DIY, How To Sell And Market Your Puppies

one go hello James have loved my pups

today we are gonna do a video on how you

find families who want your puppies so

well the first thing is I don't want you

to have to look up my ugly face like

most of my videos I thought you know if

you have a lot more fun if we actually

show a puppy or puppies as part of

videos so you know in an unashamed plug

foot what we do this is actually a

little girl this is Paris isn't it look

this is this is Rome

Rome is a Rome is for offered up for

adoption so you can go to our website l.o.v.e my p not

bad pass calm and by the way all of my

puppies all come from our star dogs and

so that's how the else that you can go

look at if you have a Frenchie and

you're interested in finding a mate for

your Frenchie then we have a lot of

studs that are all proven all available

for stud service so this guy here is a

product of a zoo and Gianni this is a

blue that carries chocolate with full

ten points carries a coffee it's blue

cow chocolate in the kit list actually

this guy cares a copy of cream - no

brindle anyway so let's get back to how

do you find somebody who might want this

beautiful little doggie well the answer

is lots and lots of pictures to get a

few that you're actually going to use

it's difficult to take pictures of dogs

because they're always running around

they've got their mouths open their

tongues out they never the picture that

you take is never the picture that you

want to show so you'll have to take lots

of pictures to get those really good

pictures that you want to show off your

doggies in contrast taking your videos

we're doing now is a superb way of

showing off your dogs

so we've got some puppies down here

we're just gonna let these guys run

around for a second we'll just we'll

just see if they'll follow us around

then there's one okay

like so this is the kind of setting that

I like look these guys they are home

raised puppies and I think it's

important that you show that they are

not in cages they're not brought up in


they are fun-loving little little

puppies and I think that a video shows

this you can talk through the whole

video you can see the puppies moving

through the whole video and it is free

to put these things on YouTube you can

take videos put on YouTube you then have

a link that you can send your customers

that I have to download a huge video you

don't have to spend much time getting it

done and YouTube is also a great place

but people actually see your puppies so

we need a youtube video put your link in

there put your name in there put your

address in there talk about your puppies

as they're running around talk about the

parents talk about the invite do a scan

around this whole place it is just 360

otters on honesty so you can see here

that we have just a beautiful setting

and our puppies are part of our family

we care about where our puppies go and

hopefully you do too and that you

shouldn't see there's some even some

horses down there that you should talk

about the fact that you love animals and

that you like raising puppies in a

family environment these are all things

that help people know who you are and

what you do now if you're raising dogs

in a kennel they're in cages hey that's

a whole different deal we don't do that

I never show my my puppies in cages

because the only time they ever go in if

we've got a playpen scan around of this

wait for a second here there's a playpen

out here and so the only time up and

they get Sun outside what we're doing

other things and I can make sure they're

not there in a safe environment that's

the only time so don't I recommend that

you don't clean pieces of puzzles there

in cages if you're if you're a camel

operation then I probably not talking to

you I'm talking to more my customers and

people who basically have puppies in

their home all right so how should you

register how should you sell these

puppies or you have to decide who is

your target audience

are you selling your puppies to people

who are going to have these as pets in

their home or are some of these puppies

going to go to people who are gonna have

puppies themselves if that's the case

you can control this process through AKC

registration so all of my dogs were in

case you registered the the parents are

AKC registered the puppies get a seek

AKC registration and I have the ability

to fill a box out on the AKC

registration that decides whether they

are limited registration which means

that you cannot get registration for

puppies that they might produce or

whether they have full rights it doesn't

mean that you can stop somebody from

breeding your dogs they can you can just

control what they get AKC registration

write this in the contract decide what

you're doing you may price it

differently if they're gonna be a KC

full rights versus limited rights that's

to you to decide write a contract up

explain exactly what happens in the

contract it doesn't have to be just

these rickety long contracts they want

to know everything about you is kind of

ridiculous you just want to spell out

what the dog is what its registration is

whether or not it has full or limited

rights and then the important thing

about a contract is what happens if

there's a problem so the contract should

never be used everything should go

really smoothly but if it is and there's

an issue you'll want to spell it out in

the contract who is going to do what in

the event that something is not right

okay it's very important shouldn't

hardly ever need it but if you do need

it that's what contracts are about so

how do we how do we go about selling

puppies where do we put them up so

people can see them well Craigslist is a

great source it's free it's local it's

probably people within 150 miles I don't

use Craigslist myself but a lot of

people do successfully social media it's

free stuff on Facebook there's

Facebook's of Oakland

it's French's of Oklahoma French's of

Texas there's lots of Facebook groups

that basically you can join and show

your puppies and it's free there are

websites like puppy find we use puppy

fine it's $20 a month there are tons of

dogs on puppy fine it's hard to get pure

to stand out in the crowd but puppy fine

not bad

have a website you can direct people to

your website and you have complete

control over all of the videos and

pictures that you show so I really like

a website to do a website requires that

you have a website address that's going

to cost you like GoDaddy office it for I

think like ten dollars a year you're

gonna have to have somebody host your

website that's gonna cost you you know

ten to thirty dollars a month then

somebody's gonna have to build your

website we use WordPress it's a great

product if you use it commercial like we

do I think it's something you're $10 a

month if you use it just as a kind of a

hobby thing it's gonna be free but

WordPress you're gonna have to learn

about it it's one of the harder parts

about the whole process but I highly

recommend a website at unity much of

this okay so next thing is scams people

who are buying dogs from you or worried

that you're gonna scam them and people

get scammed on a regular basis they're

worried that you are going to sell them

a puppy that doesn't physically exist

how do you avoid this how do you make

your customers happy and comfortable the

answer is Facebook FaceTime excuse me if

you've got a customer whose interest and

they're worried about do you exist say

hey let's FaceTime these puppies you

can't cheat on FaceTime so I highly

recommend that you offer that to your

customers you have the ability to

FaceTime so people can see that these

puppies move to exist at the same time

you need to be careful look people you

put things on Craigslist and somebody

shows up they stick a gun in your face

and steal your puppies these things

really do happen so how do you protect

yourself on Craigslist I recommend that

you you meet these people at a place

that is safe the police station that's a

great place say hey I'll meet you the

police station and what we'll start from

there and I'll bring the puppies with me

somebody's gonna scare me you is

probably just not even gonna show up so

I highly recommend it if you're gonna

meet somebody you meet somebody in a

place where it's not just you and you

feel safe and they can feel safe one of

the things that will happen is is that

people will say they're gonna meet you

they never show up so be prepared don't

go travel

150 miles to meet somebody with a puppy

for them never to show up if you're

gonna do that

I always require deposit before I either

get to that point they either need to

come meet me they'll come through what

they're getting put a deposit down or

I'm not gonna drive you know an hour

away to meet them because I've worried

that they're not even gonna show up okay

so what else do we need to cover yeah I

think I've covered most of the bases so

let me take let me take these puppies

here real quick and we're just going to

do another Bastian's trying to sell a

puppy here so we'll show you how we did

this so this here this is this is London

is that litter of three so this is a

Lila excuse me this is a blue that

carries chocolates with full ten points

because he's a pied you don't see the

tan points as well as you would with the

other dogs but you can see he's got his

markings on his face and a little bit

above his eyes and because his pie

doesn't show up in his forelegs but his

butt has got kind of a little bit of a

brownie tinge to it okay doesn't like

that alright so that that is London he

is eight weeks old and he can leave here

in two weeks he is coming to he's gonna

get his next shot in a week and he's

gonna get wound against there okay let's

have these other two guys so this is

this is Paris Paris is a little girl

Paris is spoken for and you can see her

ten points really shocked because she's

not applied and then there's one more on

the litter which is Rome and Rome's

another little boy looks like your

sister another system so there they are

and if you want to see more information

pictures then go to

so again YouTube videos the best thing

you can possibly do if you're not doing

YouTube videos you should be because

you'll see puppies running around you

could talk through the whole process you

can explain what your what your whole

passion is for the breed what you do how

long you been doing it for YouTube

videos wonderful

best of luck if we can help you in any

way then give us a holler bye bye

all right