How To SELL your HOUSE and Properties in GTA 5 Online!

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you're in that mood today to spend your

hard-earned GTA cash on some expensive

properties the next day you realize that

you needed the cash to invest in stocks

to make more cash well duh Mr Obvious

don't know how to sell the properties

well here are some tips and tricks on

how you can sell your houses and

properties in GTA online

Rockstar Games has recently added a lot

of useful features in GTA 5 online for

example they have increased the number

of properties you can own however they

still don't allow you to sell your

properties so you can't directly sell

your properties that doesn't mean you

can't sell them at all though you need

to know the right place and Method so

that you can get your money back from

selling your properties and clicking on

this video is a step in the right