How To Sell Your Property Without A Real Estate Agent

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There are a lot of people who sell their properties every single year without the use of a real

estate agent and thus saving themselves quite a large commission.

Today I have with me Daniel Baxter from He helps people sell their properties without

a real estate agent and he is going to talk us through the pros and cons of doing that

as well as the process on how to sell your property without a real estate agent.

Ryan: So hey Daniel, thanks for coming on today!

Daniel: Hey Ryan, thanks for having me. I am really excited to be here today.

Ryan: So, let us talk first about why would people consider selling their property without

the use of a real estate agent. Most people will sell their properties through a real

estate agent, what is the benefit of selling your property without a real estate agent?

Daniel: Well, the biggest benefit - I guess the reason why we have, it is not just I guess,

managers that have come to us. We have investors, we have developers; I guess what we do and

how we can help people can really work with anybody. So, the big one is obviously the

commission savings. Agents, the way that they are charging people, obviously, the fees are

huge. Property prices are increasing, obviously, so did these fees. And the truth is most of

them are doing less than what they did years ago but they are still charging the same or

if not more. Ryan: And so what are the general fees that

a real estate agent will charge someone to sell their property?

Daniel: Well, it definitely varies throughout Australia. I mean the average probably, say

in the metro area, is about 2%. But when we start moving out to rural areas and things

like that, I have had clients with agents quoting anything up to 4.8% of the property

price. Ryan: Okay. So 2% of a $500,000 property is

$10,000. Is that right? Daniel: Yes.

Ryan: And then a lot of agents as well will charge on top of that for advertising fees

so you will be up for hundreds of dollars to list your property online, hundreds of

dollars for a sign, hundreds of dollars for professional photos and stuff as well so you

are kind of looking at an extra $1,000 or $2,000 or something in a lot of cases for

advertising. Is that right? Daniel: Yes, easily. It is probably at least

$2,000 to $3,000 most agents will put together for their marketing packages that they will

suggest to people. But if you are looking at an auction campaign, a lot of agents love