and we need

them it would be nice to have windows

but can't quite afford all this okay so

we'll just plop that door in right here

kind of a cheap door hundred sixty-five

bucks huh let's see what kind of paint

and flooring do we want I just don't

want to spend a ton of money and I don't

want carpet but I might have to just

settle with carpet settle with something

cheap hundred sixty eight bucks actually

we might be able to get wood just cheap

as that hundred sixty eight bucks

okay so let's see hundred sixty-eight

bucks that's a nice wood then we can get

some nice and light based paint

like this one okay and then outside I

definitely want to go with like a

signing or something something that's

not too crazy that looks really good and

then let's go down here and get like is

it coming Brown it does

let's go like this you know nothing too

crazy it just looks really nice and we

have a roof which we'll probably just

use the same material boom or actually

we should probably go with something

lighter maybe maybe something like in

the same like material but just lighter

I don't know I don't know if that looks


I don't think it does doesn't like

horrible 49 bucks though we can't really

afford anything was this thirty bucks

put a couple windows in now we need

lights so that's that's actually

probably a bigger concern right now

actually have some table lighting we can

put this table in here and that can kind

of separate the kitchen and dining room

and living area and then we need lights

we do need a light at least one just one

light okay we can't afford it fit 85

bucks crap okay so let's just get the

building oh wait we don't have stairs we

need stairs to get into the house oh my

god this is this is this is a mess

this is a real bad can we not afford the

stairs oh my god 370 bucks 10 bucks

$60 huh $8 so this $408 line isn't so

much this is $10 this is 422 434 66 for

66 why so much why you I heard why is

this one so cheap sorry um sorry Coco

daddy needs steps let's see can we color

change you really quick I maybe should

have made that decision beforehand let's

go with something like light brown fun

okay so they're like this this looks

good it's it's decent it's it's a house

we didn't have a house before this and

now we do so that's good okay so there

we go we have a room okay we have 37

dollars to our name too so let's go here

and Crafts furniture for let's just do

the garden planter okay

let's let's we got to make some type of

money so we can get some lights in this

house because the lighting is bad it

leaves a lot to be desired what is this

so we're feeling very uncomfortable from

all the cleaning we're doing but guys we

have over a thousand people watching

right now we're really close to a

thousand likes oh you guys are doing a

great job you guys are all doers which

is pretty awesome but if you're sitting

there being like I haven't liked the

video yet then be a doer and like the

video you'll love the way you look okay

so let's craft this and hope it gives us

enough money to get a couple lights in

here because it's pretty depressing

you're not gonna lie finish the wood

work okay let's do this what is this

worth what are you worth

give me the monies oh we had the Frog

still 35 bucks we're gonna sell the Frog

sorry frogs you don't care about you

guys as much eighty-five dollars can I

afford one light was eighty eight

dollars it was eighty five dollars

hey okay so we can just place one of

these bad boys in here and it provides a

decent amount of light but let's go set

this on auto this light and then go to

sleep because it's already 11 o'clock

and then this is our little nightlight

our house is about that depressing which

is good it's not super depressing we

have zero dollars literally to our name

zero dollars oh my god we don't even

have enough buddy we're going to go

forward for stuff before we can start

crafting again Jesus we spent quite a

bit of monies quite a bit of the money's

on this stuff so um I have a dog hanging

out lot trait and then dogs will come

hang out I don't know everyone dogs

hanging out here let's make this a okay

when we get a dog hang up for now to

lure the dogs and then let's do great

soil gardening seems to go really well

here that's gonna be a good one home

studio what does that do artsy vines

painting writing woodworking oh yes okay

so there we go great lot trait so that's

gonna help everything okay and then I

should probably cross plant these can't

side cross plant these like I can I can

pick up just the trees yes okay perfect

because like I want to just

I want to leave these trees like right

here and then let's grab this bad boy

and put him right there so like there we

go we have trees growing this earth is

good for planting let's uh water of the

tree is water the tree then we don't

have to water bull trees so let's wake

up water our trees go to the bathroom do

we have to take a shower for sure let's

take a bubble bath so we're feeling all

sorts of disgusting right now we harvest

these now okay I just see them sparkling

it gets me really excited okay so we're

gonna bathe up and then we're gonna have

to go out and hunt down some stuff for

free because we need some of that money

pug why is everyone saying pug

where's the pug is there a pug here and

there's no pug there is no pug yeah this

house is kind of depressing but at least

we have walls now and we live inside a

building like darn Logan you've come so

far dude Logan was living outside with

literally nothing and now he's got

literally like nothing like we start

with nothing and no money and now look

what we have literally from no money

like this has been such a great grind

okay look at these sparkle right now

that's making me excited it's like oh

god something's Goods about to happen

okay so let's come over here and let's

dig up all this stuff okay and let's

keep any frog that we find that's worth

a lot of money okay limestone that's

what guaranteed 50 bucks we can craft a

mirror and make some easy easy money a

minnow that's worthless come on give me

some good stuff dudes uh to uncommon

part or to no common parts okay common

that's nothing heavy metal I don't know

what that's good for and a time capsule

okay that's 80 or 70 bucks 75 bucks

something like that let's see if there's

any rare frogs okay so a surfer Alley

Frog wasn't separately frogs a rare

uncommon so but they're still worth only

ten bucks so they're really not worth

keeping so we're just gonna sell them

right away but if they're like above

uncommon if they're like oh my god rare

or ultra rare thirty dollars for heavy

metal I'm Oh

cancel that I'm really curious what can

I do with this call geo counsel about

sample let's do that let's extract the

fossil that's it was worth fifty dollars

and now it's crumbled pieces of crap and

it's worth ten dollars great let's call

the geo counsel about this heavy metal

they'll see what they say about it

I'm really curious call the geo counsel

dude no he doesn't care okay you don't

care great let's just sell it 30 bucks

let's head back home we're not gonna

fish not right now I want to try to get

a mirror too crafted kind of pimp out

this house a little bit more oh here we

go oh here we go

adult straight oh my god there's so many

dogs here we're going to turn off this

lot right soon okay so let's introduce

ourselves to some of these dogs oh my

god friendly introduction Oh what do you

guys want for any introduction uh just

became acquaintances with champ friendly

introduction a friendly introduction we

have so many dogs here okay so it looks

like can we encourage her to breed

encourage her to breathe pet care is it

under pet care essa go potty leash

change outfit friendly that'd be

friendly to encourage Coco to breed with


okay he's angry oh boy is she gonna be

declined she declined you declined my

Coco what's wrong with you let's put

this dog let's see if he he seems really

disagree civ but maybe you just need

some friends maybe he just needs maybe

he just needs a good owner a good happy

friend or something so let's let's try

to he's so we learned that he's

adventurous and then let's maybe let's

praise him a little bit let's try to

become friends with a champ over here

he's a stray let's give him a treat for

five bucks you know five dollars doesn't

grow on trees champ so I hope you enjoy

this or acquaintance is with champ so

that's great

okay so champs enjoying life let's cut

him again okay so now let's go over here

can we encourage her again uh let's give

her a comforting hug because I'm feeling

sad that she got declined sorry Coco its

next time buddy can we can we zoom

Kircher again a lecture about begging

for food oh yeah let's lecture about

that she shouldn't do that let's eat

scrambled eggs don't bake my food and

then let's eat the food in front of her

that's so mean okay let's try to make

this mirror again okay because the

mirrors are worth money

let's eat make some a couple of mirrors

and then hopefully make some changes to

this house because mirrors worth 350 and

whether they cost 80

seven dollars to make so we're making

like a two hundred in links $70 profit

so like two hundred sixty three dollars

so that's really really good and it

doesn't take long to craft a mirror

either like we can make three mirrors

right now and that's right what we'll do

we'll make it like two or three mirrors

really fast oh we don't have the money

so we gotta quickly sell one then we can

make two or three mirrors and just see

how we do here so there's three or fifty

bucks I feel like that's the max you can

get out of a mirror I just I don't know

if it gets any better than that so let's

do another mirror they're the best

margin so far a bluetick what's a

bluetick what's a blue chick oh there's

apples here huh let's harvest all of

these and let's water this plant I don't

know what the apples are gonna bring us

in but it could bring us in something

did they get let's get them out too

because it looks like they send him the

geode back to us because we did sudden

the geode - the geode council I'm

curious to see what they said okay so we

just finished the woodworking project Oh

looks like that's all there is to

harvest right now uh six apples

what are they normal quality eighteen

dollars it's not bad it's not great

either but it's not bad and there we go

and water this out and congratulations

on starting your elements collection to

really show them off consider purchasing

an elemental display rack okay

elemental display rack ten dollars crap

that's worthless now let's see elemental

display rack let's look that up let's

just see elemental display rank

elemental display more actists playing

rack the elemental display rack 85 bucks

ooh Frank see you pricy a little hobby

here but let's put that in here cuz you

know we got it and we collected enough

elements so let's just you know I mean

it's not very interesting but we can

enable the aura I don't know what it


focusing oh that's great okay focusing

is good let's give ourselves a great

bath because we're feeling a really

dirty really really disgusting so we

give ourselves a great little

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upload content on this channel breed

read I know we're trying to breed we're

trying to find dogs here there's no dogs

there's no dogs dogs oh wait is this dog

where's this cat this dog who's cat

friendly instructions that's cat out

that's cat we're not messing with cats I

really do want to get her to breathe

let's mop this up though because we got

some disgusting stuff going on here okay

what time is it 842 let's craft a couple

more mirrors and then we're gonna try to

breed with her in the morning again

she's got declined once already but now

that we have our house being a hotspot

for dogs hopefully more and more dogs

show up and we have more and more of a

chance of breeding huh but we have to

make a couple of mirrors right now

because I am trying to make us a little

bit of money so we can kind of slowly

start to put walls inside our big square

of a house and slowly start to actually

yeah we got 525 so one of those were

worthless I don't know why it was worth

so little but 600 bucks that's not too

bad let's do another mirror I live that

pug life pun intended

called champ over kennel me though was

like she got declined cook was hungry I

guess she's eating that's good cuz like

she got to climb from champs I don't

know if like he's gonna be able to come

over and actually breed with her oh I'm

sorry Coco after I'm done here I'll

praise with you know well I'm not gonna

lease you that's not that's the opposite

of what I want to do let's talk to you

let's uh give you a kiss give you

special smooches let's pet you let's hug

you and let's scratch your favorite spot

as soon as we're done with this mare cuz

I know we've been really busy lately

trying to not live outside and now we

have a house and you're feeling kind of

confined and bored let's brush or two

cuz I wanted to be brushed I don't know

why she's wearing this this outfit I

mean change outfit just to be a dog we

had normal dog there we go okay

we get--we what's this oh my god guys

let's go friendly introduction this is a

boy okay let's go wake him up and then

friends the introduction okay okay okay

so we got a couple dogs over here let's

see you encourage go go to breed with

Cosmo and champ or ruk

let's try route champs back though champ

might work I don't know where she just

went okay she left she was supposed to

try to breed but I think she was just

again let's see okay encouraged let's

say encourage her to breed with Oh way

to date see if she was successful she

was mated she made it where did when did

she do that

Coco just made it guys I don't know when

she's gonna have puppies but it says

wait a day or so I guess we'll just wait

and see what happens because that was


Auto whites this light and we already

did this tell you why is she not

sleeping has to go potty wake up she's

not sleeping okay so there she partied

and pooped outside we're gonna munch on

some cereal because for some reason she

just does not what a sleep it's big it

really hard for us to sleep so there we

go let's go to sleep now

oh there we go goodnight go go and there

we go so now we're Flast fast-forwarding

to the morning I really want to see if

Coco gets pregnant I hope she does she

kind of just disappeared in the Sun and

it was pretty much pregnant there will

but she's bread dough my god there's

three dogs outside her house already

this is such a good weird start to the

day let's take a quick bath then let's

go over here to hunger and do we let's

clean out the spoiled food I guess we

have to spoil food in the fridge boy

okay let's replace that well we're handy

why did I do that I'm stupid

mop that up we have so much to do today


going wrong and she pregnant is she

pregnant is she pregnant is she pregnant

can I go to friendly again I go to

friendly I can't go be down and currents

go go - breed okay so she didn't breed

let's encourage her to breed with champ

go go go try to breed with champ here

okay so we encouraged how to breed with

champ I don't know if she's feeling it

how are they gonna do it no no we gotta

Center but like why did she go to breed

the theming vania okay let's see uh

let's uh let's play with champ a little

bit let's uh get to know champ let's

talk to champ hopefully we can just

improve our relationship with champ and

hopefully eventually he's like you know

what I do want to breed with Koko she's

a cool dog let's praise champ okay so I

don't know why these dogs don't want to

breed with Koko she's a cool dog when

our friendships getting better with

champ so that should be good Luna our

friendships Oh our friendship with Lunas

not bad but that's probably a girl dog

but if we know so many dogs now okay so

it looks like Sam does not even care

that we're playing with him he's like

yeah dude it's fine okay let's just toss

this in the trash we got to cook

ourselves up some meal let's serve some

lunch maybe make some mac and cheese

because we actually have a stove and

refrigerator in the house now so we

should celebrate by making an actual

meal oh man you were my hundred

subscriber wicked games that's awesome

so we now cooking level two that's great

okay let's toss this in the fridge make

sure it stays fresh and good for us

later but guys I think this is the

perfect place to end this episode of the

sims for rakes riches we tried to

believe it BRE dilute our cocoa a couple

times it just never really worked out

but I hope next time it does we're gonna

keep trying this obviously but if you

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