PS4 with P.T. Demo on Ebay for $1000

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this is a good time for us to lead right

into our scumbags the scum bag bag bag

seller seller sell of the week week week

a lot more delay and reverb out in that

one so now with with silent hill's

cancelled Konami is keen to wipe any

evidence that this game ever existed off

the map which is [ __ ] up from a video

game preservation point of view on which

we say that last time on the podcast

about what happens to these games on

rice times they're gone so of course

just like when a flappy bird got taken

off of the App Store you had people

selling iPhones with flappy bird on it

and trying to get all this money for it

was a luxury item yeah now you have ps4s

that people are trying to self like a

thousand or twelve hundred dollars that

have the PT demo on it this is scummy

for Oh a huge number of reasons one PT