(40 Crates) Selling PUBG Crates vs Items | Steam Community Market | Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

hey what's up guys so in this video I

will be opening 40 pub G crates so over

the past few weeks probably months I've

been collecting these crates trying to

determine if I should sell them on the

steam marketplace or if I wanted to

maybe open them up and find a very rare

item that would you know make me 200

bucks or something like that so in this

video we are going to compare the price

of what I would have gotten if I'd have

just sold the crates versus how much I'm

going to make in the items that I unlock

so guys I hope you enjoy this video

let's get started all right here we go

all right that's uh can't be worth much

they're just a t-shirt

another t-shirt come on big ticket item

oh hey another t-shirt whoa it's a

t-shirt okay that that surprised me come

on there's gotta be something these

survivor crates nope

just pants

boots and those might be worth something

probably not

I've plenty of those baseball caps okay

I think I already have those

you never know he might need a different

colored baseball cap okay there we go

another one all right

biker crates let's go change of luck

cool cool beanie we already have one of

those all right school shoes black

probably not worth much at all okay

ah okay school shoes more school shoes

give me a cool jacket ah

Brown school shoes for my khakis



few more crates ah more Brown school

shoes well maybe I can donate those I

think I've already gotten that come on

let's get lucky here ah guess Mass

that's I guess pretty cool looking okay

I don't think I'm anywhere close to the

great price I would need one of those

kind of very rare items what you haven't

gotten yet tank top t-shirts

what do you know t-shirt come on give me

something cool tank top you can never

have too many tank tops just say that

hey that's pretty cool

military shirt I like that

well tank top and t-shirts kind of the

the name of the game when these crates

mmm it looks cool maybe that'll be or

something okay pink polo

who actually looks pretty cool

turtleneck alright moving to the Raider

crates silver-plated shotgun nice

alright uh looks like we had a dip 16

rugged s 12 K rugged and last item the

rugged crossbow alright guys so I hope

you enjoyed this video it looks like we

didn't come out on top like I was hoping

you know hoping for one of those big

ticket items we didn't have them getting

one so if we just sold the crates at the

beginning on the steam marketplace we'd

have made about 20 bucks instead we have

about seven now seven dollars and 27

cents of items that we opened up total

net loss on the comparison is $12.92 so

yeah I mean it was fun opening all these

crates was hoping to get something

really cool but that is okay alright

guys well I hope you enjoyed this video

if you did feel free to give it a like

give it a comment I appreciate that I

will talk to you guys later

have a good day