GTA 5 How to SELL your HOUSE and More Properties!

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hello so guys today I'm going to show

you how you can sell your house property

is pretty easy to do also how you can

sell some other stuff like your facility

bunker and some other stuff

so let's go on let's just say that you

have already a apartment but you want to

sell that apartment and you want to buy

a new one but what you can not do guys

is let me tell you that you cannot go

under one apartment so once you own the

apartment you cannot sell that but if

you have like about five apartments or

four or three or it maybe even like one

already that you own what you can do is

you can sell the other apartment and buy

a new one so it goes like this let's go

to the Internet let's go to manya

services and let's go to dynasty 8 real

estate so let's go to our few properties

let's just say that I already own a