How to sell your property without placing it on the internet!

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- Everyone, welcome again.

It's Jimmy Singh here from Hilton Parkes Real Estate.

Welcome to number two Trina Place in Hassall Grove.

Now, another fantastic result, another great result,

should I say, that we've received in this property.

Now, the most exciting part about this property being sold

is it wasn't even on the internet.

Now, hang on, it wasn't even marketed?

But it was marketed enough

to the market who's looking to buy.

Now, this is an advantage of a Shush campaign.

Now this is a campaign that we are running

that we've got a large database of eyes

that they are looking to buy in your area right now.

Now if you do live in Hassall Grove or surrounding suburbs,

especially in Hassall Grove though,

we've had a really large success buy properties

in the last number of weeks.

Now, if you live in here, you know somebody living in here,

please, you know, there's an appeal, please let us know.

We can help you, we can help you find a buyer.