Why Use a Power of Attorney When Buying or Selling Real Estate

hi this is Jeff Wu your local real

estate specialist I'm here today to tell

you about something I've been getting a

lot of questions about lately and it's

POS and what I mean by that is powers of

attorney when you have a power of

attorney it allows somebody to sign

official documents on their behalf a

power of attorney has to be notarized

well in advance by the person giving the

permission to sign on their behalf you

might ask how does this come into play

in real estate well it comes into play

when a party is not able to sign the

documents so sometimes you have people

have a power of an attorney for an aging

or ill family member and they're able to

sign those documents on their behalf

other times you have people who with one

spouse will not be able to make the

settlement or the closing and a or a

spouse or Co buyer or co seller can sign

for the other party and then other times

you have where people can not make the

settlement at all so they have a friend

a family member or even an attorney that

they hire who they sign as their power

of attorney so powers of attorney useful

in all kinds of things but in particular

in real estate if you have more

questions let me know I'll try to help

you or get you in touch with a real

estate related attorney who can explain

it better but it's a great tool because

you can't always plan everything that

comes up and if you can't be present you

need to have somebody to trust able to

sign on your behalf I'm Jeff Wu and I'd

love to talk to you about real estate

anything positive please feel free to

reach out

Jeff we make it a great day