alright guys splits here I'm gonna show

you guys how to refund any ps4 game DLC

anything and yeah so keep in mind this

only works if you bought it off the PS

Store so if you accidentally bought V

bucks or blackouts for you you will get

a full refund from it so with my method

so I'm actually gonna show you guys how

to do it I'm actually gonna buy

something to show you guys that I will

get the full refund so I'm just gonna

find like a cheap game

so this pac-man game is four dollars all

right so this pac-man is four dollars so

I'm gonna add it to my cart and I'm

gonna buy it and then you guys will see

that I will get the refund so let's just

get it alright so now we got it it was

downloaded and then boom so now it's

downloading and I can see I go back I'm

on the top right corner

I had $10 so now I'm down to 6 so keep

that in mind so this is what you want to

do next and yeah let's do it

alright guys so from here you want to go

to the site I'll put the link down below

so basically this is the PSN support

system they have so once you're here you

just want to go to a digital content in

game or DLC and just press contact us

and this is where you want to fill in

your PSN information so I'm gonna do

this real quick alright guys so I just

requested a chat this should take 10

minutes so just be patient and then yeah

alright so once you're in the PSN live

chat this is where you want to explain

to them that you that you accidentally

bought the ps4 game and make sure you

also give them the name of the game and

then yeah they'll check your account to

see to give you guys the full refund and

then you

all right so once you do all that you I

can see in my situation my full refund

actually got funded and in like minutes

so it's actually a fast process you get

your money back really fast so I'll show

you guys on my account that the refund I

did actually get so yeah let's do it

alright so like I said in the beginning

the video I had it six dollars on my

account so let's see how many I have now

on the top right boom the ten dollars

that I had before so now if we go to the

game let's see what happens

obviously you I can see there's a lock

screen so if I go to it it's not gonna

let me play because obviously I got the

refund so yeah this method does work if

you bought V bucks or full game like

black ops 4 this will work so I just

prove it to you guys so if this helped

you out please subscribe also give a

like and yeah guys thanks for watching