How To Sell Land By Owner In Texas

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Alright, so you have some land you're looking  to sell out in Texas. You've come to the right

video. In this video, I'm going to show you step  by step how to sell your land by owner in Texas.  

Hey, guys, it's Brent Bowers. I've done over 310  land deals. I have 114 notes paying me every  

single month for the land that I sell by owner. So, first in this video, I'm going to show you how to  

get that property ready to sell and then by the  end of this video, you're going to get your Texas

land sold fast. Alright, so here we go, we got to  get the ready, the land ready for sale. So, first off,  

we want to get rid of all the junky cars or any of  the trash and then we want to mow the property.

You know, if we've got the ability to mow the property or trim the trees. We're really getting the land

photo ready. We want to just get it magnificent.  That way when people look at this or they see  

the photos or the video or the drone photos.  You want them to go, that this is the property for me.

Alright, we're talking about how to get your  land sold by owner. So, I assume like if you're  

looking at this video, you don't want to use a  real estate agent. So you got to be on top of  

your game. So, I'm going to give you some of my best ninja tips so you can get your land sold for sale

by owner. First I want you to think high-quality  photos, high-quality images, and video. You know,

your iPhone or your polaroid camera is not going to  cut it on this. I want you to hire a professional  

photographer. There's places like pixbed. There's also, you know, there's Facebook groups

where there's photography groups and I want you to  call around also to realtors. You know, if you find  

that a realtor is listing most of the land in that  area or they list most of the houses in the area.

You can find these guys on or Zillow.  Call that realtor or message that realtor and ask  

if they'd be willing to refer their photographer  to you. Because ultimately, this is going to be the  

person that's used probably the best in the area.  If the realtor that's selling most of the houses  

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