We almost went to JAIL! - A reseller horror story! eBay buying / selling

so I almost went to jail alright alright

so there's more to the story

let me explain when we were new to

reselling we started putting the word

out there that we were buyers and here's

what happened I'm laying in bed and I

get a text on my phone

around 7:30 in the morning and it's

pictures of those beats by dre

headphones and it's a guy saying hey

I've got seven pairs of these high-end

headphones would you be interested in

buying them obviously my first response

was these things are probably fake right

because there's so many fakes out there

so I text them back and I was like yeah

I would be interested where did you get

them 20 minutes later I get a reply back

and it says well I want a two thousand

dollar gift card in a raffle and I use

those to buy these headphones and now I

just want to get rid of them to make

some money so anyway I agree to meet

with the guy I figured I would just go

look at the headphones still figuring I

don't know they might be fake but so I

go I show up to meet this guy and I'm

looking through these headphones and

they're perfect right high end straight

retail still saran wrap and I offer the

guy 500 bucks for seven pairs and these

are so cheap ones these are like the

wireless Bluetooth high-end Beats

headphones he accepted my offer

John and John I pick up that phone take

them away and we're good to go

so here's where the story gets kind of

interesting I take the headphones I

actually sell a pair to one of my good

friends on the way home for 200 bucks

and I make a lot of my money back just

on that so it's Friday when I pick these

things up the rest of them I list on

eBay and they're sold by Saturday except

for one pair okay so I already made like

a thousand bucks on these things but I

wanted to sell this last pair it just

wasn't selling on eBay it was kind of

like one of those obscure pairs it was a

purple one I don't know anyway so what I

figured I would do is I just posted it

on Craigslist for sale on that Saturday

well Sunday I got a text message saying

hey I'm interested in the headphone

moans you have them listed at 140 bucks

when you take 130 obviously I'm like

yeah no problem I'll take 130 meet me at

the mall tomorrow morning and we'll do

the deal done and done okay so the next

morning we wake up and I'm like hey Ally

I just got to go to the mall real quick

to do this deal now we had done these a

bunch of times met in person to sell

stuff so it wasn't that big of a deal

so Ally's like I had a problem I'll run

with you we'll grab some food at the

mall because we're meeting in the food

court and then we'll go about our day so

anyway so get to the mall I get a text

message from the person who wants the

headphones you're like hey I'm sitting

across from chick-fil-a you'll see me at

the table with my girlfriend and I'm

like all right no problem I'll be there

in ten minutes so we show up got the

headphones in a plastic bag walk up to

the table pull out the headphones and I

give them to the girl she's looking them

over she's like okay looks good

you said 130 will you take 120 and I was

like nah I already dropped the price ten

bucks it's 130 so she's like okay no

problem she reaches him to into a bag

and pulls out her purse to get the cash

then all of a sudden boom she pulls out

a police badge and she goes I'm a police

officer you're in trouble and at that

point we literally it was like a like a

drug thing we got rushed in the mall by

like five other cops they surrounded us

and they were like you need to sit down

right now so at this point ally and I

are like what is going on this is crazy

actually the first thing that popped

into my head was you're not a lot of

cell B Ted phones maybe the brand is

protected and there's a lot of fakes

going around so and listen at this time

I am wearing like a tank top I have a

bunch of tattoos I basically look like a

criminal right so I'm scared I've never

been in trouble with the police in my

life and Ally obviously hasn't either so

we sit down at the table and they call

over this guy and listen no offense to

police officers but this guy walks over

looking like a typical douchey cop right

he's got the mustache and he's fat I

don't know anyway

so he sits down and he goes I'm

detective blah blah blah you guys are in

big trouble and we're like okay what's

going on and the guy goes well you're in

possession of stolen property now at

this point I start to get kind of

serious right so the guy is sitting in

front of me there's a bunch of cops

around us I don't know what's happening

so we sit down and we're like listen

before you say anything we didn't know

exactly what's going on to find out if

we need to call a lawyer or get some

legal help or you need to tell us

exactly what's going on because the

guy's sat down he was literally like

bombarding us with questions and I was

like listen I want to answer in anything

until you tell me what is going on so

come to find out the guy tells us that

there's been a local robbery and that

exact pair of headphones was stolen and

then they start pulling out like a

security camera footage showing this guy

like dressed in all black with a with a

ski mask on literally he smashed the

window of a Verizon store and I grabbed

a bunch of these headphones and bounced

right and I'm like blizzard that wasn't

me I didn't do that but you couldn't see

the guy's face in the in the pictures

anyway so it could have easily have been

me so anyway the next thing I do is I

asked a cop hey listen if I can prove

that I bought these from a guy I am a

reseller and I bought them from another

person who told me that they weren't

stolen what happens and the cops are

like we'll listen if you can if you have

ways a way to prove that you better show

us right now so I turn my phone over I'm

like listen here's the text message

conversation here's the guy's phone

number you can clearly see the the cop

grabs my phone and like looks through

the conversation and and then at that

point that's when things kind of start

to chill right and he's like okay still

doesn't say like you guys are free to go

or anything

and I'm thinking listen we had six other

pairs of these headphones that we've

already made $1000 on what's going to

happen like those have already been sold

do I have to pay that money back so I'm

still even though I'm a little bit less

tense now about going to jail I'm still

kind of freaking out about losing a

thousand bucks so the cops are you know

looking at stuff and find

they go okay clearly you guys are not in

the wrong

they ran our IDs and they saw that we

didn't have a record and all that stuff

so they go finally this is probably 30

minutes 45 minutes into this in the food

court people are watching it was

incredibly embarrassing anyway so there

they're looking at us looking through

the text messages and finally they go

okay you guys are clearly not in the

wrong here's what we're going to do

we're going to take down this guy's

phone number obviously we're going to be

keeping the set of headphones as

evidence so I lost 130 bucks there but

he and I asked them about the other ones

will be sold and they're like no it's

fine you don't have to pay anything back

on that just if we ask you any questions

about the this guy in the future will

you let us will you let us know if you

know any more information and I was like

obviously yes okay because I'm not you

know we're not criminals we obviously

don't want to buy stolen goods so we

were happy to help the cops out at that

point anyway so they were like okay go

on go about your business and we did we

left them all so a week goes by and I'm

in the bathroom and I get a text message

from an unknown number and all it is is

a picture that's a mugshot picture and

there's a text message that says is this

the guy that you bought the headphones

from officer of blah blah so I looked at

the picture they sent me and it wasn't

even close to the guy that I bought the

stuff from so I text back no that's not

the guy and that was it that was the end

of the whole thing that was Hallman nine

months ago no longer 11 months ago and I

haven't heard anything back from the

cops I don't know if they got the guy or

not but it was a scary experience

to say the least we've never been in

that type of a situation before but

here's what I will say we learned an

incredibly valuable lesson that day and

that lesson is if you ever buy something

from somebody on Craigslist make them

sign one of these it's a very simple

purchase agreement we now make them sign

that agreement

and basically what it says is this is my

property I am selling it on my own

accord and once you pay me for it it is

now your property and in there it also

says these items are not stolen right I

bought them

again on my own accord and I am turning

them over to you guys I acknowledge that

you are resellers of the product so yes

that was the experience the one time

that we almost went to jail as resellers

and it sucked it was a scary experience

but I'm glad that we learned that lesson

and learn from our mistakes guys if

you're out there vine stuff just protect

yourself and make sure that you get at

least something signed that says that

the property is yours and that you're

buying it free and clear if you guys

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