All About Propolis | How to Clean & Harvest Propolis, Propolis Tincture Recipe & Uses for Propolis

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hey everyone lucy here from beekeeping

made simple and this video is about



you know it's the end of march and it's

kind of

b season but not quite so i wanted to

talk about some of those fun things you

can do with the products you're

harvesting from your hive um

uh to get you excited about beekeeping

and the things that you can do come the

fall once your bee keeping is over or

when you have free time in the summer

and propolis is one of those things that

people know a little bit less about so

i'm going to talk about first you know

what propolis is what you can do with it

how to harvest it

traps you can buy how you can make traps

then how you process it and then what

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