Taxes in Mexico - what are property taxes in Mexico

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hey everybody my name is Steve Didier

and this is the Mexico minute today the

question that we're going to be

answering on the minute is this is what

I got somebody emailed me actually so I

figured I'd just address it directly I'm

seriously considering purchasing a home

or a condo in Mexico what kind of

property taxes are there let me tell you

something about only property in Mexico

once you purchase it the actual cost of

ownership is ridiculously low especially

if you're from the US or Canada or

probably most places in Europe I'm not

really familiar with the property tax

situation in Europe but I know in the US

and Canada it's absolutely horrible I

was paying over five thousand dollars a

year on my house in Las Vegas it's

absolutely ridiculous so compared to

anything like that property taxes in

Mexico are next to nothing to give you

an example I know of a townhouse about a

thousand square feet that is for sale

for ninety nine thousand dollars now the

property taxes on this brand-new

townhome or about one hundred and fifty

dollars a year yeah you heard that right

it's actually a hundred and fifty

dollars a year it's actually a little