How To Sell Property Without An Agent

- Should you sell your property

without using a real estate agent?

Hi, everyone.

Gaynor here from Property Made Simple,

and probably this is another very contradicting video

that I'm doing right now because basically,

I'm a real estate agent and the title is

how you are able to sell your property

without using a real estate agent.

But I think in this video,

one of the purpose is probably

just want to share with you my opinions,

what are the pros and what are the cons,

so they can really weigh carefully

before you actually decide to engage a real estate agent,

or probably you decide to just do it by yourself, right?

But before I actually start,

I just want to share with you

why probably there are sellers,

home sellers, property sellers,

who probably wants to do it by themselves.

So what we always say is DIY, right?

So far, I think there are probably two main reasons

I can think of,

but if you think that there are many more reasons,

probably somewhere in the video

there'll be a comment section,

just let me know

so that at least we know why you are probably feeling

that you shouldn't use a real estate agent.


So the two main reasons is one,

probably what I can think of is

maybe it's because you have a bad experience before.

You probably engaged a real estate agent previously

for the first time when you decide to sell your property,

but at the end,

it probably turned out really very bad, right?

And that is where you lose the confidence of using an agent,

to help you to sell your place.

And that's why subsequently,

you decided to try to do it yourself, right?

You know, stuff like that.

This is probably one of the reason, right?

The second reason I think is definitely

one of the most, most obvious reasons is because

you probably just want to save the commission, right?

And the standard market rate for using a real estate agent

to sell the property is probably 2%.

Of course, I know that there are agents

who probably charge lesser, maybe 1%,

or some agents that charge more, even up to 3%.

And that is the reason why

you probably just want to save the commission

and you probably think that you can just handle it yourself

and just save the money.

So this is probably one of the two main reasons why,

or probably what I can think of

that property sellers probably doesn't want

to engage a real estate agent to help them

to sell their property.

And if there are more reasons probably,

you know you can just leave in the comment section.

Let us know the reason.

Maybe I have not thought about it,

but I think this is probably the two main reasons

that I can think of at the moment.

So the question is how are you able to sell?

So there are actually a lot of medias out there

that you can actually post your property

if you decide not to use a real estate agent.

But it is probably not the mainstream property portals.

So, one of it is probably newspapers.

You can advertise it yourself.

The other few types is probably,

I don't know, Gumtree.

Maybe you want to try Gumtree

or probably you can use Carousell, I think,

and post your property for sale.

So these are just some of the categories,

the media platforms that you can use to sell your property.

But you probably will not be able

to use the mainstream property portals

like PropertyGuru,

or probably even Property.

These are the mainstream property portals

that they only allow real estate agents to use

to advertise for the sellers.

So for advertisement-wise,

only probably this few groups that you can use

to advertise your property.

And this is the way how you can get exposure,

buyers to probably contact you,

or probably even some agents will contact you, right?

So this is the very first part,

whereby this is what we call advertising advertisement,

where you wanna pull the buyers in.

Of course, the second process is probably

where people will come and start to view your place.

This is actually something a little bit easier, right?

You can do it yourself.

But subsequently, what's the more difficult part is

whereby it comes to negotiation.

This is a very critical part whereby buyers will probably...

You know, buyers being buyers,

they probably wants to buy your property at a lower price.

And probably, they know that you are an owner.

So there are a few things that probably you will have.

One, a few outcomes, right?

Some buyers will probably

just give you a very, very low price.

Now, when this really comes by,

you probably will be quite turned off as a seller

and you probably don't want to engage,

to talk to the buyer, right?

Or second, the buyer probably wants to offer you

at the pricing, the devaluation price,

which is really very normal.

And that's where you start your negotiation.

And probably at the end of the day,

you know, this three-part process,

it's a very simple process whereby you will eventually know

how you can probably sell your property.

So this is what...

If you want to really try it by yourself,

the question is, should you?

Should you actually try to do it yourself?

At the end of the day,

I can only say that it really, really depends on you.

Being a real estate agent,

probably I think what is really very important is

how a real estate agent is able to value it you

in terms of the process,

or probably how they are able to help you

to achieve a better price at the end of the day.

So one of the few key differences without usi-

I mean, looking into using and without using.

One of the key main differences,

Just now, I actually share

one of the key main differences is the media portals,

the mainstream property portals

that only real estate agents are able to assess.

And also, the second very few important factors

that I think real estate agents are really, really able

to value at is in terms of the timeline process.

The timeline is process, the advising,

the advice on how they are able to help you

to achieve a better price in terms of selling, right?

Because experienced agents probably,

they will be able to know how to talk

to the buyers professionally,

and how they are able to bring in the buyers

and let them understand why should they be able to...

Why should they pay more for your property?

Which for this instance,

the sellers may not be able to convey such a message

to the buyers effectively.

Because sellers being sellers, buyer being buyer,

the communication when it comes to pricing is not easy

to communicate because seller always want a higher price,

buyer always want to buy at a lower price.

How are they able to come in between?

And that's where at times you need to understand

the importance of having a middle person

to help you to convey this message professionally

so that the buyer will be able to understand

why they are paying for.

And these are many, many things that a lot of sellers today

may not be able to understand because sellers,

of course, they probably offer that,

"Hey, you know, it's really very easy

for just to sell a property.

You just have to advertise.

You just have to bring in the buyers

and eventually negotiate and get the price done

and get the deal done."

But they probably neglect the in-between or the backstage,

whereby day are a lot of things that agents have done

or probably they will be doing that in the naked eyes,

probably the sellers may not be able to see.

And one of the very key main important thing

I personally feel is how does the agents able

to negotiate and talk to the buyers

and probably position your property in such a way

that buyers will understand why they are paying

this price much more higher

or why they are paying this property at a higher price,

you know, stuff like that.

So at the end of the day, there's no right or wrong reason.

In this video,

I just want to share it really, really, very clearly,

and really in a very unbiased opinion.

At the end of the day,

you probably can sell by yourself, right?

But you have to really look at the pros and the cons

with or without using an agent.

And at the end of the day,

understand how the agent is able to present to you,

share with you in terms of the value

that how he or she is able to value it to you

in terms of selling.

And at the end of the day,

there are really, really more things

that I personally view that an agent can value

at much, much more to a seller.

But this is just my opinion.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

And probably, I think if you feel that...

Probably, you think what I shared is right or wrong,

you know, stuff like that.

Just to feel free, comment this video,

just share with us your comments

so that I can also understand,

we can also understand,

and probably we can really help you

and know how we can value it to clients as well

in the possible, right?

So with that, probably I end this video.

Hope this video really benefits you,,

and see you real soon.