Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: How to Sell Your Pet

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even though owning a pet in the Sims for

cats and dogs is a great new experience

maybe you're tired of cleaning up all

that poop if you don't want to put your

pet up for adoption and would rather

sell them you can do so for some extra

samolians yes being a breeder can even

be a career for your sims if you wanted

to make it so however keep in mind that

you can only sell puppies or kittens to

do this you can either go through your

sims phone or computer if you're on

their computer head to the household

section and select to sell your pet

right from there select the household or

career section which looks like a house

icon and choose hire service from there

select the sell pet option depending on

how well-trained they were you'll get

varying amounts I adopted a puppy and

instantly sold them for example and I