Can foreigners buy property in Japan?


hello my name is toshihiko yamamoto from

yamamoto property advisory in tokyo i am

the founder and the CEO of the company

we are the real estate consulting

company with a realtor license

I am the registered licensed broker in

Tokyo I'm registered with the Tokyo of

metal origin and government we are

receiving quite a few questions

inquiries from overseas countries so I'm

going to answer some of the questions

which we regularly receive are from

overseas investors today's question is

whether our foreigners can buy a

property in Japan or the short answer is

yes foreigners are camped by the

properties in Japan which includes the

land and the building but once you are

purchased the property obviously you are

subject to the tax property tax of which

you have to pay to all the Japanese

government whether you live in our US

Australia or Canada or Hong Kong and


we are paying the property tax divide

the properties in Japan you have to pay

the property to property tax to the

Japanese government as well however

there is the pretty strict restriction

on the fan land it's not super difficult

but you have to get permission from the

committee called a real culture

committee before you purchase the flat

land otherwise Japanese government allow

foreign investors to buy the properties

in Japan without asking you any special

qualification that's it for today see

you later again