How To Sell Property Without An Agent

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How to sell property without an agent?

Step 1: Determine the value of your property by researching the local real estate market and working with a professional appraiser.
Step 2: Create a detailed listing of your property that includes high-quality photos, accurate dimensions, and all relevant information about the property.
Step 3: Promote your listing through various channels, such as social media, online marketplaces, and word of mouth.
Step 4: Schedule property tours and open houses for interested buyers.
Step 5: Negotiate with potential buyers and finalize the sale with a legal contract.


- Should you sell your property

without using a real estate agent?

Hi, everyone.

Gaynor here from Property Made Simple,

and probably this is another very contradicting video

that I'm doing right now because basically,

I'm a real estate agent and the title is

how you are able to sell your property

without using a real estate agent.

But I think in this video,

one of the purpose is probably

just want to share with you my opinions,

what are the pros and what are the cons,

so they can really weigh carefully

before you actually decide to engage a real estate agent,

or probably you decide to just do it by yourself, right?

But before I actually start,

I just want to share with you

why probably there are sellers,

home sellers, property sellers,

who probably wants to do it by themselves.