NRI Legal Services Experience | USA | Sell property in India

I am dr. Ravi Sabu I am a professor of

computer science at the University of

Texas in San Antonio I have been in the

United States since 1978 I came there as

a student did my PhD there I worked in

various universities currently in San

Antonio I got in touch with NRI diggle

services in regard to my access to

property and they helped me through all

the phases of this transaction finding a

buyer settling the deal closing the deal

repair creating the proceeds and they

did so with use of all the latest

communication technologies and methods

email whatsapp SMS always there to help

you and they made the task very very

smooth and I hardly had to come to India

at all to pick this whole transaction

none and when I did come it was they

gave me a very tight window

they said you only need to be here for

two or three days we will get everything

closed so it has been a very effective

efficient clean process good

communication all the time very

responsive whenever I had any questions

they were happy to answer that very

quickly and were happy to talk at any

time when I want you to have some

clarification over the phone so I was so

pleased with their services that I would

be happy to provide a personal reference

by email contact or my phone which

contact is available with them so the

the transaction that I

x-cubed with the help of my legal

services wasn't a job like they and it

was of a very high value and it was

difficult for me to trust somebody to

actually help me with this and I was

fortunate to find you know my legal

services they actually operate all over

India and they are able to deal with

property matters anywhere in the Indian

subcontinent highly recommend them

without any reservations there are even

in the simplest transactions there are

many many steps that the Indian

government requires there are many

regulations and while all that

information is available on the web it

is not easy to actually understand all

the details and understand all the

ramifications the Indian system it has a

certain lack of trust

we don't even trust our own relatives

let alone third parties and all the same

it is a it may seem somewhat easy to

navigate but it is actually very very

difficult it is this song we fight fine

points so many details so many eyes that

need to be they understand the needs of

our eyes very much as a resident of

Texas I say

they provide great service