hey what's up everybody this is Becca

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the video today I'm going to be

discussing four things that you should

really do before selling your ps4 your

console to a stranger something probably

people have never thought about but

these are just four of the things that

you should be doing just don't sell your

console without doing them there I said


let's go alright so one of the first

things you should be doing of the four

things you should do before selling your

ps4 make backups of your save games

that's step one so to do this we will

need to go to settings and we're going

to be going down to application saved

data management and that's where we go

into there and then you'll see some

additional options of which you will

click on save data in system storage so

we click on that save data in system

storage we'll get a couple new options

and with that we can make either a

choice to save it to the upload to

online storage which is the cloud it's a

cloud service that PlayStation Network

offers or copy it to the USB storage

device both work very similar I believe

there's a 10 gigabyte storage limit on

the cloud I believe don't quote me on it

I don't remember

if you wanted to do that you can click

on that click on select all and then

click on upload and setup through an

online cloud there's also the option to

copy to the USB storage device instead

just click on copy to USB storage device

you'll see the same exact menu click on

the options button select all and click

on copy it might take a few moments to

copy the entire content to the drive but

that's it and you're done you've done

now you back up either to the online

cloud or to your thumb guys now the

second thing you want to do here is step

to deactivating the ps4 from your PSN

account and to do this we'll go back

into settings and then go back down to

account management and in account

management find where it says activate

as your primary ps4 in here once you

click it you have the option to click on

deactivate it will give you a whole wall

of text as to what will happen once you

deactivate the console you're doing it

just for your own security purposes it's

gonna delete wipe out access to that

console in regards to your own PSN

account because some other stranger will

have it so you don't want them accessing

anything if that were possible and here

we are with step 3 wiping out erase

format the ps4 harddrive and factory

reset so here is where we're going to be

going into settings again and all the

way down to the bottom of the menu and

there should be something called


and you click on that and it will go

into this initialization process of

which it will try to take that hard

drive and completely and utterly evasive

so that nothing is left click on that

and you get a quick option or the full

option now the click option is not as

thorough as the full option so since

we're getting rid of it and for selling

it to a stranger you want to do the

complete and full wiping out of all your

data on that drive it is takes probably

a good I don't know an hour hour and a

half maybe but that is something that

you really want to do since you're

giving it again to a stranger so you'll

never see this drive again and so it's

better to be safe than sorry

and that way also would be entire

console factory lease debt so once it

reboots there will be back up and

running and you will see nothing

they'll just be an option to sign in a

new account and finally step number four

is dusting off the ps4 the controller

unplug all cables and verify that all

the ps4 hardware content is present

before you start packing it up maybe

verify that whatever game that went with

the bundle is also present these are

just common things that need to happen

definitely disclosed to the buyer if

things are missing it's always a good

thing to be transparent and upfront

about what's missing if there is

something missing and just generally

pack it all up together make sure it's

all in one place and

off you go you sold your ps4 to a

stranger and you've done all the

necessary precautions to safeguard your

account and your data and that was it

for today's video the four things that

you want to do before selling off your

ps4 to a stranger hope it was

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