(40 Crates) Selling PUBG Crates vs Items | Steam Community Market | Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

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hey what's up guys so in this video I

will be opening 40 pub G crates so over

the past few weeks probably months I've

been collecting these crates trying to

determine if I should sell them on the

steam marketplace or if I wanted to

maybe open them up and find a very rare

item that would you know make me 200

bucks or something like that so in this

video we are going to compare the price

of what I would have gotten if I'd have

just sold the crates versus how much I'm

going to make in the items that I unlock

so guys I hope you enjoy this video

let's get started all right here we go

all right that's uh can't be worth much

they're just a t-shirt

another t-shirt come on big ticket item

oh hey another t-shirt whoa it's a

t-shirt okay that that surprised me come

on there's gotta be something these