Harcourts Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Property in South Africa - Part 1: Your First Steps


welcome to part 1 of the Hawk woods

ultimate guide to selling your property

in South Africa how to sell your

property at the right time in the right

way for the right reasons in this video

we'll be looking at the following why

and when to sell your property choosing

an estate agent first selling privately

preparing your property for a successful

sale and pricing your puppy for success


there are a few factors that play a part

when it comes to listing your property

with personal circumstances and market

conditions play the biggest part when

deciding how to market your property

however when the market is right and it

is time to sell it makes sense to opt

for the time of year best suited to

attracting buyers as mentioned the

reasons for selling a property are

mainly linked to personal circumstances

like immigration divorce bad debt


or upgrading for lifestyle and market

related reasons either way selling your

property is a big decision and one that

cannot be taken lightly Harcourts

understands that each situation is

different and our agents go the extra

mile in helping our clients experience a

half worse way of selling a property

fast simply and stress-free


private property sellers often avoid

using estate agents to save on costs and

agent commission what property sellers

often don't realize is that a qualified

experienced customer-focused estate

agent will get you the right result a

lot faster often putting more money back

in your pocket and reducing risk admin

and frustration when this happens the

Commission actually provides an extra

layer of peace of mind and confidence

for the seller things to consider when

deciding how to sell your property do

you have the tools and expertise to not

waste money on unplanned expenses do you

want or need more control during the

sales process do you or the agent have

intimate knowledge of the property to

help a sales process along and finally

do you have the industry knowledge to

time negotiation skills to learn support

to guarantee a successful property sale


when speaking to a potential estate

agent make sure to refer back to the PDF

document to know the right questions to

ask regarding their credentials

experience and success rate don't be

afraid to ask the difficult questions

you need to trust your state agent and

you need to be confident but they can

tell your property in the time and at

the price that you need


show houses are one of the most

effective ways of marketing a property

and attracting interest from a wide

variety of buyers some of the advantages

are you have plenty of time to ensure

your property is tiny and ready for

viewings you can control the viewing

times show houses can create plenty of

activity even in a slow market interest

and activity can trigger urgency with

buyers the state agents time is put your

best and most effective use they will

have the opportunity to talk to

prospective buyers about your property

comments from show House visitors can

provide feedback on the price and

presentation Hawk woods relies on the

following four things to make sure that

every home is ready to while the next

person in through the door declutter the

first step is simple clean and tidy your

home before the viewing but also remove

any clutter that might distract a

potential buyer from picturing

themselves in your home repair make any

aesthetic repairs like paint chips while

before the viewing to retain value in

the eyes of the buyers style consider

making use of a home stylist or a

professional home staging specialist to

make spaces look comfortable and livable

for all buyers

photograph consider making use of a

professional photographer to take

quality well-lit pictures of your home

to help with a turnout on the day

instead of turning them off before

they've reached the front door your

property may not need all of the above

so great way to check is to stand in the

buyers shoes and ask yourself what will

distract you if you are inspecting the

property what would you want to replace

or update if you were thinking of making

an offer if you were to say to yourself

this place is great but how would you

finish that sentence


pricing your property too low or too


it's almost sure to lose you money or

buyers armed with intimate market

knowledge and advanced information


Hawkins real estate agent use the

following three criteria to price your

property for success

pricing for success avoid unrealistic

expectations by studying the current

facts and pricing your property

according to the current market timing

for success studies show that interest

is greatest in the second or third week

on the market your marketing plan should

peak during this period for a surge of

interest profiting for success it's a

fact that overpriced properties take

longer to sell often moving up to 20 to

25 percent in value in a few months

your Harcourts real estate agent will

provide for the necessary pricing

information for the best listed price

assuring you get the best return if you

follow the steps in the sky you should

be able to make an informed decision

when it comes to deciding why how and

when to sell your property effectively

and profitably we are here to help

wherever you are in your property

journey selling your home can be a

time-consuming and stressful process

with a lot to consider we educate home

sellers like you on the entire process

helping you know exactly what to expect

and hard to make decisions to unlock

straight speed profits with over 6,800

estate agents working in 9 different


through our 900 different offices

worldwide Harcourts the south africa's

fastest growing real estate group and

while that might sound impressive what

we're more proud of is the fact that 94%

of our clients said that they would

recommend us to friends and family based

on their experience with us that

recommendation is one of complete

customer satisfaction and our simple

efficient and profitable property sales

the Hogwarts promise is our way of being

held accountable and your way of

assessing our performance every step of

the way

if you would like one of our half-moons

agents to help make a success of your

property sale please email us unser your

home at Hogwarts ROTC our attack