How To Sell A Property Quickly in 3 Steps

hello dealmakers so in this video we're

going to talk about how do you sell a

property quickly find a public Benton

and property now my Billy sang and so

high I am Ronald Kagame I'm a financial

educator and an author and a speaker on

real estate I wrote the book no money

down formula in real estate how to buy

how to buy properties with little or no

money down so in this video we're going

to talk about know once you've bought a

property up an emotional event and how

do you sell it quickly you need to sell

to one of the ways to realize the profit

from real estate now is to sell the

property if your if your strategy is

buying and flipping or maybe if you have

lived in a property for a long time you

want to be able to make money out for

the appreciation then you need to sell

your property quickly so what are the

steps k number one you want to make sure

that your property is ready to sell so

Helen and Danza make it ready to sell

and what are the things that you can do

well number one you want to declutter

Tangherlini megami pain Deena hi lemon

but you have to have that mindset that

already ready to move my motto Allen I

feel living in the house vanilla

McDonnell salon and gamete kapag Alice

now I'm a buyer now that's the wrong

mindset so what you want to do is you

want to be ready to move the colony

gamut hindi ka lang and purple that dink

Mumbai on nakita nila Malu bug okay soul

at Mindy Kaling entangle in Farah

mechanisation impression am a Ludwig

young bhai okay pac-man was much gusto

my google stand on buyer now build him

can say wow spacious Malevich mojito

Machado maraming I met my sister kept

Angela subpoena line Machado mosquito

Peraza hang family and you also want to

remove about personal things so you know

a picture Nino the by human medals

medals trophy trophy dangling Union

because in determining Helen hittin on

buyer Kalin and Salam is from AC panella

de la laghima vikraman de Tocqueville a

legume middleman

and so come back a Halen macaroons Ilana

ownership happen and don't care attend

to him of personal things no in the

salami Cohanim ownership so remove the

clutter the non-essential things

next you want to fix things Malita sarah

kaelin i using was set up in doorknob

iucn therapy allow a union so mir muk

too low a you Simona and so you had

Mohammed lit bag I fell and I using a

using okay makes you want to also make

it bright Molly one egg maganda going

Bali one egg

young bhai purple path of nila positive

your energy per second but the limb even

property image Milan quad at I am when

I'm buying a melancholy scene is Allah

Billy so you want them to feel good

about the house but you want them to

feel ready to marijuana mix you want to


Humana luma Mahone do mana then Saba hey

teach another animal uma by young for

set and 1980s Bobby and Mikey tenement

this is Tyler

Rahul Lumina pal Italian ago injured an

embargo letter D mad Niles by eBay

entails to 1990s 1980s satires gone so I

come from Ironman the Romberg investment

want a pop did know you monetize

fixtures LeBeau etc okay next you also

want to improve interactive curb appeal

this applies come bhai and come back

even at a young a new young each Ora non

bhai die you Neela do syrup see because

we want to make a good first impression

but when a first impression positive you

feeling the redness a house but

passiveness a lobe

my kind of cylinder mother isn't bucket

nila be billing you buy better home

duplicate Ella panic tada

but or pass - hello mechanically no

reason target I only love billion behind

but point out Mel had no bang it so you

want to make sure the magazine first

impression my in love Godzilla / Holman

epsilon a reason para bill

bhai sorry my oppinion Govan sempre

Linea who Marian garden Denise in you

come Munna but wala the patrol and amo

Mogollon you'll attend the more trim new

Holliman premium phu no longshot

mahaprabhu indeed marketing bhai energy

trimming and pre-painting young hot


Melina's that Mahalo Pangolin make sure

that you create a good first impression

okay so once your property is ready to

sell so thank be repairable entire well

obtained in Agua piloting some marketing

and all that number two you have to

decide on the price make sure that the

property is priced to sell

Taman pressure shadow metas alchemy

shadow meta Zuma assalam Namibian

tamesha at a high price Kalinin guma had

a market study and you want to make sure

that your property is just the same

price as the other sperm spoke at the

end condition more that way must my

beliefs can of Aventa

merriment pressure huh knock on tape

Arabic Machado walk Machado metas

alchemy shadow meta Seon you're going to

eliminate all the other buyers at my

people eat and come acquaintances are

deljuan property yes i order one buyer

interested to me in supporting mo and

what you want to do is you want to get

say two or three interested buyers top

spec taliban in Mesilla outbid sila

again they're going to bid against each


para your high speed or sonamoo ponte in

by purple my shadow Metallica sayin

price mo in this element will bid

against themselves okay and don't fight

the market icon I know young

price in Abydos a market study more log

mula bandha Bachman dozen hoping namaha

Oaxaca now must not ask the price

because it never happens if the market

is always right and the market will pay

your house the amount of money that it

is willing to be alright so don't fight

the market okay so number one be ready

to sell number two be priced to sell and

once you've done that you market to sell

so once you have a great property at a

great price then you write a great

description so I practice a lot on get a

description like angel hat now my garden

features at Magnum benefits don't buy

and you look at a lot of property ads to

Sarah P Newman

imma go down description at Gangnam

style's in the genome of Helen McKee

mcgillich narrator from Oklahoma pilaf

evening my style name property

description gusto and you look for them


Moriah me Dominion and they take a lot

of pictures take pictures in the morning

take pictures in the afternoon in the

evening para Meramec Olympic Peabody and

go under young best night Papa hi Daniel

la illaha proposed Ohio online okay also

make a video make a video at Indian

silent video Helen doing a video NATO

perish on virtual tour nap nap in a

point out yamaha moog again done

qualities don't behind in you okay

so make a video make a virtual tour be

lively when you are presenting know the

property and then post online post

everywhere online there's a lot nang

websites that is available no thanks oh

no nobody available in a on my own

engine your carousel engine property 24

my property la moody up Lerma ramyon

mamimi websites that allow you to post

know your property for sale so latinum

websites the merit my post Rio

heightened Hindi Kannada hi to Linda

connoisseur Bay is a Miramar websites

nallamalla bus every year me Ramona

bagging websites so make sure that you

post there as well okay

post everywhere and post also in your

social media accounts by posting

Facebook Twitter Instagram I have

monomer I mean picture catacomb iguana

video bottom a post molarity and social

media and don't post the same exact by

ASA every day never post Cassie Callahan

to literally connect market and get in

la venta okay and then place signs place

signs on the house on the Hondo and in

the area in the vicinity Kusaka paid him

a post back on Kondo yen micboys

cusamano bulletin boards subdivision

content posted bulletin board

predicament post the similar vacant lot

they would post kind of signed up a

smear on arrow

who santa banta young ba hemo sabahi mo

i'm speculum we don't have multiple

signs para Makita in Aglaia had mahaki

ternoon like the drive so you want to

test kya bottom hedonic the drive guy

bottom ajita no the Galahad and in both

directions Kalam American science that

appeal now in both directions then make

Facebook ads am a goddess a Facebook by

the moon it targets a specific location

so Allen Baba never been taaha Shah BGC

the in target no now in Latin after

stability Maha Keaton Ella in property

more contact passing consignment sebacic

e target mo in Hotlanta or an AHA Tara

say Iranian I said the most properties

are sold to people in the area are a

minimum buyers targeted in love so make

sure that you target your advertising

when you're using Facebook Ads all right

or comma shadow Machado matter Abajo

don't hotness ledges casino one of the

best ways is to hire a licensed real

estate broker is it platinum are

professional human Marin strategy so you

interview a lot of brokers email brokers

that operate in your area you hire them

Casa Brazil amis Mumbai on sale on

buyers list about mini Scylla active

buyers in Agra hang up so that could be

one of the ways where you can sell their

property quickly hire a broker now

professional mag market or marinum

buyers list and that will help you sell

your property quickly okay if you price

your property correctly if you bought

your property at the right price then

hiring a real estate broker will still

give you a profit

okay so that's it now if you don't just

to review quickly review if you want to

sell a property quickly make sure that

it is ready to sell number one number

two it is priced to sell and number

three you do everything that you market

your property to sell it okay if you

want to learn how to buy properties with

little or no money down now make sure to

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you will invest in real estate I hope

you make a lot of deals in real estate

so that all of you will grow rich see

you on the next video