How to list and sell your properties fast in Nigeria

hi everyone in this short video I'm

going to show you how you can upload

your properties for sale for rent on

houses in Nigeria calm the process is

very very simple if you are agent you

are in the right place this is where you

can upload your properties for sale

oh are you profiting developer you can

sell your properties game or if you're a

landlord this is the right place to sell

your property or to put your property

for rent it is very very easy for you to

get tenants here so how do you upload

your properties the process is very very

simple you don't need to be a computer

guru before you can do it so I'm going

to show you the process now very very

simple just follow me and you can do it

all right let's go if you open our

website this is the home page if you are

using a computer and if you are isn't it

phone is do the same thing so you click

on here you serious I here you can click

on this register or you click on login

or register it is still the same process

so assuming I decide to use this I click

on register then simply type your

username here

then type your email address

then type your password retype your

password and read and agree with terms

and conditions and check this box hit

register you can see the contrast in


you cannot log in with those details

your username then use the same password

using registering to login successful

now you have now registered as a user

the next step is to become an agent so

if you click on become an agent you are

asked to confirm whether to agree to

become an agent then you get yes a

method you'll be sent to admit then you

wait for a while like some hours and

your quest will be approved by the admin

so I'm going to pause the video now so

that will come back when the admin has

approved this very accounts right

you are welcome back the admin has

approved the accounts so let's log out

and pre logging

okay we are logged in successfully now

this is your this is your dashboard yeah

you can change your your profile you can

update your details here your name your

first name your email address your

mobile number and your company name you

have a website you can update your

profile see and this is where you can

submit new properties this is where you

can view all your properties if you are

submitted before now if you want to

submit a new property you go to sub

submit new property you type the name

here adds up a four-bedroom fully

detached the place

for sale ads lucky then inside the

description here

I'm not going to finish all the

description just to show you what to do

then what you do is click the next you

click mess you cannot update the the

address make sure it's aligned Nigeria

select the time it is then select the

state's first of all you have to

selected the state faced before you

selected Sun then after selecting the

town cannot select the neighborhood

unless I want to select lucky shall we

do okay obviously this is all I need for


hit nest then not take you to the

property type you select house the level

for sale if for premium you sell a

premium if you are not on premium is

select non if you want free plan select

non Navy on premium plan select premium

listing then the status for sale if you

are selling the property you click sale

by the if it is forint select rent then

click nest then this is where you are

going to type the amount to make sure

you don't put any comma or dots just

wrap it like that

80 million this is a team in limits as a

tease don't select any new any any units

just stabbed eighty million dong dong

make sure there's no command as no for

stop in between that is all then you hit

next the dirty the property has the

following the full officials

we have a condition Jim TV cable is this

semi detached no this one is fully

detached so make sure you select the

appropriate officials it have so that

when clients assessing for it they will

be able to see it right you hit next

then details how many bedroom does we

have does for how many buttons maybe


how many meter square 120 meter square

then the garage the a beaut 2019 then

what is the the number you want to give

it guys to can give it your Eurasia then

type or one right the Inca field there

are many ones after that you hit next

okay the land area lets you have the

land area to be I can leave it out

let's give it a land area that's we have

one six six five let's expand our plots

right here you are going to select the

image make sure the first image you are

going to select is the the profile image

select this

then can select as many images as you

want right if you have done that you hit


and do you want this is how you want the

prospective buyer to contact you

what do you display in your contact

information my profile information that

is okay hit next then this is why we are

going to write a private not for serious

interest contact the agent for site

inspection and hit submit property

now the property has been successfully

submitted thank you for watching this

video this is how you can upload your

properties on houses in Nigeria dot-com

this is your dashboard here you can see

all your properties you have listed you

can see it's here thank you