How To Make A Supplement Business From Start To Finish

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oh now that might look like something

out of a drug-dealing movie but honestly

it holds a lot of truth to it see in

America we do about twenty four billion

dollars in supplement sales 25% of that

comes directly out of Utah that's six

billion dollars out of one state see

back in the day selling supplements was

just like selling prescription drugs you

had to prove that was honest safe and

effective before you can even sell it

see the supplement Giants in Utah they

don't really like that so they lobbied

this guy named Orrin Hatch to kind of

flip the script on us now you don't

really have to prove that it's safe at

all actually the FDA has to prove it's

not safe just to get it off the shelves

you can imagine how much resources they

have to spend to figure out all the

different supplements now before you get