How To Make A Supplement Business From Start To Finish

oh now that might look like something

out of a drug-dealing movie but honestly

it holds a lot of truth to it see in

America we do about twenty four billion

dollars in supplement sales 25% of that

comes directly out of Utah that's six

billion dollars out of one state see

back in the day selling supplements was

just like selling prescription drugs you

had to prove that was honest safe and

effective before you can even sell it

see the supplement Giants in Utah they

don't really like that so they lobbied

this guy named Orrin Hatch to kind of

flip the script on us now you don't

really have to prove that it's safe at

all actually the FDA has to prove it's

not safe just to get it off the shelves

you can imagine how much resources they

have to spend to figure out all the

different supplements now before you get

any bright ideas this is not the video

for that actually the reason why I'm

telling you that is to watch out and

also because there's this big wide-open

gap in the supplement industry you know

of people that can fill that if you're

honest truthful and drop a high quality

product right we live in a new age right

people are getting smarter and healthier

you're gonna have reviews on your

product on YouTube if it becomes popular

people are gonna figure out they are

giving away a little quality stuff and

stop buying it and we're soft you know

tell other people about how bad it is

I believe in quality over quantity and

that's why I dropped you know pure

Himalayan shilajit now this is not the

video for pure Himalayan shilajit if you

guys want to learn about that I have

other videos on that but this cannot be

synthesized in a laboratory I understand

a lot of people are going to be making

more like pre-workout to protein

whatever it is you know but I highly

recommend that you guys you know treat

this with the utmost respect people are

putting this in their bodies and they

don't like it when you feed them

so if you want to learn how to

make a supplement company from start to


keep watching this is definitely the

video for you I can't feel my feet I'm a

tasty vitamin all week

I detect the presence of his deity now

before we get started guys I am NOT a

professional I'm not a lawyer or a tax

professional in any way shape or form

okay I'm just an entrepreneur that

recently started a company with shilajit

supplement company and I went through

all the headaches okay I went through

everything I did get the jars ID the

stickers create the limited liability

company the branding the marketing the

full of thing okay so this video is

basically how to get all of those basics

you know the whole sales and everything

like that all the resources you need to

create your own supplement company this

video is probably not a one size fit all

because you know I create a shilajit

there's nothing like it in the world so

you guys are probably trying to sell

again you know some protein supplement

or a pre-workout or BCAAs whatever your

thing is you can definitely figure it

out and there's a lot of things in this

video that I'm gonna point you to that

you probably should go okay I do know

about about protein supplements and

stuff like that okay so again guys not

professional if you like to quality this

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is not a channel for already you know

I'm not trying to show you Lamborghinis

I'm trying to give you practical advice

real stuff that you can use to start off

your own entrepreneurship business or

whatever you want to do in this case

supplement company okay guys so I'll buy

the jump to that computer right there

and I'll show you guys everything I know

about supplement companies keep watching

all right guys let's get started first

thing you have to figure out what type

of supplement that you want to sell okay

I highly recommend you do it you know

and according to your brand if you're a

fitness brand you're probably gonna be

selling something like I said before a

protein supplement pre-workout BCA's

whatever your thing is whatever it works

for you right if you're an intellectual

some guy that you really want talks

about books or you know other things

that has to do with brain power you know

there's a whole lot of stuff you could

sell I prefer a pure Himalayan shilajit

because all-natural but there is you

know brain steroids and stuff like that

that you can sell and supplements that

you can test right we'll be careful okay

don't don't take it overboard okay

because people can get hurt now that

part I'm gonna leave it up to you

I can't really tell you what supplement

that you should be selling right you

have to come from your heart

businesses solve problems we don't do

this for money we do this to solve

problems for the world and I get

compensated a return you're sick

reciprocal altruism all right now let's

move on first thing you want to do

LegalZoom create your LLC if you don't

already have one now I am NOT a tax

professional in any way so I'm not

sitting here telling you how to create

your LegalZoom actually I'm not even go

over it I'm just gonna tell you that

Legal Zoom is the cheapest way to do it

by far I've seen people paid like $1,000

you know to get a limited liability

created when they could have just spent

came here and spent 120 to 160 okay so

I'm just giving you the reference I want

nobody coming back to me because they

created a corporation wrong but I'll

tell you what I did it here and you know

it's is low-cost we're not creating a

million dollar business and I definitely

you know got the benefit from it when I

started making more money then I'll

probably hire a tax professional to

tweak it but if you want to get started

you know just go over to Legal Zoom

they're gonna give you an EIN number

okay that's the number that you need to

basically sell on any platform this

might take you a couple days it might be

instant I don't remember but the ein

number is very important I believe you

have to file it with the government it's

basically the number that says that you

have to pay taxes and they need that

number to basically say if you want to

sell on Amazon if you want to sell

anywhere Shopify clickfunnels you need

that I am Number okay you need it now

let's move on branding okay there's two

ways you can go through this you can go

to cheap way which is okay in some cases

because you might be good at making you

know logos and branding is a

really good resource for you guys to

make your own logos here let me let me

login a real quick all right I'm in so

you can create you know I don't believe

that you can make your actual you can if

you know what you're doing but use this

for logos look you can make any type of

logo you want you have to come up with

your your your supplement company name

and then just create the logo for it

okay if you want to take it a little bit

more serious this is what I did I took

it more serious I have a friend that

makes logos and branding but if you

don't have a friend you know that's

actually a professional go to

figure it out right so you can type in

like for example sup and label designer

hey go supplement label design you can

figure this out yourself guys not that

hard pay somebody on fire would get it

done or if you want to take it

professionally and cheap come on over to

here you're gonna need Adobe Illustrator

and you could do it yourself now

ultimately you know I did pay my friend

like 150 bucks to create all the

designing but if I was to start over

which I am going to be selling another

supplement called black seed oil I

probably just go into Adobe Illustrator

and get creative it might take you a

couple of days but it's a important you

know it's it's really useful in the long

run because you'll you'll be able to

kind of put stuff together if you

remember wanna get into marketing you're

gonna need to know how to create you

know like pictures and you know

thumbnails and different graphics you're

gonna need to kind of know it so this is

what I ultimately recommend go to Adobe

Illustrator and you'll get it in high

quality you can print it find a

professional on printer I highly

recommend you don't go to like your

local target copy that's the mistake I

did I went to you know Kinkos like

that's the equivalents or Office Max

equivalents in my area and they printed

low quality you know stickers for very

expensive there's professional sticker

prices you can just google it I'm not

gonna search that up that's anyone can

do that

Google professional sticker places and

they'll print it out for you you just

got the Bible okay so you're gonna need

a start-up capital me personally I

started up with about six thousand

dollars okay you can start with less I

probably purchased a little bit too much

shilajit you can start with a little bit

less there's nothing wrong with that you

know and when you set when you sell and

keep selling you scale and you get hot

you know you get more money reinvest and

that's the best way to do it honestly I

just have a problem with jumping into

things okay so once you get your

branding the next step is to actually

get your you know website now it can go

either way right so you can you can

immediately order like let's say we're

talking about protein so you can

immediately order your supplement test

it out that's probably the way to go

before you get your website because you

can see you know what's if it's good or

if you really want to do this whatever

it is you know there's white-label

my friend did this label protein

companies so you like if you don't want

to deal with all the headache like the

lawyers or whatever you can literally

find a white label protein powder

company they will make the protein for

you and any way you want you know I'm

pretty sure that recommend you to

stickers all you have to really do is

come with them with the branding they

might actually even offer you the

branding right they might just do

everything for you this probably is the

best way to go I couldn't do it because

shilajit isn't like kind of nobody knows

about it's like a hidden secret for

thousands of years comes from India and

I mean I had to find special jars right

you can't really there's no jars here

right these are like four supplements

and you know if you're doing something

more common this is definitely the way

to go and really just win with marketing

they'll try to get it as cheap as

possible the more you buy the cheaper it

gets and then you just beat people with

marketing right that's that's the most

important thing in a business anyway so

there you go I just probably saved you

you know months of work that I had to

put in it spent it took me like six

months to get the shilajit over here to

test it in a laboratory to do all these

things and you probably could just get

it done right now like with this they'll

probably just do everything for you it's

amazing the world we live in right but

if you have to test it just look up a

third-party independent laboratory and

test it for yourself okay save you a

headache now got the branding you got

the supplement you got the Legal Zoom

hopefully you got your a I n number and

you did the filing for the taxes you

need to create a website now the best

website generator in my opinion in the

world to sell anything now if you're

selling multiple you know multiple

products which I don't recommend you

want to niche down and hammer one down

first and get it you know sold make sure

you got that down and then move on

that's what I recommend in every

business trust me there's people out

there that are just focused on protein

they're gonna whoop you

you think you sell all the different

types of supplements you're wrong

there's someone out there is gonna beat

you and you're not gonna make that much

money it saturates your time you

want to hammer the protein once you're

making you know this much money on

protein whatever your goal is then you

can move on to be CAS that's just the

best way to go but look clickfunnels

I know you guys heard of it if you

haven't click funnels is the way to go

I'll leave the link in the description

for you guys to check it out but this

place you know they make it very easy

for you to create a website this is

probably the best you know

all-in-one builder this is very easy to

make you don't have to hire a coder you

don't have to go on Fiverr and pay

somebody $5,000 to make your website you

know this is you know when you're

selling this when you're selling your

product this is very sales oriented it's

not scammy unless you make a scammy but

it's extremely focused base it doesn't

take the attention away from the

customer and your product and it's

ultimately the best selling platform on

the Internet unless you're like a coder

and you know how to do tweaks and make

it look like funnels then yeah that's

probably a little bit better but you

know this is a I believe it's $9.99 a

month and honestly I've been paying for

it for almost a year now and it just

it's so much easier so like you just

pick what you want right create a

product sales funnel whatever and then

call it test right drag-and-drop build

funnel it's super easy you could even

just copy their website like they give

you websites you can just copy their

website like this guy right here look

preview see they're just give it to you

you can just fill it in okay so that's

that guys let's make this easy all right

the most important part that you want to

spend your time on is marketing that's

my specialty

okay so you got you got this you gotta

get your domain - if you don't know how

to get your domain you can get it they

give you one free domain so you could

just literally search and they'll give

it to you okay why not they're right

here you click right here what's going

on here click domains

and this is my domain they gave it to me

for free so you know domains are like 20

bucks 15 bucks so you know it's a little

bit of a benefit from clickfunnels again

guys my link is below go ahead and click

that to get signed up with clickfunnels

and to do your thing with the supplement

company now let's move on

you got the brand you got the website

you got the supplement and you got the

ein number with um you know the EIN

number tax number now all I have to do

is really set up the payment services

this is not a video about you know


but you set it up through account

college stripe I'm not gonna click it

cuz probably gonna log in and show my

details but stripe is a payment

processing service they're gonna need

your EIN number and then you just set it

up a clickfunnels just google search

tutorial stripe clickfunnels

super simple set that up and get it

going you got everything now okay so now

you just get to the most important part

marketing I'm not gonna go into details

you might get some later videos about

that but you know the best marketing

platform is probably going to be

Facebook ad manager okay I logged me log

in really quickly Facebook ads are most

likely the cheapest they're definitely

the cheapest and um you know Facebook

they say well what is it one out of

every four people on earth to have a

Facebook page so a lot of people on

Facebook you can advertise to people on

here easily um and if you want to expand

your horizons I highly recommend it

you go on to YouTube and make videos

because people just like YouTube videos

they just like YouTube videos

YouTube's the biggest search engine on

earth and you know people just look for

stuff on it I mean you're here for a

reason right

you're looking at this video for a

reason so you want to be running ads on

YouTube Facebook you want to create your

Instagram it's obvious create your

Instagram get going on there

consistently I mean you guys there's all

these gurus out there teaching and

marketing and stuff like that and though

I have purchased you know over ten

fifteen thousand dollars and marketing

programs myself the most you know

important thing is to get extremely

creative and extremely consistent that's

about it

and you will sell anything post on every

single platform every single platform

meaning the you know three major ones

Facebook Instagram YouTube right as

frequently as possible Facebook and

Instagram everyday post it on it every

day you know get to organic

use the hashtag take time with your

descriptions this is the best advice I

can get if you could take this advice

right here and really hammer it you'll

win you won't need to pay for any

courses and spend you know ten fifteen

thousand dollars the guy did you could

have took that ten thousand dollars and

put it into advertisement you know

budget which you know you should be

doing and you know learn like that all

right so just get really creative and

you know really thorough just be very

detail-oriented and be consistent and

you know there you go your marketing

guys it's very that it's really that

simple it's not it's amount of effort

that you put into making this company

not really you know the little tricks

and this is the type of channel that I

want to create I want to create a

realist channel right not some something

to just sell you something I wanted to

hammer down the fact that if you just

have perseverance and hard work

everything else follows okay everything

else follows okay guys so I'm not gonna

dive deep into this stuff I just wanna

let you know that you're gonna have to

learn it yourself I can't baby you

through everything alright so let me see

if I missed anything from start to


Limited Liability ein I even gave you

guys the white label create your website

create your branding and put it all

together right if I think the white

labels even put the protein together for

you and they and there's some

places that will even ship it for you

you don't have to do nothing but mark it

and have a little bit of a startup cost

right but yeah guys thanks for watching

this video that's a supplement company

from start to finish I know I couldn't

really go into detail because you know

this video would be six hours long if I

did that it took me almost four to six

months to create my supplement company

so I'm not gonna sit here and make a

whole video on that I'm just gonna give

you the little tricks that I had to

learn I had to learn oh one more thing

about supplements don't give any

half-ass you know effort when it comes

to like supplement testing alright if is

there something wrong with your

supplement fix it

because you're about to spend you know a

lot of money getting all these together

so make sure it's solid make sure you

got the tests make sure it tastes good

every little thing be very

detail-oriented before you spend all

your money okay guys so thanks for

watching this video again hit the like

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channel for that raw entrepreneurship

up-and-coming entrepreneurs and I'll see

you guys in the next video