GTA 5 How to Sell your House, Apartment, Garage


to watch readiness for shitty onions a

BTech laughs it ain't no joke maybe we

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good old cancer hey guys what is going

on daddy wolf the big day here another

action-packed video before I think never

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house for free to some little [ __ ] in

the comments just joking I don't I don't

even own a house well I'm gonna goddamn

cardboard box called [ __ ] okay since it

English show you guys how can you sell

your apartments to everything online you

ever just you ever just buy son say well

what a tremendous Buy Trump Towers well

this is such a tremendous Buy I love it

I love it tremendously but today I'll

show you guys how can I sell it now the

thing is when you buy our apartment you

buy a Frank I know I like [ __ ]

million billion dollars you sell it for

a lot less it's just like we can get a

video game you ever trade a video game

in it's like dude I want to trade this

video game in you can trade it you get

you can get it for 65 bucks right you

trade it in a [ __ ] game just out 20

bucks that's a punch and a throw and

stab in the dick like what the [ __ ]

you're better off selling us here on

eBay so today I'm gonna show you guys

how to do it's pretty darn easy it's

just you're not gonna get all your money

back so don't don't don't don't talk

crying in the comments

god damn don't be a cancer cell in the

comments because I will tell you your

kids are probably have Alzheimer's or

[ __ ] anesthesia at a young age I mean

I have scoliosis in my right arm we got

it I have a little dyslexia and my thumb

it's weird I have a weird problem going

on here hey kids you guys want some drug

kill somebody over yourself me with

these beer I hate I hate people taking

selfies with [ __ ] beer I'm like

usually get hit by a truck in the air

okay so I'm gonna show you guys how to

do this [ __ ] it's pretty darn easy okay

go to the internet don't search up that

porn dad could you know I'm into uncle

stuff see you down c8 was it funny he

has a finger as that's funny

okay go there view properties kid

tremendous properties okay so go to low

to high that's kind of like how I do

every day with my weed that's not

overplay didn't [ __ ] [ __ ] me [ __ ] me

okay so you see this we have this to

Strawberry Avenue I love strawberries

you know I'm allergic to them my face

turns all red

I have problems in my genital

I think I have kidney stones then again

no girl out there I'm gonna suck those

out of my balls this is [ __ ] weird so

buy it purchase property so once you

purchase you can trade it in for this

this is two four two zero zero zero zero

this is how much money you get in trade

in C this is trade in property kid this

is how much money you'll get if you

trade it in boom

look at this I bought one from before to

show you guys this I'm not trying any of

these properties and not training and

these little [ __ ] and I'll trade this

one in right here so it gives you 1000

12 [ __ ] thousand five hundred dollars

once you do it it's pretty tremendous

you can do this on all consoles it even

works on PC then we're gonna leave a

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much money it's actually pretty darn

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secret nobody knows about it

[ __ ] wanna do it right here someone do

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goes they took that away from me and

they added it to my pink account pretty

darn sweet I'm [ __ ] autistic

is fun