How to Sell a Tenant-Occupied Listing - Kevin Ward

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hey there it's Kevin I got a great

question here from one of my coaching

members actually what should I do when a

property is occupied tenant occupied and

the owner is interested in selling the

property problem is it's occupied by a

tenant can't be staged and the owner is

interested in selling but if it doesn't

sell they would continue renting out to

the same tenants when I asked him about

his motivation he said it is hi it's an

expired listing so what do you do when

you have a tenant occupied property and

the people want to sell the property so

number one it's an expired listing the

most important thing always always

always forever is motivation why do they

want to sell how high is his motivation

he says it's high well high is relative

right i high how high is your motivation

to make a million dollars well it's high