Linsey Taylor: How To Sell Land

hi my name is Lindsey Taylor and I'm

here today to talk to you about selling

your land

most people have bought and sold cars

usually their dealership or a broker

many people have also bought and sold at

least one home in their lifetime but

what about selling land as scary and

unfamiliar as it may sound for most

selling land can be just as easy with

some knowledge of the process and help

from your realtor you can make a

lucrative profit on your land in this

video we will discuss the three

necessary steps to selling your land I

will tell you when to divide how to

price and how to prep your land for sale

so let's get started number one

determine whether to sell whole or

divided once you have made the decision

to sell your land you must decide how

you would like to move forward with the

sale depending on the size of your land

whether a small lot or a hundred acres

you need to decide if you would like to

sell it whole or in several pieces say

for example you would like to sell 50

acres depending on the area you are in

it may be more lucrative to split up

that 50 acres into 10 acre parcels if

you are in an area that is seeing a lot

of new homes being built you stand to

make more money splitting up the land

however if your land is located in a

more remote area large parcels are can

also be sure to learn about your local

land regulations in many counties there

are regulations in place that require

plotting in addition to a survey number

to establish pricing once you have

decided how you will split up your land

if at all you will need to work with

your realtor on pricing as your Realtor

I can help you by providing a

comparative market analysis or CMA

within this report there will be a list

of similar properties and what they have

sold for in the past as well as what

similar properties are currently listed

for a term we often use in the real

estate industry when pricing a property

is highest and best use essentially what

we're asking is what is the best use of

the property when listing it for sale so

consider what type of area your law or

land is located in is it in the city or

located on a dirt road

are there commercial buildings nearby or

residential homes this information helps

you determine the highest and best use

and is vital to pricing your property

correctly and competitively in today's

market prepare your land now that you've

worked out the details of selling your

land it's time to prepare that land for

sale first item on the list

clear any unwanted brush if you plan to

market your land for building purposes

the more you can clean it up the better

removing brush and mowing the grass can

help boost the appeal immediately there

is however an exception to this if you

plan to market your land for

recreational purposes such as hunting

brush and trees may be a desirable

option you can hire cleanup crew or roll

up your sleeves and do it yourself it

all depends on what type of audience you

plan to attract but either way if it

does need some cleanup be sure to make

it look beautiful

thank you for stopping by and checking

out my guide on how to sell land be sure

to visit my youtube channel for more

real estate guides and how to's I'm

Lindsay Taylor your real estate agent

with the heart bye for now